Posted on Jun 21, 2013

Tiny Monsters Summer Solstice

“Best Hair” Monster on 2013

Available on : 21 June 2013 – 9 July 2013

Thanks to Ehlana and others who have sent me the pictures and info (too many to display XD)

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Normal Solstice Egg
Tiny Monsters Solstice Normal Growth

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Egg
Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Growth

Solstice Status













Earn Rate 

20/21 34/35 47/49 60/62 74/77 87/91 101/106 115/120 128/134 144/151

Food (x4)

35 75 110 145 180 215 250 285 320 MAX

Total Food needed

0 140 440 880 1460 2180 3040 4040 5180 6460

Habitat: Fire

How to obtain: 275/1375 diamonds

Selling Price: 1875 Gold

Exp: 1720 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 5 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 3 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 9 hours

Breeding Formula (Fire + Fire hybrids):
[0] Strike + Cinder
[0] Frostember + Frozenblaze
[0] Bellow (adult hallow monster) + Cinder
[0] Fire + Flower
[0] Sun + Fire
[0] Solarflare + Sun

Tips from Tiny
[0] Fire + Bellow (From other’s report you can also use teen hallow; multi element hallow monster also can be used but you may get other result than hallow and fire because they have 2 elements)

Bellow is Halloween limited monsters and pure fire element monster, so the result of your breeding can only 3 fire, solstice and hallow, but since hallow is not available at this moment then you can only get fire (5s) /solstice (5h). Try this ASAP before tinyco ninja fixes the mechanism. If you don’t have bellow then try other formula above.

I got 2 solstice using tips from tiny :D. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at the beginning, I got solstice on the 5th try.

There’s this message on the solstice monster description that the best time to hatch this monster is june21st. So hurry up guys!!

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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409 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Summer Solstice”

  1. Suzanneq21 says:

    Hi Noon, do you know the available dates for this monster? I see that some posted the got it in December but the days you wrote are only summer of last year. Is it still available now?

  2. Niki says:

    I think I just got this with fire and primavera. I’ll let you know for sure when it’s done!

  3. Bob says:

    Is this coming back soon?

  4. dawn says:

    I got soltice using embershade and origin

  5. ellyonlefae says:

    Trying for a wing witch with bellows and inferno got solstice first time

  6. FischMonster says:

    Got Solstice with Firework+Fire. Nice combo because when it doesn’t work you mostly just get Fire monsters (which only take a matter of seconds to breed and hatch). I also got one Lantern monster -also a cool monster, but they take 13 hours to breed.

  7. CP says:

    (2 tries) lantern + origin = solstice

  8. Stephanie says:

    I think I just got it with Mythic Fire(10) and Origin(10)…I was trying for Lantern but I just got 5 hours!! So my fingers are crossed!!!! :)

  9. Totero says:

    Fire and bellows first try!!!!! Same combo to get two of those EPIC dragon things I am so exited solstice monsters are soooo cute and they have a nice hairdo

  10. Squishy242 says:

    frozenflame + mythic fire both lvl 10 = mythic soltice 1st try on android

  11. Christine says:

    Elder fire and Independance= Solstice

  12. Nick says:

    Level 8 Elder fire and level 10 origins monster got me the solstice monster on the first try!!

  13. Wolfblood says:


  14. Misty_Lake says:

    Elderfire and Origin 1st try

  15. Sunny1212 says:

    Mythic Fire (lvl 10) + Mythic Strike (lvl 10) = Solstice
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cm25k says:

    Hallow and sun, both level 10. First try.

  17. Lori says:

    Mythic Flower + Fire.

  18. Batterman Swann says:

    I bred the Fire and Strike monster to get Solstice, Origin and Hallow.

  19. Batterman CAw says:

    I bred the Strike and Fire monster to get Solstice on first try and Origin in Second try.

  20. Leticia says:

    i was trying this monster but i get a frozenflame with fire+frostember!

  21. Elyksir says:

    Elder fire mythic and fire mythic both lvl 10 on ipad gave me solstice at 3 rd try

  22. Frozenflame lv. 10 + Mythic Bellows lv. 10 4th try.

  23. StrangeLotus says:

    I got him twice in a row with Merry lvl 10 + Fire lvl 10

  24. szanci says:

    Hi i got whit Frozenflame+ Fire first try.

  25. kencm2009 says:

    i got 2 solstice monster ,but i also need to breed many many time Mythic fire + Bellows ~!

  26. Sandy says:

    Just got 5h breeding Elder Fire and Firework, after five mythic fire. Hope it’s solstice…

  27. MissLadyJo says:

    Elder Fire 8 + Boreal 10

  28. Jesse Ro says:

    Frozenflame + Fire first try!

  29. Rachel says:

    Mythic Hallow + Elder Fire = 5 hours (Solstice) on third try :) Best of luck everyone!

  30. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Fire & Lvl. 10 Bellows.

  31. Theresa says:

    Mythic fire + Bellows…worked 2nd try

  32. Andreia says:

    I’m hoping that my 4 hour (cause of the time dicrease) monster in the breeding den is this one. I used Fire and Flower as soon as I saw that it was available again as one of the year 5 most loved monsters.

  33. Joe says:

    Just got it with lvl 10 fire and lvl10 magma. First try with iPhone 4S

  34. Kendra says:

    Just got solstice with hallow lvl 5 and mythic fire lvl 10. I got 6 fire/mythic fires first.

  35. Jetson26 says:

    Do any of you think that there is going to be a winter solstice

  36. James says:

    I think i may have just gotten this monster today, I was going for a renewal monster and bred flower and bug as was suggested on the page and i got a hatching time of 5 hours, after looking at all the possibilities here i believe this is the only possible one, any thoughts? also i will update when it hatches and let you know what it is

    • noobbgodlike says:

      check breeding result chart and read about magic number section. This monsters is not available at this moment.

      • James says:

        Yup your right it was the light monster lol, didn’t even think to check that cause I used nothing but fire and plant monsters, I did get two of the solstice monsters when they were available and thought it may have been a glitch or something but as pet usual there was a reasonable explanation lol sorry for any false hope anyone

  37. Dm818 says:

    Has anyone noticed that if you look at the monster on his page in his habitat that it says “Solstice” instead of “Solstice Monster”? Just a little glitch I found

  38. MimiMonster says:

    Shocking, combo worked first try! My first limited. I only have 5 monsters since I just started. Too bad I cant try for independence since I dont have air element yet.

  39. Roxas says:

    I tried fire and bellow over and over, sun and mythic fire at least twelve times, strike and fire, and firework and mythic fire thirty times. I’ve waisted so many diamonds speeding up breeding and hatching times. I don’t think I’m going to get it. :,(

  40. Vanessa says:

    Yaaaaaay I got it I got it!! Fire and firework did the trick :)

  41. Carrie5260 says:

    Last chance for the Solstice monster so I’ve been trying various combinations and paying to speed up hatching times when needed. I tried mythic bug and mythic flower … Got a plant monster, at least it hatched quickly. Next I tried mythic fire and cinder … Got a mythic cinder. Finally – tried strike monster plus mythic fire … Success at last –> got my Solstice !

  42. FeMac says:

    I got one just now with a mystic bug + mystic flower, both level 10

  43. Pablo says:

    Got the solstice monster with fire lv 10 and magma lv 5 on first try. Going for firework now :39

  44. sskybluee says:

    Got it with adult sun and mystic goldstone . That ie the solarflare.

  45. Ehdz says:

    Do you guys know any formulas for Mythic Solstice?

  46. Harper says:

    Nooooo I got four hour breeding time instead of five. Looks like another flower or bug

  47. JasmineChin says:

    Mythic version of solstice much more beautiful than normal one yea ^^

  48. sarah says:

    I got solstice monster first try with cinder and flare monster !

  49. sErgInhO24 says:

    Firework (L.10) + Solstice (L. 10) = Solstice (3th try).

  50. colten says:

    Boreal+frozenblaze 1st try

  51. SofterSin says:

    Has anyone had any luck breeding a solstice with fire and firework? Since they’re both pure fire I’ve tried a few times but I wonder if that’s a bust.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s possible theoretically.

    • Shadowsatmyfeet says:

      Fire and Firework monsters. Its fast and you can get another firework in the process.

      • Shadowsatmyfeet says:

        I got it with that combo. Easy and simple. I got it in under 2 minutes.

        • Thanks a Ton says:

          Thank you so much for this combo!!!!! I’ve been wanting a solstice monster for FOREVER and I finally got it with this. I got it on the first try this is so awesome. Firework and Mystic Fire got me 3 monsters, 1: Solstice, 2: Fire, and 3: Firework. XD This is so awesome I’ve been waiting to get a solstice monster and hoping to get a 2nd Fireworks monster and now I’ve got it. Thanks a million!! 😀

    • SuchASofterSin says:

      Got my first Solstice with Firework + Mythic Fire. Finally after switching the Firework on the left, got him on the first try after tons of fire eggs with the order reversed.

    • Qijun says:

      Solstice has quit from market already I believe

  52. medusa-x5-452 says:

    hey, I know this is limited, but am curious if we’re still able to breed this monster?? it sure would come in handy in breeding the new independence day creatures, etc. thanks for any input you can provide…

    • medusa-x5-452 says:

      I’m so sorry for the redundancy! I was thinking bottom of thread was most recent… please disregard & I will continue to try for this monster! of course I’m also trying for all the new one’s here & on TC… got a lotta breeding to do, so I’ll be busy! (good thing I never bred any cretins of my own!) thanks again, and I apologize for the already answered question! I’m sure that drives you nuts noob! 😉

    • noobbgodlike says:

      the monster still available on the market you still still breed able

  53. Rafael says:

    I breeded it with fire And magma on the first try

  54. FischMonster says:

    Hey! So I was noticing that both of the Independance Day monsters say “Limited Edition” on them when they are listed in the market. However the Solstice monster doesn’t say that it’s limited, do you think it will continue to be available throughout the year?


