Posted on Jun 15, 2013

Tiny Monsters Social Quest

Tiny Monsters Social Quest

Monster ID

[0] Sign up for tiny social to connect with your friends and access exclusive monsters. I believe you can register simply by go to profile sections (on the social menu). If you can’t, then simply download tiny village to create an id from that game.
Rewards: ??

The Giving Tree

[0] Collect gift from your giving tree
Rewards: 250 XP and 500 Coins

Making Friends

[0] Add one friend
Rewards: 10 Social XP and 350 XP

The Friendship Monsters

[0] Have 5 friends and then hatch friendship monster
Rewards: 250 XP and 1 diamond

Restore the tree

[1] Have 30 friends to finish restoring the Giving tree
Rewards: 300 social experience and 250 XP

[2] Have 30 friends to finish restoring the Giving tree to its true form
Rewards: 450 social experience and 350 XP

The Unity Monster

[1] Tap your giving tree to complete the quest
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 diamonds

[2] Add one friend
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 diamonds

[3] Visit 2 friends
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 diamonds

[4] Refer one friends (Fresh device !!! never played tiny monsters before, more on this later on unity monsters page)
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 diamonds

[5] Evolve your unity monsters into teen (need to refer one more fresh friend)
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 diamonds

[6] Evolve your Unity Monster to one of its adult forms
Rewards: 250 XP and 5/25 Diamonds

Social Adults

Have adult friendship and unity.
Rewards: 800 XP and 7000 Coins

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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149 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Social Quest”

  1. Midnight Rose says:

    Hey will some one add me using the refferal code 792123? Level 14 social level 29

  2. Lexi says:

    I do not know how to get to the social button at all

  3. markbrewer1985 says:

    add me markbrewer

  4. Help says:

    Im on ios and theres i cant find social button im on ipad :(

  5. Cocain80s says:

    Looping for New Friends because i added over 100 and Never get a Present.
    If u add me ill share my presents with you …add: cocain80s

    Thank you

    • vlpronana says:

      I’m new to tiny social so please add me and I’ll gift you although I’m not certain how it works so let me know.
      I’m vlpronana

  6. ka1zuko says:

    I can’t seem to get the social island please help

  7. Christy says:

    A couple of months ago I saw on the quest list something about a new social island but haven’t seen a thing since. I’ve got adult monsters of both unity and friendship and can’t go anywhere unless I sell them. The only reason I keep up with the social side of the game is to gift newer players who need those gifts.

  8. Tatouille says:

    Hi, when i’m trying to go to a friend map it says me “players map is empty” and quit the game …what’s happening?

  9. Sander says:

    I am playing on an iPad mini on Level 30. My wife is on 22 on her device and suddenly had the social button. I still did not get it. All I can find is check the fix error section on the main page, but I cannot find that either. Help me out here guys. I want to start breeding little monsters with her!

  10. dinogma says:

    How do I update my game?

  11. Brandon says:

    How many social friends can you have? Just curious.

  12. Dnangel5335 says:

    Every time I try to hatch eggs from the giving tree It keeps saying I need more social space because it’s limited can someone help me plz

  13. Marc says:

    I can’t get other adult forms from unity of friendship. When they evolve to adult i get the following text;
    The unity/friendship has multiple adult forms. For know you’re only able to evolve one, but legends tell that social masters can obtain all forms.
    I’m level 51 social scale and level 77 in the game.
    Can anyone tell me how i get the other forms???

    I’ve got 6 ice friendship and 2 plant unit

    Tiny ID Markiemark70

  14. Reva says:

    Hi Noob and thank you for your patience and help! This question may be redundant, but here goes:
    I have a teen Unity monster that I need to evolve. It wants me to refer several fresh players (I have acquired 115 friends by listing my tiny ID on message boards). My friends who are willing say that the link I send them doesn’t work. I don’t even know why it worked before when I evolved it from baby to teen because no notifications ever showed up, it just let me tuck in. Now i am stuck and can’t evolve him to adult without spending a huge amount of diamonds (hundreds). What do I do? Also, my daughter has Kindle Fire with no social feature. Is there an upgrade for her so that we can be friends?
    thank you!

  15. Tinka says:

    Hi I bred my ice friendship with my friends electric friendship and nothing happened?

