Posted on Apr 13, 2013

Tiny Monsters Spring Limited Monsters Blossom

11 April 2013 – 21 June 2013
1 May 2014 – 20 May 2014
Thanks to Michelle, Brenda, Michael and Tina for these pictures and info.
Sell 4 leaf clovers if you have one, since it boosts your chance to get luck monster instead of this one.

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Blossom Egg normal

Tiny Monsters Normal Blossom Growth

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Mythic Blossom Egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Blossom Growth

Blossom Status












Earn Rate (Min)

6 7 10 15 22/23(M) 28/29(M) 35/36(M) 40/42(M) 43/45(M) 44/46(M)

Food (x4)

40 85 125 165 205 345 485 525 865 MAX

Total food needed

0 160 500 1000 1660 2480 3860 5800 7900 11360

Habitat: Earth and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 210/1050 diamonds

Selling Price: 500 Coins

Exp: 1540 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 12 hours (BEWARE OF FALSE HOPE SINCE LUCK HAS SAME TIME, for those who haven’t got LUCK maybe you will scream because keep getting LUCK when trying for this monsters LOL)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 7 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 17 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Plant/Joy + Earth
[0] Love + Joy
[0] Love + Tree
[0] Tree + Jubilee
[0] Love + Luck
[0] Flower + Earth
[0] Gratitude + Earth
[0] Gratitude + Love
[0] Glee + Earth
[0] Mountain + Plant
[0] Tree + Mountain
[0] Gratitude + Flower
[0] Mountain + Glee
[0] Joy + Thunder
[0] Frost + Joy
[0] Snowbluff + Mountain (3rd try, thanks to Candi mandi who remind me about this formula XD)
[0] River + Sporespark
[0] Mountain + River
[0] Leave Comment if you know more formulas

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555 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Spring Limited Monsters Blossom”

  1. Ably says:

    I thought it would be legendary :(

  2. Meowshers says:

    Mountain and flower

  3. rnsy275 says:

    Just got it today! & its a mythic too! Using flower & cinder,tried to complete the air trial quest.. I wonder if this is a glitch since the spring time is passed..

  4. Caroline says:

    Just got one with earth and primavera ??

  5. Irina says:

    Got Blossom with Love and Luck today. No idea why!

  6. crusinator says:

    I just got a blossom egg today. With lvl 10 mythic tree and 8 flower

  7. Shoaib says:

    I got mystic blossom from level 10 earth aand levet 10 plant on just my third attempt 😀

  8. tiny id:tenryusan says:

    finally..after so mny try..i fot it with Plant+Earth….:-D

    • Marygrican says:

      Same here! After about 17 tries, I got it with a Plant and Earth. I had already tried this combo and it wasn’t working so I used a level 10 Plant and a level 5 Earth. Not sure if that made a difference or not.

      • BobtheBuilder says:

        Wow, this worked for me too, lol. I think TinyCo is trying to mess with us. I’ve literally been trying for over a week to get my second one with all sorts of combos. Finally decided to take out my regular plant and that + regular Earth did the trick, instantly! 😛

    • Gigi says:

      Is plant at left or right? Because read some recommend plant + earth and also earth + plant, thanks

  9. Chau says:

    Earth 10 + Tree 10 (2nd try)
    Was trying for a Mountain, but got Blossom instead.

  10. Gail says:

    Finally after almost all combos tred and breeding about 15 trees and five mountains I got it

    Elder earth 10 + plant 8 = blossom. 12 hours.

    My elder earth was brown, I think that is the mythic one, but it probably doesn’t,t matter.

    • KT56 says:

      Yay thank you! I’ve been trying for forever and this also worked for me the first time, very happy! Thanks for your tips :) Mine was the normal Elder Earth.

    • NishaWeesha says:

      I have been trying FOREVER and got 801 million tree. And first try with this combo I have a 12hr breed time. WONDERFUL!!! I almost gave up

  11. sarah says:

    Love and mythic gratitude first try

  12. ajh1716 says:

    I got this today with earth and mythic plant. I am trying to get a mythic for the quest. (Not sad that i got the normal version mind you because i kind of like it more than the mythic…i just like clearing my quests)

    • ajh1716 says:

      Second time with earth/plant i got a mountain then i tried earth and luck and i am sure i am getting a mythic blossom =D good luck everyone!

  13. monman says:

    Mythic rock and floret monster first try after many hybrid mix attempts

    • J Barrett says:

      Hey noob, I’ve been trying to figure out for a couple of days now what a rock monster is. I know you don’t let these things go to avoid confusion to other people that visit your website. So I can only assume that there is a rock monster and I haven’t seen it, it’s not in your list of eggs. I hope I haven’t been wasting my time with this…it would mess up the accuracy of your website.

  14. CP says:

    joy + mythic mountain after 3 attempts

  15. Stephen says:

    Teen bug and teen love 1try

  16. SabiKnauer says:

    plant + earth, first try :)

  17. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Earth & Lvl. 10 Hoppy.

  18. cjf582 says:

    Mythic 1st try Earth and mythic fire!

  19. Beanie says:

    Earth + Plant 1st try! Sometimes the most simple combos are the best!

  20. Roxie says:

    I got two back to back using tree level 10 and jubilee level 8.

  21. Joamercedes says:

    Something must be up with the Tiny Monsters universe because I just got a Blossom with my first try and that NEVER happens!
    Earth and Plant was the lucky combo!

  22. Cinci says:

    Mountain + Tree 1st try ^_^

  23. chaszack (tiny id) says:

    Mythic Love and Blushbug…Mythic Blossom!!

  24. Punisher says:

    Normal egg looks like mythic blossom. Mythic egg looks like normal blossom. 😀

  25. Julie says:

    Any thoughts yet on the primavera? Do you think there will also be something special for Mother’s Day on top of it? Lol Of course primavera is a plant monster. Thanks Julie

  26. Ms.loko says:

    hi Noob. is it 2 late or 2 earley 2 try 2 get blossom rite now. cas i look at d date time above and thought that i can try 2 to get him b4 my time runs out.

  27. Flora Gem says:

    Bug and Gift (Yeti adult) first try!

  28. Ashy! says:

    Mythic Tree + Mythic Plant, first try! :)

  29. Lol says:

    Never evolve it!!!! It turns out horrible!!! :(((((

  30. Rachel says:

    Just got Blossom w/ mythic gratitude and mythic steadfast. So excited! Good luck everyone :)

  31. Idk says:

    Did you get the eggs mixed up?

  32. aslesha says:

    everytime this monster is out for a few days I try all possible combinations of gratitude, joy, love, luck, evergreen, autumn, harvest,steadfast,holly, mountain, tree….but i never seem to get a 12h breeding. I’ve got more than a hundred mountains, lights and trees by now. so frustrating!im this close to giving up

  33. Jmcg86 says:

    Think I got Blossom with level 10 Gratitude on the right and level 5 mythic Elder Earth on the left.