  55. anotherplayr says:

    OK, so has Solstice monster left the market yet?

  56. Roslynd says:

    Got a second with Solstice and mythic Fire. Was trying for Firework.
    I’ll keep it and try for a mythic.

  57. Awsome person says:

    I just keep on getting solstices wih fire+fire i was trying for a mythic fire

    • noobbgodlike says:

      huh really?? it’s kinda impossible from my experience since you always get same monsters when you breed 2 same monster. But if that keep happening just wait until solstice disappear from the market.

    • Carleen says:

      Tried the fire monster and fire monster combo and got… guessed it a fire monster! Lol :)
      Had to try it!

  58. martiiinkamw says:

    10 Fire + 10 Hallow, First try

  59. Heather says:

    I bred flare and fire 3 times a got a solstice! Woo hoo

  60. miladnasimi says:

    what is the best formula to breed solstice?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      read the tips above.

      • miladnasimi says:

        I got solstice from teen bug +teen burst (first try)

        • medusa-x5-452 says:

          not sure what happened here, but after countless tries on other combos, I tried BUG+BURST and got 26 hour breeding time… unsure how that could be, as there are no creatures with fire/plant & fire/water elements!?
          seems a bit of a mystery to me, was hoping from the tip above that i’d luck out & get the solstice monster… but alas… wish I had bellow!!
          thanks anyone with input!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          breeding 2 hybrids have a chance to get air monster (26 hours) :D. Check breeding result chart for breeding time and watch out for these numbers

          5 (light), shadow (18 hours), air (26 hours), 34 (legendary), 48 (elder).

          if none of the element match with the timeline then you probably got one of those monsters.

  61. Oma2five says:

    Trying for solstice got ICE using Frostember & frozenblaze KINDLE FIRE BOO! Better than some I’ve tried for such as all the AIR monsters! I’m gonna keep trying….I’ve NOT hit the lottery either!

    • ctm says:

      I’m that “some” you mentioned – got several AIRs + Inferno (all 26 hrs). Really me off ^_^

  62. Bloodrose says:

    Tried many other formulas and just got it with Mythic Fire + Mythic Embershade. I was thinking that I might have gotten a Magma until it came out of the den.

  63. Dmmsrm says:

    Finally got this darn monster after 50 failed attempts of bellows and fire. This time I used bellows and solarflare! Like a super fire ant combo hahaha!

  64. Julie says:

    I bred a level 10 fire monster on the left hand side and a level 10 spitfire monster on the right and got a solstice monster this morning. Very happy!

  65. Nick says:

    I finally got him with strike and magma on the first try!!

  66. Jeju7778 says:

    Magma + Cinder , 1st try

  67. Oscar says:

    Finally! Fire and Fristmembet gave me Solctice!

  68. twizzle42 says:

    I tried breeding lvl 10 mountain and lvl 10 flower and got a 13 hour breeding time. Can sum1 tell me what it is?

  69. Surfing says:

    Hey I finally got one after a week of trying! Mythic fire and level 10 solar flare. I tried at lower levels and always got sun. I knew there had to be a reason they make you level your solar flare in quest!

  70. jobajester says:

    I just got it on accident. Lvl 10 fire and lvl 5 frostember. I was trying for frozenflame. Oh well.

    • Tiny1214 says:

      Hi surf. Keep at it with one. I listened to noobs wisdom!!! I used iceflowxfreeze for elder and it didn’t pan out for that. Yet! But after the same formula I got 3 enigmas. Now for solar flare x sun , trust me , I have bred it countless times. I have gotten airs. 2 solstice

    • Amn says:

      Same with me except i used Wildfreeze instead of frostember.

  71. seajay says:

    Fire + Hallow on second try. 1st try gave me mythic fire. One of the previous posts was disappointed by this combo; i’d say don’t give up on this combo. I bred Hallow from two Graveleaf. My goal is to get Solstice and eventually use Solstice to breed Solarflare. Good luck & have fun!

    • seajay says:

      I tried the same combo for Solstice back-to-back yesterday, gotten countless Fire/Mythic Fire. This may not be as good as i stated in previous post. I was hoping for another, but now ready to move on to new monster quest.

  72. Helcatt says:

    Cinder and bellows, first try was another cinder, 2 nd try, got solstice


  73. brendan says:

    OMG!!! got Soltice first try with “mythic fire” and “mythic plant” good luck everyone, ITS SOOOOOO CUTE

  74. acan says:

    I Got Tbe Solstice Monster Using Adult Fire On The Left And Adult Bug On The Right. I Got It On My Second Try. Now I Got 4

  75. acan says:

    I Got It With Adult Fire On The Left And Adult Bug On The Right On My Second Try.Now I Got 4 Of Them

  76. Lucy says:

    I love this website…..someone mentioned frozenflame and fire for solstice. I just bred frozenblaze and fire and got solstice on my first try…..yes!! Still can’t get flitter or elder though.

    • Surfing says:

      Ugh…another frozenflame with this combo. I have gotten a few now with different combos. This monster is not an easy one for me. Neither is elder, windstone, dimspike, burst, enigma or shockwave. I have been trying for some of these monsters for months! Being level 66 means nothing in the world of breeding!

      • mitchellpl says:

        I’ve been trying to get aquaray for like 3 months! Have tried every combo on this site at least twice! Gave up to try to get to solstice, no luck so far

    • Amn says:

      I got a mythic thanks to that!

  77. Kara says:

    Just got 2 in a row using
    fire (level 10) and Boreal (level 10)

  78. Siw says:

    ooh… Cinder left and Flower right (both lvl 10) got me 5 hour breeding time :) hoping this will finally get me the summer solstice monster :)

  79. Marie moneeb says:

    Mythic Fire + Mythic Frostember both level 10, 3rd try! :)

  80. hayley says:

    fire and bug 17 th try 😀

  81. Alchemy says:

    Got solstice with Mythic Magma and Mythic Fire.

  82. Frédéric says:

    1 try with cinder and flower

  83. Danabfly says:

    Mythic Sun and Mythic Solarflare = Mythic Solstice, first try :)

  84. Hong66 says:

    I have tried 10 days and tried all formulates but bad luck so far still nothing

  85. aslesha says:

    L10 fire + L7 hallow gave me a solstice on the third try

  86. Deedee says:

    Frozenflame and Fire, 3rd try (first 2 gave me fire)

  87. StarLily3369 says:

    Got solstice using teen fire on left and teen bug on right. Non mythical and got it first try

  88. jojo ********* says:

    Bellow and magma worked for me and I did it three timeservers:) 😉 ;D:D)

  89. Danimal says:

    I got both regular and mythic with adult mythic fire and teen sun, when I got mythic I hadn’t even boosted anything in the mythic cave!

  90. Surfing says:

    No luck. I’ve been trying for 6 days…nothing. Every monster I mix with my mythic fire just gives me more of the same. Fire and flare=flare, fire and cinder=cinder etc…. Whenever I mix two hybrids=air. Sun and solar gives me more sun or solar……do I wish I had bellow or hallow……I overbred the only one I ever had and it turned into grim freeze. Would it be crazy to mix fire and grim freeze? I guess it’s my last hope. Another quest I can’t complete!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just try to breed them, I heard that you can also can get it using graveleaf so I believe grim freeze will also work.

      • Surfing says:

        Thanks for suggestion but grimfreeze has given me a million fire and a few boreal. Back to the drawing board. Too bad grave leaf is another I don’t have.

  91. ookami_amaterasu says:

    Frozenblaze left, mythic fire right.

  92. Nathan says:

    I now got two solstice monsters with mythic fire lvl 10 and a mythic frostember lvl 5

    I’m going for two more to fill my large fire habitat #5

    Wish me luck!!

  93. hugo says:

    bug with sun first try!!!!!!!!!

  94. Evan says:

    Flower (left) bug (right)

  95. arika says:

    finaly!!! I try breeding not use mythic
    fire lv.10 + frostember lv.5 = fire, mythic fire ,solstice try 3rd.
    thank you noob. T-T

  96. Jocselyn says:

    I saw that in de monsterpedia, you can click a button to buy a monster. But only if you don’t have it. Isn’t it possible to buy Solstice this way? I already have one solstice, so i can’t see if there was a button before.

  97. Guera says:

    Adult fire left and adult bug right gave me solstice first try hope it helps someone else =)

  98. TNITO1 says:

    Adult fire with teen frostember works on first try for me

  99. ishdafish says:

    lvl 10 fire + lvl 10 flower got it on the first try
    good luck

  100. IGORs (tiny id Igor1278) says:

    For me Lucky + Holly!!!

  101. Eidorb says:

    Level ten mythic fire + level ten iceblaze Got it first try!!

  102. SteamPunk28 says:

    Just bc it’s the last day for the packs doesn’t mean it’s the last day to get the solstice does it?

  103. dwaxman1 says:

    Fire + Merry worked for me!!!

  104. Jocselyn says:

    Mythic fire lv 10 and embershade lv 8 gave me a 5 hr breeding time!

  105. Phillip says:

    Got it on first try with teen frostember and adult frozenblaze. Yeeaaah,,,’ GOOD LUCK

  106. arika says:

    I trying solstice monsters at 4-5 day.
    I’ll hope breeding one in android. T-T

  107. Goku says:

    Got it on first try with level 5 sun + level 8 solstice
    Good luck friends

  108. Daniel says:

    Fire + Frostember
    I figured breeding Fire and Frostember would yield good results, only possible outcomes are Fire (shortest breeding time), Boreal (limited and not possible right now), Frostember (but using it in the formula reduces the chances of getting it), and Solstice. I got three Fire before getting a 5hr breeding time, so I’m proposing this formula as the surest one for those of us that don’t have a limited single fire element monster to breed as the tip suggests.

  109. Rattler says:

    Ice flare and inferno

  110. Ankhsss says:

    Solstice + fire (best combo for 2nd solstice, no false hope, easy and fast results) :)

    • Superman says:

      Solstice (level 10) + Mythic Fire (level 10) gave me 7 hours (Frozenflame).

      Also tried Merry (L10) + Mythic Fire (L10), which gave me my only Solstice. Also got several Fires, Frostembers, Frozenflames, and a Boreal.

      Boreal (L10) + Mythic Fire (L10) gave me Fires, Frostembers, regular Frozenflames, and one Mythic Frozenflame (awesome because I didn’t have one).

      Still trying for a second Solstice before I have to switch to Independence (and whatever else comes out for July 4th).

  111. Crocsi5 says:

    Fire and bug after many tries eventually yielded me a solstice iPhone.
    Solstice and fire 3rd try = solstice iPad

  112. tame says:

    Mystical fire lion adult + teen frostember

  113. Kristalyn says:

    Yessss… The mythic fire + boreal combo just worked for me too. Thanks!

  114. Tiny1214 says:

    I used my solar flare x sun twice. It was a cycle. First sun, then solstice , then air and all over a second time:) ! Now back to elder lol!!

    • koffeegirl says:

      Hey Tina,

      I got two mythic solstice but can’t get normal no matter what I try. 20 fire and 12 sun!! Enough she cried. Back to trying for that pesky legendary……

      Keep breeding away.

      • Tiny1214 says:

        Hi Koffeegirl !!! I keep stopping at your mountain. :). I’m rooting for you girlfriend!!!! :) no elder yet. Just sting cleaning!!!

        Hi noob! C u soon too

  115. Bruizestrada89 says:

    Lvl 7 Frostember (R) + Lvl 10 Mythic Fire (L). Got it my first try :)

  116. wellwishes says:

    Mythic fire 10 and boreal 10 – same order

    I was losing hope then got 2 Solstice monsters practically in a row. Second one was fire. Tried same combo a dozen times over the past days but tonight it finally worked! yays!:)

  117. Sol says:

    I got mine by accident, i was trying to get my third frozenflame but instead got this, first try with frozenblaze and mythic fire both level 10 hope that helps anyone lol
    P.s dont know if this would make any difference but im big diamond version

  118. Jamie says:

    Mythic fire + mythic frostmember

  119. cassandraj16 says:

    I got a mythic Solstace with a fire level 10 and a bolt level 8. I was trying to get a strike and got it!

  120. Emily says:

    Was trying for light with Magma and Bug but got the Solstice!

    • PEACE says:

      Magma & bug got me Fire. Now I’ve tried Mythic Fire (lvl 10) and Frostember (lvl 10) & it says 7 hours to breed which is obviously not Solstice. I’ve been trying since this quest started and so far no luck. . .sigh! Please help. . .

  121. Ankhsss says:

    Bug (lvl10) + Sun (lvl5), first try resulted in solstice but second one resulted in sunspike

  122. gigifst says:

    Iv a doubt here…iv now 2 solestice but i want the mithic version…whats the best way to get it?
    The more coins i put in the mithic cave the better??!
    Help please….

  123. whammytammy says:

    Mythic fire and mythic flower took two tries

  124. Ido says:

    Got it with strike lvl 10 and fire lvl 10 first try

  125. Brooke says:

    Boreal and mythic ire got me a mythic solstice on the first try

  126. Neo_Mametchi says:

    If u breed the Solstice x Fire monster is it possible to get more Solstice monsters?

  127. Sommfi says:

    Got fire on the first try and SOLSTICE on second try with mythic fire and merry monster

  128. gurtigg4 says:

    First try with sun 8 and fire 10 on android galaxy tab 2 in that order

  129. Azza says:

    I know it’s now not the summer solstice know but is it still possible to breed the solstice monster or do I have to wait til next year????

  130. Finally! Got it with Level 8 Wildfreeze & Level 10 mythic Frostmember.
    Didn’t work the second time I tried the combo, but I’ve got 1! :)

  131. Lane says:

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner……if you’re fortunate to already have a Solstice Monster to get your second one all you have to do is breed it with a Fire Monster (I used lvl 7 Mythic Fire & lvl 8 Solstice-which I obtained by purchasing the gold booster pack)….the GREAT thing about this combo is there are ONLY TWO OUTCOMES: Fire(like 30 seconds) OR (Solstice 5 hrs)….it may take several tries but u won’t have to waste any diamonds bc waiting 25-30 seconds is nothing…..GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS U GET UR SECOND & THEN OF COURSE UR MYTHIC!!!! P.S. HI Noob! Hope u had a great weekend :-)

  132. Dmmsrm says:

    Why don’t I have the solstice monster available? I see it in my monsterpedia but not in the market… What’s going on? I dont have an update available either. And I’m on an iPad. Thanks!

  133. Awsome person says:

    Flower and cinder i was not even trying for it

  134. Sarah says:

    merry + fire for both of mine

  135. Traci says:

    Mythic fire and frozen flame… got quite a few fire monsters but the 10 second wait between breed/hatch time was no big deal. I now have 2 solstice monsters and my second frozen flame using this combo

  136. dvd says:

    Fire and Frostember worked for me first try : )

  137. draconimicon says:

    Mythic fire and mythic sun both lvl 10 first try

  138. TM says:

    Just got my 2nd solstice with mythic fire and mythic flower. Got normal one but now I have 2 so I have a better chance to get mythic now. So, 1st one was mythic fire and inferno, 2nd was mythic fire and mythic flower. Good luck everyone!

  139. Sandy G says:

    Iceflare + Mythic Fire……..first try….woohoo!!

  140. JoeBoyer123 says:

    Mythic Fire (lv 10) and Mythic Frostember (lv 5) forth try. The rest of the tries I got fire.

    • Deidra says:

      We just got our solstice by breeding sun & embershade was trying for the lighthorn got it on first try

  141. Paksenarion says:

    Fire and Bellow lvl 10. I have 2 solstice eggs from this combo

  142. Jordan says:

    Frostmember and flare first try, i got a mythic one (:

  143. Rene says:

    Fire Monster & Bellow Monster is definitely the way to go if you have Bellow. You might get Fire over & over several times, but that’s only a five second wait. Got Solstice twice & now I can breed them together for the mythic.

  144. max says:

    after trying HARD and not getting marine I am glad I got solstice on my first try with fire + plant this monster should be helpful for when hallow shows up.

  145. david says:

    Get my first solstice using fire with boreal. Same combo give me my 2nd boreal and other.
    Now i get my 2nd solstice using solstice with boreal.
    Seems like boreal is a good choice.

  146. Scotophorous says:

    Solarflare + sun – first try. Woohoo

  147. Tiny says:

    It melts my heart to know my tips is helping a lot of TM fanatics. Thankyou people. Credits to noobbgodlike for letting me to share it with you guys. :)

  148. CloudGamer says:

    Fire and Solstice, fifth try.

  149. haruki says:

    boreal with adult hallow ~ gt a few fire in the process but
    . at least it’s fast XD

  150. jokemon says:

    I dont think i ever did follow up but yeah Mythic Fire + Bellows worked for me the other day

  151. Kingnason says:

    I had one solstice but wanted two so I could breed a mythic later. I bred my solstice with a fire and I have a 5 hr breeding time.

  152. Susan says:

    I now have 3 Solstice monsters. No mystic ones, I got a mystic Fire right before the 3rd. Darn it! I use my coins that I am trying to save to fill the orb just part way. I may quit filling it at all for a while to see how long it takes to get a mystic. All were from M. Fire and Bellows. Breeding time 5 secs.

    • Susan says:

      Well….Mythic Fire and Bellows has gotten me around 9 regular Solstice and finally a Mythic one. I sold about 5 regular ones and I’m going back to sell the rest of the extras. Why does it seem that no one is using Fire and Bellows? CRAZY!!! Well,I am nearly done…with this anyway :)

  153. Laura says:

    Just got the Solstice monster by breeding the Fire and Frostember monsters :)

  154. TM says:

    Yippee!!!! Got it with mythic fire and inferno! So happy!!!

  155. charisse says:

    Fire + Frostember got me fire, fire, Solstice.
    Also got two more Solstice with Bellow + Fire and Graveleaf + Fire.

  156. Evan says:

    Does anyone know what monsters are in the eggs in the booster packs

  157. utopiandream says:

    Fire x Frostember first try

  158. Shannon says:

    I tired all the other combos and just got it with mystic fire and bug. :)

  159. kaja says:

    first try with solarflare + mythic fire

  160. kassi says:

    I did have one in the breeding den using fire and sun but when I went back to my game later it was empty :(

  161. gigifst says:

    Got it 2nd try with mithic fire+frozenflame
    Im on androide

  162. Jay and bob says:

    Mythic bellows and flower.

  163. faeriegirls says:

    Bellow & Fire (both 10) gave me 2 Fire and then Solstice on third try. also got one on second time breeding Sun and Bellows (10)

  164. PeekAtChu says:

    I got it on my first try with a Wildfreeze (Left) and a Mythic Fire level 10 (Right). Also got another with Wildfreeze (Right) and Teen Solarflare (Left).

  165. Luc says:

    Hey,noob,do you have to be a certain level to get the solstice monster,because I have tried over and over again but haven’t gotten it. I might try a different combo from this page.

  166. Rex says:

    Got it at first try using mythic fire and graveleaf

  167. Catie Burnside says:

    Used mythic fire 10 n magma 10, first try.

  168. Goku says:

    This is the only monster whose normal and Mytic color suits
    And the only monster which is so beautiful stages/forms and not like others
    How many agree with me.

  169. Er says:

    Is this monster still available NOW? It’s so tough to get it within only one day! T T

  170. So bug & flower got me flower.
    Flower & bug got me plant.
    Now, bug & flower got me 18 HOURS. What could that be? Surely not another shadow????

  171. Tiny says:

    Thanks noob for posting my tip, i just wonder why the fire + bellows combo was not on the list :p

  172. Mizrah says:

    Sun (8) + Mythic Fire (10) both from Fire Habitat = Solstice first try! Was actually working on breeding Solarflare, but pleasantly surprised! :)
    So, now solstice trophy available in market. Do we need it? Did not see it as a quest step… Just wondering…
    Thank you, O Great & Knowledgeable Noob, for all your awesome hints, tips & tricks in your comprehensive guide for gamers! You rock! ♡

  173. Ashley says:

    What are the basic elements? Is the legacy monster a basic element?

  174. jokemon says:

    Well I got to trying out Bellows + mythic Fire over and over and about the fifth or sixth try (altenated order a few times) got one for 5 hours, but it could possibly result in Light so Ill let you know in the mornin what it turns outto be.

  175. Goku says:

    Merry + Mytic fire got Mytic income

  176. Origami Orchid says:

    Mythic Fire (left) & Mythic Merry (right) gave me 2 Solstices & 4 fire out of 6 tries! – Samsung Galaxy II

  177. Ellen says:

    Mystic Fire (lvl 10) + Mystic Flower (lvl 8) = Mystic Solarflare on first try. Then I wanted the regular Solarflare so I used Mystic Fire (lvl 10) + Mystic Flower (lvl 10, leveled to 10 after getting Mystic Solarflare) = Regular Solarflare after about 10 tries. At least with this combo I only had 4 hour breeding times as I would get either bug or flower and even got my mystic bug. The Strike/Cinder combo resulted in 2 mythic air :/

  178. shaneadair says:

    Fire 10 and Bellow 10 = Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, SOLSTICE! And since I didn’t get Marine after a month it was nice to get Solstice in five minutes. Thanks TONS for the tiny tip – never would have thought of it on my own. :)

    • Tiny says:

      Hehe your welcome buddy! We just have to be smart enough sometimes while playing this game. Big hugggg for all of us who got it already! Goodluck guys! :))

  179. Karissa says:

    Hallow and fire worked for me 2x :)

  180. TheRoyaals says:

    Bug and flower first try

  181. hi hi says:

    Mystic fire and frozenflame on first try.

  182. DJ says:

    Was trying for mythic sun got it on first try with mythic fire and sun. Using an android.

  183. tiger24 says:


  184. optimist says:

    Tried inferno 10 + bug 10. Got 5 hours, but there are allot of 5 hour monsters. We will see…

  185. Tifa says:

    Mystic fire on left & cinder on right… First try

    • TinyDiva says:

      Mystic fire & mystic cinder (both level 10) worked for me on my first try! I have two now! Thanks for the suggestion!!

    • TM says:

      I’m trying mythic fire and mythic cinder. Got 5 hr breeding time so fingers and toes crossed its solstice! I’ll report back (have other buns in the oven for another 12 hrs). Wish me luck!

  186. Zip says:

    First try with mythic fire and graveleaf. Both level 10

  187. HippyChicks says:

    Finally, after trying so many. I don’t have a hallowed or bellows. So I got mine with a LEVEL 10 MYSTIC FIRE ON LEFT & LEVEL 10 MERRY ON RIGHT. Playing on Android Samsung.

  188. franc says:

    that awesome moment when you get a mythic monster when your fountain is empty. soo glad i dont have to worry about getting one. thanks for the combo took me about ten tries but they were all fires.

  189. RJ says:

    Fire and bellow, 6 fires then solstice. By far the fastest and easiest special monster to date.

  190. alrightythen says:

    Frozenflame and frostember

  191. JC says:

    I threw in a 10 Frostember and a 10 mythic fire. Only got 8 hours.

  192. Debula says:

    Got it ! 5 hr breeding with mythic sun lvl 10 and regular light level 8. Oh no just realized it could be a light…will report back

  193. kris says:

    do you have to finish the quest first?

  194. Candi Mandi says:

    Got it first try fire and sun! Yay!

  195. CourtJackster says:

    Bellows + Flare = Solstice (2nd try). Got 2 flares doing flare first and 1st try with bellows first was a flare. 2nd try was 5 hr breeding time and now hatched Solstice.

  196. Rachel says:

    I got me first one with mythic fire and mythic cinder(1st try)
    Sencond one with mythic fire and bug (second try)

  197. Adam Taylor says:

    Fire and flower 11th try ;(

  198. Kim says:

    Mythic fire and mythic cinder both lvl 10s

  199. Rex says:

    Can i use graveleaf and mythic fire or mythic fire and fire

  200. Ashley7 says:

    I know not everyone has a grave leaf, but for those that do… I got summer solstice with grave leaf & bug without even trying. Thought it was going to be another light.

  201. Emma says:

    Grim freeze and mythic fire second try, first try just got fire so only took a few seconds

  202. Wstangle says:

    Fire and Bellows after a few fires

  203. marcelo12 says:

    Thank you to this site i got with level 10 mythic fire and normal flower level 5

  204. Susan says:

    Fire and Bellows! Took about 6 times is all.

    • Susan says:

      Got another one with Fire and Bellows. I was hoping for a mythic one, but got about 4 Mythic Fires instead. Of course! I am on android, not that it makes a difference, other than TinyCo may not have stopped the ability to do Fire and Bellows. They have done that type of thing many times.

  205. Amy says:

    I got it using an adult mythic fire and a teen frostember. It took a few tries (getting fire about 5 times and a frostember once). Can’t wait for it to hatch!

  206. jcmccall says:

    Ice flare+ fire first try.

  207. Ash says:

    Bellows and Fire. Took about 20 attempts but each time I’d get a 5sec wait time and get Fire so this is defiantly the safer option.

  208. Alif says:

    Got it on 4th try with adult sun + adult fire.

  209. Ssandra says:

    fire level 10 and solarflare level 5, this got me 5 hrs

  210. Nevi says:

    Finally got it with fire and frostember, both adult

  211. chrissie says:

    Where do these breeding formulas that are supplied on the list above come from? Are they tryed before they recommend them to us? I never go by them in usealy use the comments. Should I go by the fourmula list or the comments? Noob?

  212. RueT says:

    Level 10 mythic Fire and level 8 Cinder- 2 in a row.

  213. Grimma says:

    It is FIRE + any FIRE HYBRID.

    I got two, one from fire+bug and one from fire+cinder.

  214. Neo_Mametchi says:

    I just breed a fire & flower monster and got a breeding time of 5 hours. Did I get this monster or could it be something else?

  215. Ed says:

    tried strike plus cinder and got 34 hrs breeding time, that’s okay with me since it gives me my second legendary

  216. jessica s says:

    Frostmember & Bellow

  217. D says:

    Got it first try with mythic fire and mythic flower so happy hatch into a mythic

  218. Tracy says:

    Sun and mythic fire first try fist time I every got a limited monster on the first try it was awesome lol good luck all

  219. Maja says:

    Fire and bug.. Both level 10.. First try :-)

  220. Dan066 says:

    Bellows left, mythic cinder right

  221. jacque says:

    Got it with mythic fire left and flower right both level 10. Yeah!

  222. TM says:

    Am I understanding right that this is a TODAY only monster? My solarflare is only level 5 and I can’t grow food fast enough abs hibernate quick enough :-(. Bummer. This one looks awesome.

  223. monomom says:

    I need to upgrade my monsters befor breeding them. How long is the monster going to be able to be available in breeding? I will be able to try by tomarow or the next time due to a 15hr wait on my bug sleeping/upgrading to adult.

    • monomom says:

      Also lol it looks like a monkey lioñ. ;p

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure how long solstice will be there. But there is a description on solstice status that says “the best time to get this monster is on 21 June (summer solstice)” I believe the monster can be breed after today but it will be harder.

  224. John says:

    Magma + Solarflare 9 = Solstice

  225. John says:

    Magma + Solarflare 9 = Solstice

  226. jdsgirl says:

    Lv 10 Mythic fire + Lv 10 Flower

  227. Game master says:


    You were corrected it did work.Fire + Bellows= solstice,It took me about 9 tries,but that’s ok,fire was only 5 seconds anyways. Thanks for the clue.Good Luck,try it,it works still.

  228. Kendra says:

    I used frozenblaze(I think that’s it. The blue and white adult fire+ice creature) + fire.

  229. karo says:

    Mythic fire + mythic flower= mythic solstice 1st try!

    • karo says:

      Nvm think it was a bug i got the mythic cave empty and the notification but came out a regular solstice

  230. rebecca says:

    Bellow and fire got it on the tenth try yay 😛 thanks for the tip noob

  231. Kostja says:

    Exp 1720

  232. Ehlana (TinyID=Flutee) says:

    Mythic Fire + Bellows (adult Hallow) = Solstice

    The beauty of this formula is that it is either fire (30 sec) or Solstice (5 hours) so if you have a Bellow (or any other Hallow adult) you are guaranteed a good/speedy result!

  233. Valerie says:

    Mythic fire, level 8 + Cinder, level 10 = Solstice (2nd try)

  234. Ren says:

    Frozenblaze+frostember..together in fire habitat

  235. georgena08 says:

    I got one with bellow lv 10 on left and mythic fire lv 10 on right 1st try. then many fires with same combo so I decided to use fire lv 10 on left and bellow lv 10 on right and finally got my second one. trying for mythic. android

  236. Luc says:

    Fire and Bug. I think.

  237. micziko says:

    Adult mythic fire + Adult mythic flower – 1st try!

  238. Angela says:

    To ts first time with Cinder and Bellows. Makes it even more annoying that I got neither memorial nor the other limited one after 3 weeks of trying.

  239. