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Tiny Monsters Side Quest Guide Elder Monster Quest

Tiny Monsters Elder Egg Normal

New Quests The Elder Tree

Clear the great Elder Tree to increase your chances of breeding an Elder Monster.
-> costs: 55/275 diamonds
–> reward: 5000 coins & 1/5 diamond

New Quest for Elder Monster (18 part)

Thanks to Ehlana for these quests info. You may need to finish 23 elder quests first to get this quest.

[1] SHADOW KEY: Have a shadow-light hybrid and test Phineas’ theory. This auto completed for me – I assume my shadowmare helped.
Rewards: 2000 xp and 1/5 diamond.

[2] TIME TO TRAIN: Hatch one of Becky’s epic suggested monsters (Frozenflame, luster, frostember, spitfire, burst, shockwave, darkscale and Lighthorn).  I hatch a Frozenflame to complete this quest
Rewards: 2000 food and 1/5 diamond.

[3] ROUND 2. Have 2 mythic shadow and 2 mythic light hybrids, then hatch any egg.  I completed this by moving the following out of my Hall of Fame – mythic sonar, mythic eeriewood (2 shadow) mythic soar and mythic flash (2 light)
Rewards: 2000 xp and 4/20 diamonds.

[4] ROUND 3. Have all 3 spree monsters (adult forms of joy monsters)/ multi form monster like frozenflame. I completed this automatically because I had a combination of the the joy normal and mythic monsters – adult joy, mythic glee and normal jubilee.
Rewards: 2000 XP and 8/40  diamonds.

[5] ROUND 4. Monster training: build a Legacy Habitat. I completed this by purchasing an IceLegacy habitat. I spent 14 diamonds to complete the habitat and then the quest completed.
Rewards: 550 XP and 5500 food.

[6] LEGACY TRAINING. Monster training. Have 4 legacy monsters. I completed this by bringing out of the hall of champs the following – Ice legacy normal and mythic, plan legacy and shadow legacy.
Rewards: 2500 XP and 8/40 diamonds.

[7] ELDER BASIN. Place the elder basin on your mountain. Elder basin costs 750 Coins and is under decorations it appears with this quest.
Rewards: 250 XP.

[8] CONSTRUCT AN ELDER HABITAT.  This habitat becomes available when you reach this quest. See previous post for more details. Cost 5 million Coins.
Rewards:  550 XP and 4500 food.

[9] PORTAL STONES 1. Hatch a mountain egg to unlock the mystic stone. I completed this quest by doing what is says I.e. hatched a Mountain monster!!!
Rewards: 900 XP and 1/5 diamonds

[10] PORTAL STONES 2. Place the Mystic Stone. I completed this quest by buying the mystic stone from decorations which appeared with this quest cost 25,000.
Rewards: 900 XP and 900 food

[11] PORTAL STONES 3. Level up a Bayou Monster to adult to unlock the Arcane Stone. This quest auto completed as I had an adult bayou in one of my water habitats.
Rewards: 3000 Xp and 1/5 diamonds

[12] PORTAL STONES 4. Place the arcane stone. I completed this quest by buying the arcane stone from decorations price 50,000.
Rewards: 900 XP and 900 food

[13] PORTAL STONES 5. Hatch a Flitter monster to unlock the Orphic stone.  Completed this by hatching a Flitter monster.
Rewards: 3000 XP and 1/5 diamond

[14] PORTAL STONES 6.  Place the Orphic Stone. Purchased from decorations for 200,000.
Rewards: 900 XP and 900 food

[15] PORTAL STONES 7. Level up a frostbeam monster to adult to unlock the oracular stone. My quest autocompleted as I had this monster in one of my ice habitats
Rewards: 3000xp and 1diamond

[16] PORTAL STONES 8. Place the Oracular Stone. Purchased this from decorations for 1,000,000 gold….well I would have had I not run our of gold!!!!
Rewards: 900 XP and 900 food

[17] THE PORTAL STONE. Place the Portal next to the Elder Basin. I completed this quest by purchasing and placing the Portal on island 4 (NOT next to the Elder basin). The Portal costs 8600
Reward: 3000 XP.

[18] ELDER MAGIC. Hatch the Elder Monster!
Rewards: 2000 XP and 10/50 diamonds.

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231 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Side Quest Guide Elder Monster Quest”

  1. jeni0017 says:

    Hello..I just completed the quest that asks for four adult forms of a sore monster ( frozenblaze, wildfreeze, dusk fang and dawnfang) it has taken me two weeks and now the quest won’t clear and give me the reward. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

  2. jeni0017 says:

    Can anyone help me out…I am on part 6…have 4 legacy and I I have plant, ice and earth legacy but I do also have dusk and dawn legacy…do dusk and dawn count towards the 4 legacies because the quest won’t clear?? Anyone please…thanks

  3. jeni0017 says:

    Hi noobb,

    Hoping you can help me out…I’m working this quest combined with becky 23 quest and realized I don’t have a star farm or star fire quest…dud I miss something…or will it be unlocked later…thanks or all ur help in the past

  4. Athena says:

    I don’t have the elder tree but it’s telling me to clear it. I cleared the elder tree by accident months ago

  5. Lehave says:

    Hi, I need a help. I am in quest 8, but I have the limit of habitats. I tried to sell one of them but the game doesn’t permit. What can I do? Thank you!

  6. Joan says:

    I have a quest to upgrade the Elder Habitat, however, I am not being offered the Elder Habitat to purchase in the first place. I have completed all 18 parts of the Elder Quest and only have a total of 3 or 4 unrelated quests left to complete. I do have a special elder habitat, however the game shows 0/1!! Is this a glitch? I made sure I didn’t have too many habitats also (43 of 44). How do I get the option to buy the Elder Habitat?

  7. julymarie123 says:

    So if I can buy the habitat in the market I should be able to hatch the elder monster rite ?

  8. Nayla says:

    Iam breeding a special elder in the social den and I want to build a special elder habitat. I don’t have this quest and I don’t have the elder habitat. Is this normal? Can I build a special elder habitat before starting the quest? Please help.

  9. Lyn says:

    I think I read all the questions but didn’t see this: round four part five asks for a legacy habitat. I have had one for some time and I have five legacy monsters in it. I don’t have room to build another one. Will this autocomplete at some future time? Sell my legacy habitat and buy a new one? If this is a repeat question my apologies.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can’t answer this question, just try it later, if it can’t be finished then yes you may need to sell it.

      • Lyn says:

        Yes I needed to sell what I had and get a new one. Just thought you’d like to know. Not bad tho. I was able to replace the electric for the smaller plant and works great.

  10. Bob Herzog says:

    THE description of the elder basin implies that it will increase the likelihood of the elder monster being hatched. On the other hand, it takes up a fair amount of space. Do I need to keep this on my mountain? Thanks.

  11. Kami says:

    re: Quest 6- I have four Legacy monsters. I tried putting them in the Hall of Champions and taking them out again, but the quest still hasn’t completed. Is there some other thing to try or should I go to the fix error section? :)

    • Klaw says:

      Did you ever get past this? I’ve been stuck here for ages on 4 but still hasn’t completed. I now have 2 air, 2 earth, 2 dusk and 1 plant legacy. At first I thought it may have been because some were duplicates and they needed to be different.

      I note the post below this one is also struggling to complete the quest.

  12. randamonster says:

    I was just wondering if on # 6 will complete after i get 1 more legendary monsters up to legacy see i have 4 already but it did not auto complete so maybe the next one will make it clear

  13. imambreen says:

    Hi noob, i am on level 73 and on the way of completing my elder quest. I dont see an elder habitat in my habitat market. And i have two starchart habitats where one is locked as i have already bought one. Where is ur fix bug page? Please tell me what to do now? Thanx. Imambreen

    • noobbgodlike says:

      To build elder habitat you need to finish certain quest (check the side quest archive to know which quest), if you have finished it and still can’t find the elder habitat then try to follow fix error section.

  14. Cheetara says:

    Hi noob, I need a bit of help. I’m at level 53 and have 5 mountains. What do i need to do to start triggering the elder quests?? What is the first quest to get things going? Please help! Thank you in advance :)

    • Cheetara says:

      Anyone maybe.. please??

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Opps sorry, I miss the comment. Honestly, I don;t know what trigger the quest, it just appeared on my game, judging from your level you should obtain the quest too… Have you finished the legacy quest (23 parts) ?? (see side quest archive on the main page)

        • Cheetara says:

          Its ok :) and actually no i havent, ive been so busy trying to get limited monsters ive been lagging on some quests, but ill get to them now. Thank you for writing me back, i do appreciate it :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome :)

  15. Mh says:

    What does it mean by clear the great elder tree? Im lost…help!

  16. Laura D. says:

    I have a quest that say “Round 3 Monster Training: Have four spree monster adult forms.” Does that mean 4 forms of the same monster or 4 different spree monsters? I tried it both ways but the quest didn’t complete.

  17. Totero says:

    I am on level 38 1/2 and I have a freind on level 24 and he got a special elder monster is this a glitch?? If not i want one and can you place a special elder in a normal elder habitat?

  18. Quinn says:

    I got a really weird elder monster, the egg is more red than what your pictures are. I have a special habitat with the legendary monster in it but apparently mr. I’m too good for the dang thing won’t love happily ever after in it. I also have like 0 diamonds and I don’t have the fountain thing and the heart of bounty. So I’m not quite sure what to do with the egg?

  19. Unkown Gamer says:

    I got the Special Elder monster at level 24, how will I go through the game, I never get any diamonds.

  20. ZooladyT says:

    I have completed most of the quests and it was not until I reached lev 70
    I have been waiting for the Elder habitat since about lev 40!

  21. Sarah says:

    Hello, I read through the list of quest steps above and have completed every single one, except number 8, build an Elder Habitat because it NEVER appeared, and of course, number 18, hatch the Elder Monster, because even though I have an Elder egg waiting to be hatched I don’t have anywhere to put it. Am I missing something? I haven’t successfully hatched an Elder Ice, or finished the “Electric ability” 23 step quest… Is that why the Elder habitat step never appeared?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You have completed step 1-7? if yes then it’s a glitch, follow fix error section on the main page.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes I completed 1-7 and 9-17

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Follow fix error section, this problem happen to some people. BTW, to be sure. Why you can’t build it? Does the habitat appear on the habitat section? if yes then you need to sell one of your habitat because you have reached maximum quota, if it doesn’t appear then follow my previous suggestion.

        • Sarah says:

          No the habitat never appeared. I have already sold habitats to make space before. I assumed it didn’t show under habitats because the quest never popped up.

        • Bishomalo says:

          My elder habitat only became available after I conpleted the 23 part B & P quest.
          I was up to level 13 in this quest, but level 8 just showed up when completing B & P.

  22. Just Sean says:

    Please, which are the “spree” monsters?

  23. en says:

    I have elder habitat, I saw update it, and I did. and I have elder monster. but why can’t place it inside the habitat?

  24. TinyMonster Lover says:

    What level does this quest Come out

  25. Tricia says:

    I did and they said they can’t help with quest and told me to go to this page so now what do I do

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmmm, you said you have cleared all the required quest, right? You need a quest that tell you to build elder habitat and then it will appear on the habitat menu. I can’t do anything with a technical side of this game. My suggestion is to send them email one more time But attach a screenshot with a quest that tell you to build elder habitat and tell them the habitat is not showing up on the shop menu.

  26. Tricia says:

    I have completed all the quest and it doesn’t give me the option to buy the elder habitat and I have already did the bug fix. Now what do I do

  27. twobrokegirl says:

    I have a Iphone and I am on Level 76 having trouble with a quest? My question is Round 4 (5/18) master training build a Legacy Habitat! I have Plant and special habitats already and have maxed out my amount of habitats! To finish the quest does this mean I need to put Monsters in Hall of fame and sell a habitat of my choice then purchase a Legacy Habitat? I have Ice and Fire legacy only!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It should be finished automatically if you already have those habitat. But, yes try it, sell it and try to rebuild, if it still doesn’t work then you need to follow fix error section.

  28. Heather Ann August says:

    Something isn’t right I completed all the steps in this quest. Building the elder habitat was never an option. I even moved some monsters to delete a regular habitat to make room. Its still not available. What am I missing? 

  29. Scooter331 says:

    Hey Noob sorry mate you probably thought you were finished with this page lol but #13 hatch a Flitter should that auto clear if you have one out in a habitate thanks mate

  30. emilio says:

    i was just about to hatch my first elder monster but the game said i nned to build a new Special habitat for it to live in. Special, not elder habitat. have they changed it recently or do they actually mean an elder habitat? all the quests are done

    • emilio says:

      i have an open slot for a new habitat but there is no habitat called elder habitat in my list of available habitats

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Then it means you haven’t finished the required quest. Please read the quest guide above. If you have finished it and the habitat still doesn’t appear then you need to follow fix error section.

        • emilio says:

          So I mailed their support and they readded quest 7, place the elder basin, which then gave way to quest 8 so now I’m building my second elder habitat. So my tip would be don’t sell off your elder habitat even if you havent got an elder monster yet:)

  31. Kim says:

    question for you all..I’m at level 73 and finally working on this quest. I got through #6 and it skipped to #9 without giving me the option to build the elder habitat (#7&8skipped). I see the elder basin in my decos (but didn’t get that quest #7) i do do not see the elder habitat, even locked out. is it maybe because I have maxed out on the number of habitats? would maybe selling a basic habitat give me the option to buy elder habitat? just asking first because I bought all the special Christmas habitats and am nervous if I sell any habitat it won’t let me re-buy. I’ve been burnt on similar things before so I always refer to this guide first before assuming anything. it’s my safety net, thanks for bring here 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, you need to have empty quota to build elder habitat. But you must make it available first by doing the quest :).

      • Sean says:

        I too am on 9 of 18 I have 33 of 36 of habitats built. But I do not have the option of building an elder habitat. I never got the challenge of building an elder basin either and just went straight to hatch a mountain monster. After I completed the 4 legacy quest it went straight to quest of hatching a mountain monster. I am confused I need to build an elder habitat

  32. Mr.3b2dy says:

    Noob, do we have to get rid of the Great Tree to get those elders monsters ?!
    Or we can get them by chance .. I mean (elder earth, planet, …. Etc) ?!

  33. Leslie says:

    Noob have to ask why did you put the portal stone on Island 4?

  34. Dawn Rano says:

    Hey noob, HELP!!!! I’m on the part of the quest that says build the elder habitat. Problem is I built it back months ago. It’s not clearing for me in my quests and it’s no longer available in the store. What should I do? I thought maybe if I upgraded it it might clear but I don’t want to do anything until you advise me. I’m not sure can the habitats be put in storage? I’ve never tried. Please tell me what you would do. I’m scared to delete it in fear that it may not show up in store again. Please get back to me as so as you can. Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I just want to suggest you to sell it again, but if you’re afraid then follow fix error section on the main page.

    • Checker says:

      The habitat for the elemental elder monsters isn’t the same habitat for the pure elder monster. Check your habitat store to find the habitat for the pure elder habitat, if your quest is saying to build it, it’s already unlocked there.

  35. Shamrock7191 says:

    Can this. Work for kindle fire?

  36. 3derydr says:

    I’ve been stuck on the Round 3-adult spree monsters quest for a while because I couldn’t find this page with the explanation of what they are. Now I’m really confused… my game says I need four adult spree monsters, not three. Is that a error in my game or on here?

    Also what besides frozenflame counts? Hallow maybe? Or do I have to wait until Joy comes around again?

  37. chris says:

    I just completed quest 6 have four legacy monsters. And it skipped quest 7 and 8 and went straight to quest 9 which is to hatch a mountain monster.. what iam I missing?? How do I get the elder basin and habitat quest.

  38. Steph says:

    I can’t place any monsters in my elder habitat. I have followed fix error section and just got a generic reply from tiny which didn’t relate to my error. Any more advice? Also, should we be able to place legendary monsters in this habitat too or just elder? Thanks

  39. kaja says:

    I play large version and i finally got the quest.. but now quests give 1 diamond only, and still asks for 275 to clear elder tree. Is it only me, or tinyco is realy unfair?

  40. Aaronsmom says:

    How come I can’t put any elder monsters in my elder habitat

  41. chris says:

    For quest 4. Have all 3 spree monsters. If I obtain all 3 forms of frozenflame. Does this count? Or does it have to be 3 kinds of all the ones listed? I have 2 forms so far.. so do I just need 1 more?

  42. Ankhsss says:

    I am lvl 57, but i still dont have this quest. Is it normal? Is there anything i can do about it?

  43. rypster says:

    Looks like ROUND 3 (4/18) has a new variation: “Monster Training: Have four spree monster Adult forms!”

  44. Oswald says:

    I am now at Round 4(5/18), I got 32 Habitats already. Should I sell a special habitats? Or Plantlegacy Habitat? Or it mean Sacred Space? Can I buy Sacred Space after selling it?

  45. Jennifer Morrison says:

    Hi, I’m on Elder Magic, 18/18. It says hatch an Elder Monster. I hatched an Elder Earth and this did not clear my quest. What am I doing wrong??
    It specifically said hatch “an” elder monster, not “the” elder monster.
    Please Help, Thanks

  46. medusa-x5-452 says:

    hey noob,
    I’m not sure if this is where I should post this, but I haven’t found it on the other pages either… it is in white font (like the other elder quest tasks) and says: For a few diamonds, clear away the GREAT ELDER TREE for increased chances at hatching an elder.”
    for the life of me, I have not found tbe great elder tree on my islands… I assume it’s on the white one, but I’ve looked for it & only see a large elder tree! however I can purchase a Great Elder Tree in decorations..? Can you please advise?
    I already have a mythic elder monster, so that I super exciting! wahoo!!
    but i’d like to get this task off my list! thanks again for your help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Great elder tree is giant tree on the last islands (5th mountain). If you can’t see it then it means you have cut it?? if you haven’t then try to contact tinyco.

      • Leslie says:

        I leveled up my bayou to get the arcane piller it’s a mystic would this cause it not to work?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Mythic doesn’t affect the result. Make sure you have completed other objectives, if you have done and the quest still not cleared then follow fix error sections on the main page.

  47. KIKI says:

    I cleared this quest already. But I dont have an elder habitat yet.

    How do I get it?

  48. arca says:

    if you didn’t get the quest to build the elder habitat, you need to complete the phineas and becky quests (23 part) first. worked for me

  49. Kiki says:

    I have noticed that I already on quest #13 and I have skipped quest #8 placing a elder habitat.

    What happened?

  50. Shabba says:

    Have 2 mythic shadow and 2 mythic light hybrids, then hatch any egg.

    If i have 2 mythic lighthorn, does it count?

  51. Kelly says:

    I’m not sure if it was just a glitch with my game but I was able to get multiple elder habitats until I completed construction on it. Then it was no longer in the market. Anybody else notice this? And yes this was months after tinycos ninja fix.

  52. Nick says:

    Hi this is the first time i have ever asked a question. So first thing i have all but the plant legendary monster. I haven’t removed the elder tree for 275 diamonds. Mainly because that’s just a crazy amount for that. Has anybody been able to hatch the elder monster without removing the tree?

  53. Shadow says:

    These 4 Legacies are impossible , i barely got 1 legendary .. :O

  54. Shadow says:

    4th part for the multi forms , do i need to have all 3 forms of same monster or e.g. Ice Flare ( one form of Frozenflame ) , Goldenhorn ( one form of Lighthorn ) and Glee ?

  55. medusa-x5-452 says:

    hey noob, I’m having difficulty understanding how to complete the round 3, having all 4 adult spree monsters… aren’t the joy eggs all limited? I don’t know how to complete this if I cannot get the monsters. any advice? it mentions above to have frozenflame, etc… I have frozenflame, but they never began as joy, glee, or the other mentioned.

    then with regards to the round 4, my mountains are all full (maximum number of habitats) and I already have 2 of the legacy habitats. so with this complete automatically, since I have them already? or do I have to buy another? if so, how do I do that with max habitats? again, any advice there?

    sorry to double up on questions, just feeling a bit stuck with these!
    thanks as always, medusa

    • noobbgodlike says:

      spree monsters = multi form monsters, so it means frozenflame and others can work as well.

      I am not sure about your 2nd question, but if the quest is not finished, then just sell one habitat (put the monsters on hall of champions) and re-buy the required habitat to finish the quest.

      Hope this helps 😀

      • medusa-x5-452 says:

        you’re awesome! thanks!

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi, I still don’t get it. The question was not fully answered. Multiform? Joy monsters? I don’t have any of these. Not do I know how to obtain them. How do I get frozenflame to evolve to get the family of monsters? Please clarify with exact directions. Thank u! :)

    • Jeepdad says:

      Don’t know how to post a new comment. Some how I completed all 18 quest for the elder except it never gave me 7 or 8 so I don’t have a elder habitat. I now have 2 elder eggs that I can’t hatch. Any ideas on how to help????

  56. Anon says:

    I’ve managed to build the elder habitat before quest 8 (build the elder habitat) and now it won’t clear for me coz i’m only allowed to build 1. And since it won’t allow me to sell my current elder habitat, I can’t build a new one either. Any ideas what I should do to progress on?

  57. Jennifer says:

    I completed this quest with the exception of building the elder habitat. It never popped up. I turned my iPhone off and on. Any suggestions?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      huh?? what do you mean? You were not told to build elder habitat??? are you able to build elder habitat? if yes then it’s not problem, but if not follow fix error section.

  58. Kiki says:

    For #3 I have 2 mythic shadows and 2 mythic sun and I hatch any egg. My quest didn’t clear. What should I do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Contact tinyco or try to raise them into adult.

    • Pixie (tiny ID: Lyxnaria) says:

      You need two mythic shadow HYBRIDS, so I don’t think the base element monsters will count. The quest is worded somewhat confusingly. Hope this helps.

    • Bethann says:

      You need to have 2 Mythic Shadow hybrids and 2 mythic sun hybrids then hatch any egg… ……
      I read it wrong at first too. Having 2 mythic shadow and 2 mythic sun hybrids

  59. Amanda says:

    Ok, I cant find the (#17) portal stone (the onee to place by elder basin) I cant find it in decorations…..usually after u clear a quest the next “thing” pops up immediately, but cant find this anywhere…..any suggestions? Thx! Btw: Hi Noob, like always ur Rockstar! Much luv! XOXOX

  60. Cherr1019 says:

    Okay I finally figured it out just in case anybody else runs into the same problem I had to go and make sure that you complete the next mission which is building a legacy habitat.

    It about drove me crazy but thankfully I head started building the legacy habitat and as soon as it’s finished so did the other one.

    I hope this helps if anybody needs it.

  61. Cherr1019 says:

    Noob. Will you please help me. I’m on a quest number 4. I have the Glee monster yellow and blue joy and a big mythical purple egg. I’ve Also got another blue egg in the breeding den. Can you tell me what else I need or should I just start on frozenflame and forget the eggs?

    I already have iceflare. A long time ago I got a second iceflair and I put it back in the sleeping den but instead of changing it came back as an ice flare. I also had to Greeley monsters and one of them I put back in the sleeping den and once again it came back out the Glee monster and not jubalee.

    Will you please help me complete this part of the quest. Thank you

  62. misty says:

    hey noob! im so confused…on part 4 of these quests do i need all 3 adult joy forms or frozenflame?? only reason im confused is cuz joy monsters were a special holiday can that be a requirement for a quest we get not around easter or spring?!

  63. Donald Tartaglia says:

    I’m level 61 and still don’t have the quest. How do I get it?

  64. Saraswati says:

    Question for ya Noob (And thanks for all the info on this site)

    Any info on Elder Habitats? I have one and am at limit for number of habitats for my level. I can’t seem to make another Elder Habitat, even if I destroy an old habitat to get under limit.

    If we are limited to one, any info on if that will change?

    I don’t mean to complain about too many Elder monsters, since I know others have not gotten first one, but I got weirdly lucky and have got three Elder eggs. I can put the first two into the Elder Habitat, but can’t figure out if I should sell the third or not. It’s so rare I don’t want to sell if I can keep it for later, but if we only ever will get 1 Elder Habitat, I don’t think there is any point in keeping it.

    Any info you can offer? Thanks you rock!

  65. cbabb says:

    I have completed all parts of the quest except 18. I just need to breed an elder monster. I have spent the diamonds to clear the elder tree, but I have elder trees on other mountains that I bought from the market for decorations. Will they affect my breeding chances? Should I get rid of them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, I believe no 😀 but if you want to be safe then yes, just get rid of them (maybe there is an error on their code or anything).

      • cbabb says:

        Thanks for your answer and this awesome website. I decided to sell them just to be on the safe side, although I don’t believe they should affect anything. I can always buy them again later. Of course I have no way of knowing if it makes a difference…

  66. Andrea says:

    I have completed all the other steps of this achievement but step eight to build the elder hsbitat never opened for me I have continued with all the steps after eight so I’m not sure what happened..

  67. Tiny1214 says:

    Hi. I’m stuck trying for clearing the portal stones quest by hatching a mountain egg. Noob, does it have to be the mountain monster? I am dry as sand on every combo :(


  68. WebHd says:

    I have my legacy habitat complete with 2 legacy monsters, but I am not earning any diamonds. There are no additional quests listed in my cue. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Legacy monster doesn’t generate any diamonds, but if you’re mistype and mean elder monster. There is a common bug that cause elder monster doesn’t generate diamonds. We can only wait until tinyco fix the game on the next update. What quest do you mean?

  69. dan says:

    does clearing the elder tree really increase the chances? Ive tried every combo on the elder page about 10 times each with no luck whatsoever…however i really dont want to waste 275 diamonds to clear something that doesn’t help much at all!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it does but not sure how much. I suggest you to breed other monster first, wait until they release globe building that can produce diamonds, you can buy it and then wait until you have a lot of diamonds at that time.

  70. Bloodrose says:

    I have two legacy habitats and I’m not getting credit for it. I guess I have to sell it and build another. Weird when other steps auto complete.

  71. Kostja says:

    Quest 3:Does a mithic lighthorn count as both: A mithic Light and a mithic shadow?

  72. july says:

    i need help please im on the elder monster quest and im on the one that says

    ( continue with becky quests to return the elder magic and unlock the elder monster )

    when does the elder monster unlock or what do i have to do to unlock it im on level 45

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just wait until you got the quest above, some says you need to be at level 61 but others said they have got it on level 50 so I am not sure what to say.. I already reach level 79 but still haven’t got the quest, I believe it’s because I haven’t finished 23 becky quest but there are others who have gotten this quest without clearing becky quest first… Full of glitches, to be sure send tinyco an email.

    • Tobenits says:

      My mom had the same problem on her device. I suggest you close all active programs and shut the ipad down. And then restart device. As soon as I activated the game, the quest appeared. On her dev, she hasn’t even finished 8/23 of becky’s quest, but still managed to obtain this one. Might be worth a try. BTW, am not sure if it would make any difference, but she is already lvl 80.

  73. Marcy says:

    What is the spree on the 4 th one on the Quest for Elder Monster joy eggs I have everyone except the mythic forms do you need all the mythic’s too

  74. IcyViper says:

    I got problems with quest 9.
    I breed an Mountain Egg and put it into a habit, the Quest isnt finished.
    I bought a Mountain, too and put it into a habit. The Quest isnt finished.
    Where is the problem? What i do wrong?
    Please, Help

  75. Helen says:

    I have the Elder Tree quest, but I do not understand ah the Elder expansion isn’t in the market and the elder tree isn’t on my 4th mountain.

  76. LilFizzie says:

    Has anybody posted on this quest? I’m stuck on Becky’s 3rd task. Have all 4 monsters on page 4 then hatch any egg. I read the above and don’t understand the “2 mythic lights and 2 mythic shadow monsters”. I have 3 out of what i think is the 4 shown….. Pollen, windstone, I have mythic light and mythic shadow and legacy light. I thought the fourth was shadow legacy so that’s what I’ve been working on getting…. Is that NOT the 4? HELP!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      visit main page and see side quest archive, I forgot which quest but IIRC then it’s elder stone quest.

    • fishlike says:

      For Becky’s quest 3/23, I think they re-wrote the quest.. That’s what I got since I didn’t clear it on my phone yet. It says you have 3 out of 4 monsters on page 4 of the story book (book with H on it).. that means having 3 of the 4: pollen, windstone, lightlegacy, and shadowlegacy.. I have windstone, shadowlegacy, and took pollen out of the HoC, then the quest is cleared..

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