  34. by pounce44 says:

    Level 10 mythic Gratitude on left, level 5 Holly on right. First time got Love, second time got Blossom

  35. basaro says:


  36. Alya says:

    Got this monster with enamiga

  37. Xafy says:

    I bred Blossom and Mythic mountain (both lvl 10) and got 12 hours; and I’m wondering what it could be considering both Blossom and Luck are both limited; any ideas what it could be?

  38. Tyler says:

    Do you know what monster can be mixed with blossom to get another blossom? I only have 1 and I want to try to breed a mythic

  39. Izzy 4713 says:

    Yeah I agree. It totally threw me off when I saw it.I did a double take when I first saw it.

  40. Izzy 4713 says:

    Hey noob. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not but it kinda looks like the mythic and regular eggs are switched.

  41. The New Gamer on the Block says:

    Do all of the limited monsters come back eventually? I’m new to this game and to me all of the limited monsters look better then the regular ones and so I’m always wanting to get them but obviously I can’t because they’re limited so I can’t get any right now, (except the Fireworks,Independence and Solstice monsters already got them :D) and so…. They are going to come back right? :(

  42. Diana says:

    Just got one. Isn’t it just from 11 April 2013 to 21 June 2013? I thought it didn’t work when the time is over.

  43. karo says:

    Glee(lvl10) + Luck (lvl10)

  44. Seven Stars says:

    Why am I still getting this monster I thought it was limited, btw got it from flower + mountain for those who still are struggling for this one.

  45. Shadow says:

    Blossom is not limited anymore .

  46. rebecca says:

    Think i got it after tons of tries snowbluff lvl10 lush leaf lvl 5 12 hr breeding time :-) 😉

  47. Sandy says:

    Finally, after 10 failed attempts Joy + Thunder = Blossom for me.

  48. K0VU says:

    I got blossom with mystic luck (lvl 10) and jubilee (lvl 8) but I got a 25 hour breeding time and a 12 hour hatching. A bug maybe?
    I’ll try luck and jubilee again for blossom

  49. mba says:

    just wait until they boost the chance obtaining this monsters.
    tree + blushbug , love +luck , snowbluff+montain all gave me blossom. good luck

  50. Vinny says:

    Even though it’s over, if I bred 2 joy monsters, would I still get a joy monster?

  51. Harper says:

    Lol, I got blossom without even trying. I bred a flower and a magma hoping for shadow or legendary but I got a blossom monster!!!!

  52. hayley says:

    im pretty sure blossom is not limited 😉 its been here for almost 2 months

  53. tinyb84 says:

    I was using the tree and earth formula to get the mountain monster and got the blossom monster on 2nd or 3rd try

    • Daidaros says:

      I’ll try it next time.

    • Magiccitygirl says:

      TY SO MUCH!!! Tree + earth success 1st time on Android today, whoooooo-hooo. Great suggestion, tho’ I know we must account also for chance (right, noob?). Also happened to get super lucky to get mythic, yet that won’t help with reg monster.

      But I’ll take it :)

  54. Alif says:

    Hey noob,
    I’ve tried and tried all of the above guides for breeding blosom several times each. Without any luck of getting it. Do you think tiny co. decides who gets what?? Cuz surely they are not giving it to me on perpose?? Do u know how the algorithm works for this game?? Also your guide is fantastic for the rest of the monsters .
    Thank you and all the other bloggers for their

  55. ElijahCreeps says:

    I got the blossom monster by breeding it. The combination is mythic frost monster and a mythic tree monster

  56. Lane says:

    I got a Blossom monster purely by luck w/a lvl 5 Mountain & lvl 5 River……2nd try boosted mythic cave and crossed fingers but got mythic shadow (didn’t have yet, so not terribly disappointed, although a mythic Blossom would of been fantastic!) Good luck, haven’t seen this combo listed yet and I would be soooooo happy if it helps anyone else get the monster they’re trying for, since this site has definitely helped me get monsters in a pinch…..good luck monster lovers/addicts….lol

  57. capra124 says:

    I tried the River & Sporespark combo & wound up getting a Shockwave. Much as I was hoping for the Blossom, I got something I was in need of anyway. This is the second time I’ve tried for one monster & gotten something else I needed instead! Can’t argue with those results, that for sure!

  58. Rachel says:

    After 5 days of countless trees and a few mountains, even a shadow, I finally got a blossom with level 10 Earth and level 7 Glee!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo excited!!!!! I’m freaking out here

  59. Chary says:

    Snowbluff + mountain= blossom on second try finally

  60. Thesutterleys says:

    So I have tried and tried for a blossom since the first day it came out I have tried every combo posted at least 5 times even going back to a few to mix it up. So yesterday I get mad and say I’m just going to try ” love” and “luck” again just for fun and yahoo 12 hours and a blossom. I tried same combo right after and got a mountain just tried again and got 12 hour again so we will see …….

  61. minimegan says:

    I got a blossom with a frost and a bug and it definitely works because I tried again and I now have 2

    • Staci says:

      1st try=tree, 2nd try=mythic air…how is that even possible? I thought air had to be 2 hybrids with the same elements not ice+earth + fire+plant! UGH!!!!! So sick of stupid air & trees!

  62. David Peters says:

    I just got this with an Earthquake and Mountain, both level 101 I was trying for shadow because that combo got shadow on my son’s tablet – I didn’t think we could breed the blossom anymore! A pleasant surprise though since I don’t have one!

    • Staci says:

      Used this and got 21 hr breeding time…ENIGMA!!!! Not Blossom, but I’ll take it! Thanks for sharing!

  63. Frédéric says:

    We can do FLOWER AND FROST. 😉

  64. federico says:

    is blosssom still available for breeding???
    ive been trying for a week now i think i ran out of time

  65. Cerumen says:

    Got my second with Mythic tree and Luck.

  66. Bloodrose says:

    Oh, wow! Do I do a happy dance? Do I cry? I’m shocked I finally got my Blossom with Gratitude + Flower! After who knows how many trees, here it is…..finally in my nursery. I had to compare it twice to the guide’s picture to be sure because I thought I was just having one of those wishful hallucinations. Lol. Dare I try for a mythic?…..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, just try for mythic 😀 COngrats, your persistence is finally paying off

      • Bloodrose says:

        Pfffff, persistance you say? It is more like stubborn addiction to this game. :) I wish it had better odds, but stupid me just keeps coming back. Come to think of it, it’s kinda like Vegas, isn’t it? Lol. Or at least for me. Seems like everyone else out there is playing with better odds. I’m always just shy of so many things in this game. :( I guess I will try for a mythic, but I will end up with another forest of trees, I’m sure. Really detest those trees!

        • Oma2five says:

          OMG!!I hate trees too. Over & over. Same so as air & light and a couple others. Combos that DON’T ADD UP!! I want a blossom since I first saw it. (Huge sigh)

  67. Dm818 says:

    I got it with tree + plant, both 10, I was trying for mountain.

  68. Katrina Cooper says:

    This monster is the cutest before it evolves and then its just… Awe .

  69. Traci says:

    So I was quite bummed that I was a level 55 and lost my game which I switched phones. So I had to start the game all over again and am at level 6 but I was oh so happy I was able to get the blossom still. It took me FOREVER to get it the first time. But got it first try with earth and plant. I think the higher the level you are the harder it is to get monsters. It just sucks I have to retry for all 3 versions of the frozen flame I had and all legendary and Christmas monsters are gone noe too

    • noobbgodlike says:

      😀 congrats on your blossom, don’t worry about Christmas monsters since Christmas is only about 6-7 months, time will pass quickly on this game without any notice 😀

  70. Tmulsc12 says:

    Magma & tundra. Trying for a bug. Hmmm so cool.

  71. Shanna says:

    I got it first try with mountain(10) & blushbug (8)!!!!!
    I’m surprised I got it due to I can’t get alit of the monsters like luck or puff for instance!
    I’m just happy I got it…now I’m going to try for mythic version…wish me luck!! :)

  72. Sassisuki says:

    I finally got one using a mythic Tree level 7 & a gift monster level 10 on a Android Phone

  73. Laura says:

    What was the point in Blossom again? It wasn’t Easter or St. Patrick’s day. It is a limited one isn’t it? I’m getting impatient waiting for it to leave :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Celebrate Spring Season :D, maybe it will be here until Summer XD, why you want it to leave anyway ??

    • Bloodrose says:

      I am still trying for it. Though I admit I am wondering off trying to get other monsters for the other quests, I am still going back every other try or so. So, please don’t wish it away :(

  74. w9f says:

    magma and tundra both lvl 10

  75. Amber says:

    Finally got this after trying since it was released with frost and joy on iPad

  76. Monolisa says:

    Tundra and earth do that ang get blossom I got blossom on first try with this combination

  77. Gogita says:

    I got it on first try with BRIMSTONE (5) + PLANT (10)

  78. lyndsey says:

    I got it with river and sporespark. Thanks for the tip!

  79. Jen says:

    I still haven’t gotten this monster. I’ve tried all the combos list and every other one I can think of. So sad. I must be doing something wrong. Anybody got any advice?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, you’re not wrong, you just need to to try each formula for a few times (3-4 times). Breeding is all about chance, you may need to try multiple times even if you’re using the right formula.

  80. Kinu172k says:

    Got it today ! Luck lv 5 + bug lv 10 , after the end of the spring and mithycal !!!!! 😀

  81. gnomezy says:

    Was aiming for darkscale but got blossom using brimstone and luck, both Lvl 10 on IPAD.

  82. julie says:

    Finally with flower and love

  83. jokemon says:

    I may have gotten a Blossom with Frost + Bug … unless Boreal was fixed to be 12h like the game says (but it seems that its 8h for everyone)

  84. Mac says:

    FINALLY I got one. It took soooooo long!

  85. Traci says:

    Dear lord!!! I FINALLY got this one after forever of trying with multiple tree and mountain combos with no luck. What i mixed this time to get it was Voltleaf + Thunder… SOOOOO excited!!!

    • jonaxyn says:

      i got it with voltleaf and luck on the second try :) finally..!!

    • Rubie says:

      Thankyou Traci – after following all other combos and only creating Lucks, Trees and Mountains…. your combo of Voltleaf and Thunder WORKED……Yeeeeee Haaaaaa – this game is tooooo much. I’m on ipad.

  86. SkyTheWolf says:

    Noobgodlike you are going to have so many tree formulas and also mountain

  87. packetnews says:

    Sunspike + luck -> bossom

  88. Koryann says:

    As I was helping my daughter out (she has only been playing a few weeks), I thought I would try and get her a luck or joy. I used earth + plant…….very basic. No, not luck or joy…BLOSSOM!! I haven’t even been able to get one! Hahaha

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, sometime the simple thing is the best

    • Jamie B says:

      Wow. The same thing happened to me after many many failed attempts for Windstone, I decided to try for Blossom in order to use it to try again for Windstone. I saw this post and wouldn’t you know, 1st attempt with Earth and Plant. Happy but still in shock. Thank you for the combo.

  89. Auri says:

    River left and Sporespark right on first try :)
    Now I have two Blossom :)
    None of the Combos listed above did work for me.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      COngrats on inventing your own formula, will put it above. Maybe there are others who need your formula.

    • 411_Goddess says:

      Oh wow!!!! After a zillion failed attempts with all the other combos listed, this one worked for me the first time! I can’t believe it! Yay!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  90. Auri says:

    Windstone left and Bayou right on first try

  91. SkyTheWolf says:

    Guys i found a formula for you guys with my 2nd blossom
    Mountain and tree try it

  92. Dawn says:

    Okay people, after 500 trees, plants, 3 luck monsters and plenty mythic plant/tree, I FINALLY got Blossom.

    Lvl 10 Tree + lvl 10 mythic flower, got me luck on the first try and Blossom on the 2nd. Got 12 hours each try :)

  93. gnomezy says:

    Finally gratitude + blue joy, both Lvl 10, on IPAD.

  94. Pelevida says:

    Finally – tree and mountain gave me Blossom :-)

  95. SkyTheWolf says:

    Can you add my successful formula of frost joy to. The list and do it again and again to get mountain too 😀

  96. Bloodrose says:

    Tree, tree, tree, luck, tree, tree, tree, mountain, tree, tree, tree, tree, mountain, tree, tree, luck, tree, tree, luck, tree, tree……….
    A definition of crazy: doing the same thing over and over again (breeding for blossom) and expecting a different result?
    Being crazy is exhausting!!!!!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, That’s why I suggest you to try each formula only about 3-5 times :D. DOn’t try to get blossom on this weekend since there is an event that increase luck monster appearance :D.

      • Bloodrose says:

        I was switching it up but to no avail. It kills me to get that 12 hour time and you know you just can’t be that lucky to not get another luck. yet u still hope. I’m currently waiting on another false hope. I will take your advise and try for something else, like Jubilee, which will earn me trees – lol

        • Tiny1214 says:

          Oh dear bloodrose how I wish I could give you the blossom I have incubating. I’m sorry. I had to lmao because that’s how I felt trying for mountain and I keep getting blossom and luck with every single earth plant mountain combo monster I own. !!!!!!!!!! I decided to heck with that damn title and I’m making another legendary. I need ice and air legacy so I took noobs advice and gave up. I even bought that stupid elder habitat and I can’t get that lil sucker either. Your post was funny as they come. Good luck I’m so rooting for you I do think TinyCo blocks what we need !! Lol

        • Bloodrose says:

          Hey Tiny, thanks! You know, I wouldn’t even mind having visitation rights with your blossom at this point. Lol.

        • Tiny1214 says:

          Hey bloodrose I did try for enigma/ elder and I am getting umpteenth egg. 14 hr. purple. Bug/flower. I used plain plant x earth every time I got blossom but when I used mountain and plant I still got blossom. I needed that turtle for the quest. If tiny co let’s us mail them with our new boxes ill keep one egg around to mail you!!!!!! Save me a mountain lmao!

          Take care

        • Bloodrose says:

          Tiny – sounds like a plan! Wonder how much postal diamonds that would take? 😉 I will try that combo after this increased chance is over.

    • Ashley says:

      Hey keep trying, I felt the same way you dd and broke down and even bought 10 dollars in diamonds just to keep breading faster! And I finally succeeded! Never been so happy, I JUST USED LUCK AND BUG and believe it or not I not only gotBLOSSOM but it was mythic! I cried I was so happy,but I promise I threw away 500 tree eggs while trying, ive even gotten terrace blue eggs today! Best day ever lol! Sonevergive up!

  97. whammytammy says:

    Finally gratitude and blue egg. After tons of trees and lucks

  98. Anne says:

    Finally got it with Flower + Mountain! YAY!!

  99. snapdragon says:

    Seacliff and voltleaf gave me blossom. Could also give you shockwave.

  100. SkyTheWolf says:

    Ok so I’m super happy now 😀
    So I try frost + joy for fun n games….
    I see its 13 hours i frown
    Next day i went to see the egg and sell it later….
    I cry a tree? I pressed home button
    I’m like 13 hours a tree?
    Lets see about this…..
    Lol funniest moment of my life

    • Staci says:

      Used this formula with a yellow joy lev 8 and have 12 hour hatch time! Please be blossom…Please be blossom…Please be blossom…

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Tinyco boost the chance to obtain joy and luck since they’re gonna disappear soon, I suggest you to wait until the event is gone (breed other rare monsters first) before trying for blossom again since you’re probably getting luck instead of blossom :D.

      • Staci says:

        Crappy luck…anyone want one? I’ve hatched 6 trying for blossom!

    • DeeDoo22 says:

      OMG!!! thank you!! After trying for weeks for blossom… Frost + blue joy finally got it!! :-)

    • Lisa says:

      FINALLY, AFTER 23 trees! I decided to go back with snow bluff & mountain. I FINALLY GOT THE BLOSSOM! Yippee Okay Nobb, keeping my trees in the den just in case we have to breed them for Arbor Day. You never know.

    • Hyciera says:

      Finally got the blossom with frost (lvl 10) and blue joy (lvl 8) on 3rd try!!! And on my birthday hahaha!

  101. Barb says:

    Got my second o blossom with : Joy/Thunder :)

    • Dysis-Melissa says:

      Thank u so very very much, after trying every combo in this page more than 100 times, finally got the blossom monster. I spent so many diamonds it was crazy

  102. Luke A. says:

    Got it second try with Gratitude + Earth

  103. SkyTheWolf says:

    I’m so happy after those 4 trees. I either got luck or blossom i have neither

  104. Alivianna says:

    Luck+Blushbug got mine. but it might have been a mythic tree or a mythic mountain plus blushbug, i definitely used the blushbug though 😛

  105. mac says:

    I have this game on my iphone. I have a silk monster already Do you need to hatch another silk monster in order to hatch blossom?

  106. Ashley says:

    I’m desperate for this monster, I have tried continuously for weeks to get a blossom monster but all I get are tree monsters! I still haven’t even got a blue egg. I’m playing on an iPad, does anyone have suggestions or do I just keep breeding my adult joy and adult tree monster and hope I get one? How do u get a blue egg by the way? I’m desperate! Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      visit joy page to know formula for the blue egg (they probably boost the chance on the Saturday before they’re gone). for blossom I can;t suggest anything other than to keep trying.

  107. wellwishes says:

    whew finally!! Its name is Rattler and a well deserved name at that :p ..felt like a wrestling match lol! After dozens of trees, eggs,plants, bushes, bunnies and every combo i could do in 2? weeks it was

    Thunder 10 & Glee 10 .. same order.. got 2 of them! 1st & 3rd try

    Not sure if it means anything but that Glee monster was the 1st blue joy egg that i hatched/spree’d.. check your Monsterpedia for your eggs… was feeling desperate go for it!
    Kindle hd

  108. Barb says:

    Is there a combo once you have 1 blossom to get a second?

  109. Misty_Lake says:

    I got a Mythic Blossom with Jubilee 8 (left) and Luck 10(right) on first try. It appeared as a grey block at first, but after re opening game it showed the Blossom Monster Egg.

  110. SkyTheWolf says:

    Has anyone used luck formula and got blossom?maybe we will scream and get blossom 30 times..,

  111. SkyTheWolf says:

    Omg I tried to get luck or blossom atleast 1 so I breed tree and joy to see…..

  112. ot says:

    Finally with tree and blue joy whew

  113. Skeah says:

    Got Blossom and then mythic blossom I think, with Love + Glee. The reason I say I think I got mythic blossom too is because the egg is a grey square. But I got something like tree, blossom, tree, tree, mythic blossom, tree, so far.

  114. Barb says:

    Jubilee/Luck both level 8 on android.
    BLOSSOM!!!:) Finally

  115. Lerina says:

    Luck and Joy! 1st. try

  116. Deminio says:

    Glee level10 + mythic earth level8 worked for me!

  117. Fenris Lupa says:

    Got 2 Blossoms in a row with

    Mythic tree (10) and Blue joy (7)

    Good Luck everyone, it took my at least a half dozen times to find this combo here on this page that would work

  118. Saxony says:

    Mythic Tree and Mythic Snowbluff!!! This combo got me 3 blossom monsters in a row!!! ( the second one I got was a mythic! )
    I hope this combo helps someone :)
    Everyone who posts their successful combos help others and I hope I can return the kindness with this combo. Good luck everyone and thank you so much for being kind and taking time to post your combos!!!

  119. pa says:

    Connection error lost my 12hr breeding :( oh well got 1 so try try again for a second!

  120. pa says:

    Andriod.. finally Blossom! ! Whew hew!! After 6 tries of level 10 mythic earth and level 10 love.. tried again and got another 12 hr breeding time. Hope this helps android users just keep trying this combo it may take a while but usually i got a 12 min breeding time with earth and max was 5hrs with moutain or tree. Good luck!

  121. Amanda says:

    Finally blue joy + luck 2nd try

    Still need that darn purple joy monster tho…(sigh)

  122. Kk says:

    Jubilee (8) & Mythic Luck (5)

  123. Candi Mandi says:

    Earth and holly!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!

  124. Dutch Monster says:

    Got a mythic with LUCK and EARTH

  125. Tommy1Tone says:

    After weeks of trying all the popular combinations I finally got my Blossom monster by breeding a mythic Eriewood and a Darkscale, both teens lvl 5. Good luck all!

  126. TheRoyaals says:

    I’ve got a 12 hours plant and rock egg It could be either luck or blossom but I hope is blossom since I already have luck..
    Cinder + bluhbug I’ll confirm if it is a blossom

  127. Edward says:

    I got this monster with adult earth and adult holly

  128. Jean says:

    I got blossom with adult tree and teen blue joy egg on my third try. If you still havent gotten it keep trying this combo it really does work! :) good luck everyone…

    • Lisa says:

      Just tried it, have another Tree. Yuck. Hopefully I’ll get it with this combo, 2nd try coming soon. Lol

    • sarah73 says:

      Sorry, but I have a stupid question that I would be so grateful if someone could answer for me. When people keep saying try the same combinations over again because it will work, does that mean keep trying those same two monsters, or does it mean different monsters of the same type? Sorry, once again I know this is a stupid question but for some reason it is confusing me and I really don’t want to waste any more time trying to breed this and other monsters if I don’t have to.

  129. SkyTheWolf says:

    Finally got mythic tree xD

  130. kodimatt says:

    I got blossom with adult tree and teen purle oy 1st try…hope it works for someone else too.. I was getting very

  131. chertichego says:

    Jubilee and Mythic Earth

  132. Kika says:

    Got it on first try with Earth and Holly

  133. Kat says:

    Finally got a Blossom with adult Mountain and Snowbluff, levels 10 and 8 respectively :)

  134. Crocsi5 says:

    Mythic flower and mythic earth both level 10. 12 hrs hoping its a blossom finally fingers crossed. Will let you know. On iPad

  135. Skeah says:

    Got blossom first try with
    Left: love, level 10, living in earth habitat
    Right: glee, level 10, living in plant habitat
    Who knows if and when the habitats make a difference, they did for something before. Gonna try this a few more times to see if it’s in any way reliable.

  136. Pixiekitten says:

    I did mythic tree and glee and got 12 hours. Hoping for the blossom monster!!
    Tried forever for cinder for the quest and never got it. :(. I did get A LOT of magmas tho! Very frustrating!
    Anyway, fingers crossed for the blossom monster!!

  137. jokemon says:

    I keep getting Air monster trying to get Blossom.. its way too easy to get air pretty mch any hybrid combo can result in Air.. ugh .. im sick of Air monsters! I have both regular and mythic and i actually keep getting both forms.. it s wrench in your day when you have relatively no diamonds and keep getting a 26h time to wait for it to go to breeding den and another just to hatch.

    • delta9snow says:

      I agree. Same keeps happening to me. Or Shadow. I have had about 50 of each, both mythics and regular. I even stopped putting anything in my mythic cave and I still get mythic air! I’m exasperated. I know it’ll be around for a while, but I just don’t want anymore air! Good (or better:)) luck to you.

  138. july says:

    CAN anyone tell me whats up with the (baby) fire monster playing with a ball when i go into my market its only shown up 2 times iv tryed to tap on it to see if it did anything but i dont think it did anything

  139. Lucy says:

    I took the advice that I read and got rid of my 4 leaf clover, and bred flower and earth and I am now waiting for blossom to hatch!!

  140. Elaine. says:

    I have tried numerous combinations and keep getting the joy eggs in all colors. I kept 6 and sold about 8! Do theyevolveinto different monsters or do they’ll stay as eggs? Not sure what I ‘m doing wrong but keep getting these darn eggs! Help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      DO you mean you stuck at level 7?? one of adult forms of joy egg is still an egg, visit adult joy page to more info and please don’t discuss it on blossom page.

  141. Cesar padilla says:

    Try mountain+luck=blossum on first try :)

  142. WonderWoman says:

    Joy and Thunder = Blossom FINALLY

  143. I Love Cats says:

    Bug and earth 12 h of breeding I hope :)

  144. AngYas says:

    Woooooo hoooooo!!!
    After about 1000 tries finally got Blossom with earth and silk both level 10.

  145. Liz says:

    Hey, I have a question about the “Sping Cleaning” quests, etc. (this isn’t about the Blossom monster, specifically- I apologize for posting this on this page but not sure where else to post it).
    Ok, so on the page that comes up when you first log into the game re. the Spring Cleaning, it says “… But first this place needs some cleaning! And I hear extra-good spring cleaners sometimes find diamonds while they’re sweeping if you get my meaning.” So, Noob (or anyone else), does this imply that if you sell off some of your decorations that you might have a chance of selling ’em for diamonds instead of coins? So far I’ve only sold a few items so I haven’t yet personally tested this. Or is it simply saying that if you complete the spring cleaning quests, you will earn diamonds at the end?
    Also, I saw that you mentioned above that selling your four leaf clovers may increase your chance of getting a Luck monster (of which I STILL don’t have, even after selling some if those clovers). How did you figure out that to be the case?
    Thanks in advance!! (Oh, and I STILL don’t have the Blossom monster, either and I desperately want it cuz it’s so damn cute!)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. ignore the quest description about cleaning, you only get diamonds if you clear the quest objective (harvest 2 times from farms).

      2. no, actually having 4 leaf clovers will raise your chance to get luck monsters, it’s actually backfired if you’re trying to get blossom because 4 leaf clovers raise your chance to get luck not this one.

  146. Skeah says:

    Hmm, tried Love + Glee, got 12 hours… Time will tell since I don’t feel like using diamonds =P

    • ot says:

      Its probably luck

      • noobbgodlike says:

        lol, don’t be so mean, hope she got lucky instead of luck.

        • ot says:

          LOL. Noob I’m not being mean but I have hatched about 30 lucks its crazy I just now seen the get rid of the clovers so I’m going to try that I used so many diamonds its crazy I hope she got it to

    • Candi Mandi says:

      That one gave me luck…. After noob suggested….. Lets us know if it luck or blossom!

    • Candi Mandi says:

      Got luck after noob suggested that combo….. Luck and tree, luck and tree…. Oh wait 12 hrs, has my luck changed? No it stupid ” Luck” is it me or does that dog look drunk? Lmao. That’s a big stereotype!

  147. Ren says:

    Mountain+flower 2nd try

  148. Miss_Dlishus says:

    Earth left and luck right 2nd try :)

  149. CreamTangeriine says:

    Just got blossom with mythic earth lvl 10, and glee lvl 10 !

  150. Tiny says:

    Guys keep trying my highly advise is to use again the tree + blue joy. Dont get so frustrated if you haven’t got it the first time. I believe this formula has a higher chance of breeding the blossom. Set your expectations to breed 5 times until you get the monster not just once nor twice. We all have different frustrations here, on my part i still dont have the purple egg and crazy getting getting that darn silk monster for the quest. So i understand your frustrations. Even noob i believe doesnt have the blossom. Its all about random and it’s not fair criticize yourself as an unlucky person. Again i hope we all got this blossom monster. Gooluck and let me hear your succesful story 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, yeah very true I haven’t got it. I will try your formula next time 😀 Hope I can get it.

    • Arguenot says:

      I feel your pain…I was sooo sick of trees!
      After about 50 attempts of every combination listed (mixing order and mythics) and too many diamonds with Trees, Plants, Luck, Joy, more Trees…
      Android Mountain (Level 10) on Left X Flower (Level 10) on Right

    • magnum says:

      Ill give it a shot myself as far as the purple joy goes try the lvl 10 boreal and lvl 10 frostember combo (if you have these) I didn’t think it’d work but hey second try I nailed it

    • Jackson says:

      Thank you! Tree + Blue Joy, got Blossom first try! My luck is finally changing!

    • delta9snow says:

      Hi Tiny! I have gotten all my Joy (about 20 total!!!), Enigma, and 3 Legendary (2 Mythic) using Frozenblaze and Frostember. I’ve gotten other things (Shadow, Boreal, Air) but I have just kept up the repetition and was rewarded. I agree to try everything at least 3-5 times before giving up on that combo. It is a random deal so it pays to be patient. Thanx for the kind and encouraging advice.

  151. Hyciera says:

    Aaarrrgggg I’m so sick of this! Hatched a whole forest by now. How come do we still get luck and joy?

  152. Carrie5260 says:

    Trees, trees and more trees, lol ! It is clearly my destiny to be a breeder of trees !!

    • Rhianna says:

      Same here! :(

      • Crocsi5 says:

        Me too (: I have tried non stop since blossom first was introduce. Still can’t get it . So many trees too and everything else in between. Oh we’ll will just keep trying I guess.

    • Cherri says:

      LOL I think Im the monster mom of yellow joy. Ive got 3 more just tryin to get this Blossom monster. Which even though its late I may have done it. Someone said a level 10 mountain and level 8 yellow egg. I mated them and it says it will b done in 12 hours. Fingers Crossed. :-)

      GL TO U TREE MAMA. :-)

    • Slytherin0901 says:

      Same here lol. We can be the tree breeding club. I will get blossom one day!

    • Corbin says:

      I breeded so much trees that I can call my isle a forest now 😉

  153. Karen says:

    Finally. Got blossom with mythic earth + love. Both lvl 10. I’m on android. 2nd try got 5 hour breed time :-(

    • Carrie5260 says:

      Five hour breed time … You’re most likely the proud owner of a new TREE !! Welcome to the club, lol !

  154. Laura says:

    I got Blossom but was trying for a 2nd before it ended. Do u know if there’s something I can breed it with to get another Blossom? I wanna have an adult & teen. I know, call me greedy

  155. SkyTheWolf says:

    Is it just me or does mythic and normal have opposite color of their eggs?
    Like normals dark egg and then light body
    And lol mythic is light egg. Then like a dark body?

  156. Lindsey says:

    Ive tried tons of combinations and ended up buying 50 more diamonds after eating through all my 100 diamonds before. I got what seems like a billion trees and bugs. got a few cinders and 2 lucks. Im out of diamonds and out of hope

    • Penelou says:

      I’ve had the same trouble. I’ve tried all the combinations above that I have the monsters for (don’t have some of the older limited ones because I only started playing this year) and all I keep getting is Tree, with the occasional Plant or Earth. So frustrating! I haven’t even gotten a Luck yet.

  157. xthat says:

    I had to reset my tablet and I lost my tiny monsters data I started from the bottom again I raised earth and plant to teen yesterday breed them this morning and got blossom first try with first breeding something I couldn’t do with my last profile.

  158. Lynx73 says:

    Level 10 mythic earth left & level 8 luck right…….. Nice to find a use for 1 of the 10 lucks I had. Good luck guys.

  159. Kodimatt says:

    I have tried every combo on this screen and still no blossom..UGH..getting frustrated, but still trying. Haven’t gotten legendary, or enigma yet either..I am only level 35 (started playing in Feb.) so maybe I am just not at a high enough level, although I have the quests for the legendary and enigma so I don’t Any help would be great! :)

  160. Cheri says:

    I got Blossom with L5 Bug &L10 Tree

  161. Arguenot says:

    After about 50 attempts of every combination listed (mixing order and mythics) and too many diamonds with Trees, Plants, Luck, Joy, more Trees…
    Android Mountain (Level 10) on Left X Flower (Level 10) on Right

  162. Hecate83 says:

    Okay guys…here was the combo that got me that little blossom cutie: Level 10 Tree+ Level 10 Luck. Good luck everyone!

  163. Cy_klonne says:

    I got Blossom with Level 10 Mountain (R) and Level 10 Glee (L). I am on Level 60 on a Android.

  164. Laura says:

    Wahay! Tree and Jubilee on iOS gave me a mythic Moose-face (Blossom) just in time. Made up. :)

  165. HugoGuessit says:

    someone yesterday posted that they tried adult Glee on the left and adult Luck on the right. After many attempts using a variety of combos and wasting a lot of money to end up with mythic plants, I finally got a Blossom egg from the Glee/Luck combo.

  166. ryan says:

    Hey noob, is it just me? Or do the blossom and tree eggs look pretty much the same. Just observation that tiny co are getting lazy

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, they’re resmeble but I believe it has nothing to do with being lazy :D. Maybe because it has same element, and if you look at them, they have same features. Tree has horn with a lot of leaves and blossom with flower :D.

  167. Jacqui says:

    I used mythic tree and mythic earth 3 x in a row and results were Blossom 1st, Luck 2nd, Blossom 3rd. I’m on iPad. I have noticed none of the android combinations posted ever work for me. Hope that helps someone :)

    • Braatzonabun says:

      WOW! THANK YOU! I’ve been trying for this all week. Finally with mythic tree and mythic earth I got it!

    • gramms151 says:

      Tried your combo and after many tries on the iPad I got it. I just work up to discover I had it!!! Almost sold it as I thought it was a tree looking weird. Now to try on my iPhone.

  168. Irvine says:

    Darn, this is my 21 try and I still can get blossom…and it said to be last day! My wife try with tree + plant get blossom on the 1st time…what is the possibility on it?!?!

  169. nozomi says:

    tried moutain+flower 1st try got 34hrs time 0v0 not complaining though
    = =but it says it’s the last day for blossom…..feel like speeding up/^\

  170. KIKI says:

    Ok I had enough trees and luck and plants…. I am so over it. I spent enough diamonds. If tiny co try to finish my diamonds… B*t$h I won’t use not one more diamond for the quest. As cute as blossom is. I had wasted enough diamonds and I ain’t buying your stupid diamonds lol.

    I know your IT of this game needs to eat and make money. But its too much. THE WAITING IS RIDICULOUS, NO MORE HABITATS, I AM DONE!

  171. Candy Mandi says:

    Noob, did u get it!?

  172. Rene says:

    Tree & Joy worked for me.

  173. Game master says:


    I have a awesome idea for your site.Is it possible to label the combos according to the device we use.Like certain combos work for iPhone/iPad/kindle fire/Ver and so on…
    Sound good.
    Thanks for listening…

  174. Tiny says:

    It’s the last day for the spring blossom quest for those who haven’t got the monster my advise is to use the tree + blue joy combo it can only give you plant monsters which is only 18 mins of wasted time or if you’re lucky you can get the blossom monster on the first try. Mine is just incubating now. Goodluck people i hope we all get this limited monster. :)

  175. Game master says:

    Hey Noobgodlike

    Did you get blossom yet.I tried all your combo’s ,sadly I have not been able to get one yet.I know you play on the iPad,so I thought I could try your very own combo and see if it will help me…PLEASE. HELP…
    I truly love your site,it’s a lot better than tiny c.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t got it myself, But I haven’t tried all the formula since my method is change formula after 3 failed. This method never failed me on the past (I only miss buzzy monster and it was before I had implemented the method).

      • Game master says:

        Same here that’s right about the time I really loved this game.It is pretty cool to play..Thankfully I was able to breed indent on a weekend and also memorial already from when they opened it last time.I just need 3 more Leg. / of course light/shadow for other quest.Also Buzzy…
        Thanks,good luck.

      • Lorelai says:

        I believe your method is quite good, but the problem is that TinyCo doesn t give us enough time to try many combos so many times. The breeding times are unbelievable, as well as the market prices. I really love this game, and invested a lot of diamonds on it, but I ve been very disappointed with these latest quests. We need a break, we need one more breeding den, cheaper prices, or at least more time for trying. Sorry, people.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe the time is already enough 😀 . Ex: Luck monster have been there for one month (on previous limited monster they only stay for about 3 weeks) so they have given us more time 😀 2 breeding den is too much IMO :D, only one needed for this kind of game to keep the thrill and joy when you get the monster 😀

        • Bloodrose says:

          I have never been able to complete any of the limited quests and that kinda bums me out. I hear you in that front. More time for those quests would be nice! That down time this past weekend really killed me and I was hoping TinyCo would have been nice to us faithful fans with diamonds, but I guess they did not hear u noob! 😉 But I don’t think that we need more dens, habitats and the like. The time, like noob said, does make you more grateful and happy when u get what you want.

  176. Game master says:

    Anybody get blossom on the iPad,I tried over 24 tries and no deal..this is my last quest .I would like to finish it before its over.Anyone with a iPad have a combo…

  177. Game master says:


    I mixed love + tree = Air ??????
    Still trying to get blossom.oh well,I guess this is the one that got away….
    I don’t understand how you get air with this combo/or shadow

  178. Amanda says:

    I tried tree and jubilee 6x no luck
    Then I tried earth and glee 3x
    I was about to cry if I got another mountain or tree lol but FINALLY I got it with
    Mountain (10) + glee (8)

  179. BeccaSue says:

    I got Blossom with left mythic teen tree and right mythic joy egg

  180. kyriane says:

    Hi, I got Blossom today with Mountain and Jubilee. First time with this combo, although I tried other combos but kept getting Luck.

  181. Arguenot says:

    I have tried every combination listed, and switched them up, or added mythics. Multiple times. Must have gone through 50 different attempts. So sick of trees, plants, luck, Joy, Air. ARGghhh.
    I just tried Mountain (10) and Flower (10).
    Got a 12 hour breed time. Probably another Luck, but crossing fingers.
    Noob, your site is probably the only reason I stuck with this game, it is incredible!

  182. Verna says:

    Earth/blue joy….1st try!

  183. AngE0522 says:

    I got blossom with yellow joy 8 on left , love 10 on the right.

  184. sarah says:

    2 time get 12hour thats was luck monster -,- dont have to miss this blossom x,x

  185. mona says:

    My boyfriend got it on his first try using Plant and Mointain both lv 10… i been using so many xombos and nothing… smh

  186. nozomi says:

    on the event page it says blossom find diamonds 0.0 seriously? any time limit?

  187. Gma Of 10 says:

    Luck and Love 2nd try = Blossom. 1st attempt got yellow joy egg.

  188. Hayley says:

    Is Blossom a Donkey or a Moose.

  189. aslesha says:

    after many failed attempts, finally a blossom in the hatchery.
    L10 earth + L10 bug ( on second try with this combo)

    hopefully someone finds these failed attempts below helpful enough not to use :

    glee & yellow joy ; mountain & holly ; tree & jubilee ; mountain & glee ; tree & glee ; glee & earth ; mountain & bug ; tree & earth; earth & tree ; tree & glee ; tree & blushbug ; love & luck ; mythic plant & snowbluff ; cinder & silk; flower & earth …I tried each of these failed comb is four times :(

    • KIKI says:

      You really can’t tell which one of these plant and earth oriented monsters will give you blossom. As sucks as it sounds, it depends on he devise you are using and luck. There is no set combo for every monster we just have to keep trying.

    • georgena says:

      I got a mythic one with earth lv 10 and mythic bug lv 5

    • Sandy says:

      I have tried so many also with no luck. Guess this is another one I won’t get. Getting tired of this. Especially since so much time wasted getting air with a 26 hour breeding time.

    • Cherri says:

      Im tryin joy + earth but its cook time is 5 hours round about so i doubt i got one. Errrr im so mad to cuz it took all day to get another Silk. I already have two. I finally got Milk and breeded the two but now i wont get blossom. Errrr.

    • Crocsi5 says:

      I hear you. I have also tried so many combos and failed :(. Now it’s the final day to try. It’s hasn’t even been a week. So so frustrating.
      I will try your combo Ayesha crossing my fingers. Just need to wait for this air to finish hatching.

      Can’t tiny co leave this limited monster for at least a week!!!

  190. Tere says:

    1st try!!!! Yay!!! Using Gratitude and Flower!!!

  191. Irvine says:

    Still can’t get blossom after 7 times try…Already used lots of combo still no result…are there a best combo for blossom? Thanks for helping!

  192. Surfing says:

    Finally! After so many wasted combos and diamonds used……..I got one with mythic earth L and glee R….it really seems to matter for my breeding that I put the elements in the right order……every other combo that starts with a plant element just gave me more plant based eggs

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks for this comment! Only took me three tries after putting earth first to get blossom after about 2 dozen attempts with others. Finally got it with mythic earth +glee

    • julie says:

      AH i tried over 40 times and nothing worked until i tried this! i’m playing on iphone. thank you!

  193. Brand says:

    I was trying to get an air monster with a
    frost and a bug
    I got bummed when I saw the hours
    but it actually turned out to be a blossom
    and on the first try what do you know.

  194. Daria says:

    YAY!! I got Blossom with Mythic Tree + Mountain! This site rocks!

  195. Daniel says:

    Mythic tundra + mythic magma

  196. Surfing says:

    Almost every combo has given me luck including those suggested…..I think my game is loopy…..luck after luck… least 12 since I stopped counting.

    • Arguenot says:

      Me too! And more tree eggs than a forest! I have tried every combination listed, multilple times, tried switching their order, and even adding a mythic when I had one that matched. Got Joy eggs, earth and plants also. On an Android and disgusted now that I have my 3rd air all while trying for Blossom!

      • BeccaSue says:

        Only use one hybrid with a single earth or plant and you should not get air or shadow. Such as luck and joy, or mountain and glee. You may still get lots of trees and mountains though. I have not got it yet either.

    • Paul says:

      I got one with blush bug and earth

  197. Lee says:

    Mountain and love

  198. NotKnottyNotNice says:

    Check out the new habitats – outrageously priced but for legendary monsters. They say locked but you can unlock them for ? I unlocked 2 more and it didn’t use a single diamond, spent a few million coins on 2 new habitats though 😀 I think unlocking them for nothing is a glitch, maybe??!

    • fishlike says:

      if you max out at 29/29 before the Elder quest, it is now unlocked for 2 more. Only add 1 more legacy habitat. As you progress to all the Elder quests, it will unlock the Elder habitat, you need that 1 habitat to get it, and it costs quite a bit.

      • fishlike says:

        When I hit the Buy Egg from Elder Habitat, it points to the Legendary monster, so I guess the Elder is one of the evolved form of Legendary at level 9.

    • Jessica says:

      The unlock with a new quest. If u bought 2 u might have to sell 1 when u get to like the 4th or 5th quest BC another one opens up & u won’t be able to buy it. Its the epic habitat. U have to have it to complete the quest. Don’t do anything till the quest opens tho

    • Marcy says:

      I was able to unlock only 2 it said 31/31 can you buy more

    • Chantel says:

      Can you place any legandary monster on any of the habitats? For example can you place an normal legandary on the ice legandary habitat?

    • Bloodrose says:

      Yeah, same happened to me. Not complaining though :)

  199. rhi says:

    Flower and frost I wad trying for cinder and got flower tree tundra joy then blossom… still no cinder but happy for blossom

  200. Cami23 says:

    I got one with mythic tree and blue joy monster

  201. Candy Mandi says:

    Noob, do u think its harder for the ones of us who are higher in levels to get limited? Again tried all these combos, wasted a ton of diamonds and can’t get this monster. I’m a devoted tiny monster player and feel so angry when I don’t get these monsters!! Also do you know how much time we hav fo this monster? I spend so much time and money on this game if I wasn’t so hooked I wld give up! I’m at level 79!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no< i think level doesn’t affect the result. My theory is there are several version of this game (say A,B,C, D, E).Example; for game A to get legendary you can use mountain + flower with high success rate (says 10%), but for game B mountain + flower only has 5% chance but frozenflame + tempest have 10% chance. but it’s useless to try to find it, so we only need back to square one “Breeding is all about chance” 😀 so keep trying and don’t give up. I haven’t got blossom monster either, you’re not alone :D.

    • Cynthia says:

      Did you try Glee and Luck, I just got a 12 hour hibernation pretty sure it is the Bloosom. I have yet to get the legendary, been tring from almost the beginning of the game. I am now on lv 87 or something and still get stumped on this, I have used every combo listed with the monsters I do have and no luck. The limited ones I have some but not all so some combos I can not try. I will just keep breeding till I get them.

  202. Bttrflygrl says:

    Gratitude n sporespark= blossom for me, plus it turned out to be mythic. Was still trying for a crazy purple egg, but what a bonus. Go figure!

  203. chertichego says:

    mythic mountain and love. i’m so happy :)

  204. Rocky says:

    Got it with mountain and tree

  205. Laura says:

    Tree (L) and Mountain (R) – both level 10 on Android.

  206. Nikki says:

    Just got 12 hr breeding time with Bayou and Mountian so I must have got Blossom.

  207. Carol says:

    I was feeling a bit cheeky this morning so tried joy + luck. I mean I have so many joys and lucks to start my own “joy/luck club!” What?! Anyway, got a blossom! Good luck all! 😀

  208. Cindy says:


  209. Eefjayday says:

    Got it at first try with glee x gift!
    Finaly a limited monster… trying for luck, love and holy for ever…

  210. Gogita says:

    Tree level10 + blue joy level5 = blossom it realy works noob please add in the list

  211. jeff says:

    Try bug and tree for blossom. Got a mythic blossom on 1st try instead of luck :) hey noon the mythic income is the same as normal for levels 1-4.

  212. Marisa says:

    Got it 1st try with earth and bug.(was trying for cinder)

  213. TheRoyaals says:

    Who designs these? The adult version of many of these monsters are so bad for the eye sight.
    Same thing is currently happening with Tiny Castle.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, it’s no surprise 😀 it’s kinda like flare monster 😀 baby cute, adult ……

    • Lorelai says:

      I agree with you. I don t even like to level up my monsters because their ugly appearence when in their adult form. (And I stopped playing Tiny Castle).

    • Skeah says:

      not to mention that it DEFINITELY looked like the top of the rear leg on the far side was… well, something else entirely… =/

  214. Coolgirl7 says:

    Got twelve hrs breeding time with mountain and love. I didn’t feel like waiting so I used diamonds to finish and I got blossom :)

  215. Brooke says:

    Got it the very first time with holly and luck

  216. npnd says:

    Just got 18 hours w mythic three and mountain. Don’t see anything w that combo in that time frame. Any ideas??

  217. Cynthia becker says:

    (L) mythic tree x (R) mountain = blossom 1st try,good luck

  218. Ant says:

    flower + earth 1st try

  219. rLy_#kaan says:

    how i can use the mytic cave and how i can breed a Legendary monster?!

  220. zoe says:

    tree & blushbug :)

  221. vicky says:

    Flower and earth first try!! Yey :) brill page thank you!

  222. Enigma34 says:

    Level 10 Mythic Tree left, Level 8 Mythic Glee right.
    Maybe even twice in a row, did the same combo again after using 12 Diamonds to complete, and got another 12 hours. That might be a Luck monster though!

  223. tuc says:

    I got blossom with cinder and bug, but unlucky for luck monster

  224. Emily says:

    Level 10 plant and level 10 earth first try! :)

  225. Barb says:

    Just got 12hrs with mythic flower/earth. Hope its Blossom.
    Just noticed the new habitats :) hope they bring even more
    Of the reg ones :) love that you added the habitat page too.

  226. luvmonster90 says:

    Love and mythic tree got me blossom :-)

  227. Tigergirl100 says:

    I need help.i keep getting tree nothing else!

  228. Anna says:

    Left mountain right tree!!

  229. Anna says:

    Mountain & tree

    • ravengirl says:

      Me too!!! After about a million tries!! Mountain left and tree right both regular and both from earth habitats

      • ravengirl says:

        Oops! Sorry about that, I thought i was still on the Enigma page! I was trying for this monster and got Enigma. I was so excited I got confused haha

  230. Surfing says:

    I have never gotten anything except joy and luck with love and luck combo. Tried over 15 times. Next try will be gratitude and love…fingers crossed for no more luck monsters.

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