  16. Kiara says:

    The reward for making a tinyID is 100 dimoands

  17. crystal says:

    HELP!!! I cant use social breeding den. Have to social monsters, both level 10 and cant do nothing :( few weeks ago i could breeding but my monsters was not ready. What is going on?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s normal (bug on 2.3 version). Follow fix error section on the main page if you want, but I think it won’t do any help, since they will only reply with “We’re working on an update now….”

  18. ENet says:

    I don’t know if this has been answered yet, but does this quest show up if you play on a Kindle Fire?

  19. Aligaterr says:

    I don’t know what it means to refer a friend on the 5/6 one

  20. Gringo says:


    Sorry at first, my english ist so fine.

    I have a problem to hatch a Friendship Monster. i have now six Friendship and one Unity Monster. But i cant hatch a new one.
    If i click on the hatch House, i get only the button for the Info, but no Button to hatch a new one. What I am doing wrong?

  21. Kiki says:

    Have you added the social breeding quest yet?

  22. Darco says:

    Hey I need your help with the part ” visit 5 friends”:

    I’ve got 36 friends and I visit them every day, but these quest doesn’t complete -.-
    I always give them presents…

    Can you help me ?

    * sry my english isn’t very good but I’m from Germany :-)

  23. Mizrah says:

    Hi NOOB,

    You undoubtedly already know this, but since it is not listed above:

    Unity Monster quest 6/6
    Evolve your Unity Monster to one of its adult forms (refer one MORE fresh friend AGAIN)
    with rewards: XP 250 Diamonds 25

    Thanks, Noob, for all of your expertise!

    :) Mizrah

  24. monsterzi (tiny id zi monster) says:

    How do I make a request asking another player to add me as a friend? I have been gifting people everyday that don’t reciprocate and am wondering if it is some breach of “etiquette” to just add players that you find at random. However I do not know any other way. Other players are making a request of me (listed under the orange tab on the friends page.

  25. Isy says:

    I’m gifting but not getting credit today. Stuck at lvl 55 (empty bar) even after giving out all 50 gifts. Usually the bar would be at least halfway to completion by the time I give out 50 gifts. Only started having this problem today. I’m on iOS version. Any idea what’s happening, anyone?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      They have reduced the exp from 10 to 2. So if you give 50 gifts on this version , it’s same as 10 gift on the past.

      • Isy says:

        That sucks. Thanks for the insight, Noob. It’s difficult getting enough snacks as it is. Although did notice that the bar went up after i quit the game and went back in.

  26. Marty51 says:

    How do I add my Tiny ID to the list? I have added 50 from the list and gift everyday but get very little social food. How do I get more?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can’t I will replace the table after period of time, so leave your comment on that section so I can put them on the table next time. Getting more friends won’t give you more food though because you can only receive 5 gifts each 8 hours.

  27. Nataliek2002 says:

    Added random people as friends, they are 30-80 levels, when I go visit them I get “players map empty” and the game closes. Anybody knows what to do?

  28. frozenflame wolf says:

    On my kindle I don’t have tiny social what shall I do ?

  29. Hsgstudio says:

    Hey noob. Wondering if there anything going on with the social feature. When I gift it’s not giving me any credit for it and every time I go to the next island it says player map is empty. Is anyone else having this issue?

  30. oyo95 says:

    [5] Evolve your unity monsters into teen (need to refer one more fresh friend) I sent email to my friend and he clicked on claim my reward. a message have appeared on my game that it has been referred successfully but the quest isn’t completed !!!!!! anyone has completed this quest please help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I got this problem too, but after I restart the device and re-enter tiny monsters game, the quest is cleared automatically.

    • Lorelai40 (ID: Lorelai40) says:

      Noob, I unfortunately have the same problem. A friend of mine installed the game and the game said me my reference was succesfully done, but in fact that made no difference in the game up to now (in order to level up my Unity) . I ve been paying that huge amount of diamonds to do so. Should I (or my referee) do anything else?

  31. muddpaws says:

    What’s the 3rd challenge of the Unity and Friendship (3/3) quest? It says, “Help your Mountain become a paradise! Hatch a monster from the image!” What image, what monster?

    Thanks for your help!

  32. I'd= puffyone says:

    Hey noob I really appreciate all of your help with this awesome game!!! I was just wondering why some of my friends giving trees ” sparkle” sometimes? This appears to be random! Is it MAGIC?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it means they can tap the tree to get the reward :D. Just take a look at your own tree, when you are able to take the gift. The tree will sparkle.

      • I'd= puffyone says:

        Thanks Noob! I have been a greedy child and just snatched my treats!!! Only because I am keen to feed my babies of course!!! Lol p.s. Just scored an enigma! Woohoo love this game!

  33. yellown says:

    I’ve bought the Unity monster instead of referring a friend (125 diamonds) but quest 4 did not clear. Is this normal Noob (as in: do I really need to refer a friend?), or should I contact Tiny?

  34. noonehere (tinyid=gleekallan) says:

    It always take a lot of time to get in other’s farm

  35. theinternet says:

    I’m doing one of Phineas’s quests, and he gives me a clue about hatching one of his monsters… What?

  36. Alanna Smith says:

    I need friends to finish this quest. Anyone want to help…..please???? :-)

    • Cherr1019 says:


    • Scooter331 says:

      I have over 80 friends and I don’t see many gifts only one heart on my tree each day lucky to get enough to feed one of the U/F monsters once does this sound right how do I get more food to feed them up and what does the tree look like when it’s fixed up thx .

  37. Alanna Smith says:

    I need friends to finish this quest……anyone want to help??? Please!!!! :-)

  38. Crispy says:

    This unity monster system doesn’t work. I sent an email, my friend signed up, could access it through his email. Nhadntonuse his store to add it, but did. Clicked on the last request on the email and I’ve yet to get recognition for him.

  39. Valerie says:

    I just went “visiting” and noticed the “counter” read 25/25. What does that mean?

  40. TheRoyaals says:

    Question: how does the gifting works? What I understand atm is that you receive 5 gifts and wait 12 hours to collect them. Also is there any other way to get social snacks?

  41. Goku says:

    I got 50 DIMONDS for creating an Id on iOS
    And paid 125 DIMONDS on hatching unity monster

  42. woodtick66 says:

    getting my butt kicked… how do you refer someone?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just send them email (through invite option). Their device need to be fresh (never play tiny monsters before)

      • Nic says:

        HI! I had my friend install it for the first time (FRESH) to get my Unity Monster, but now that he has how do I get my Unity Monster? I dont see any way to retrieve it, it just tells me to invite or buy still when I click on Hatch!

  43. Lorelai says:

    I don t know why all the users I add feom the game suggestion list are on the very beginning levels, so that they don t have the Friendship Tree. That way, I won t be able to get cookies and gifts. I don t know more people userIDs. Noob, is it possible creating a topic where people here inform their IDs?

  44. Staceys1990 says:

    Hi noob, I’ve done part 4 of the quest and am now on part 5 I’ve taken screen shots of the next quest but I’m not sure where to send them too so you can update the site.

  45. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

    Additional side quests include growing your friendship monster to level 2 – forgot to capture that quest and

    Social Adults: have an adult form of the Unity and the Friendship Monster.

    Reward 800xp + 7000coins

  46. Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:


    Evolve your Unity Monster to teen! (You’ll need to refer ONE more friend first)

    Reward: 250xp + 5diamonds

    Note. Quest 4 on mine showed that I could hatch Unity without referral if I spent 150 diamonds. I wonder if quest 5 will be similar – my unity is only level 2

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, on my game I can unlock unity simply by using 25 diamonds, are you playing large version? but it should cost 150 if it’s large version.

      • Lorelai says:

        I know that all the prices for me were always more expensive than for others, as I could read here, but I don t know the reason for this difference in costs. What does ir mean “large version” game? ( mine is IPHONE). Tks again, Noob.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          There are 2 version of tiny monsters large and lite version. You’re playing the large version, the reason??? I believe they are testing which method that suit for us and them (maybe for their future games :D).

          each version have the advantage:
          on lite version if you have enough diamonds, I suggest you to just buy the monsters
          on large version, use that diamonds to speed up your breeding process since You get 5 times diamonds rewards and the time speed diamond cost is not increased (same as lite version)

      • Ehlana (tinyid=Flutee) says:

        I have no idea why but both my iPhone and iPad always give me he more expensive prices so both said 150 diamonds :((((

        Same thing with changing forms on things like joy, hallow, legendary etc! Personally it’s extremely annoying – just standardise the price already Tiny and stop being so greedy!!!! 😛

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You play the large version :D. Diamonds cost are 5 times higher than the lite version, but all diamonds rewards (crystal globe, font, etc) are also 5 times higher than lite version. The version is random so you can’t do anything XD.

        • raddad says:

          All diamond rewards are not 5x on large version. Most are the same as lite version. I have two games going one lite and one large.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          but’ it’s like that on the past :D. I have no idea they change this now.

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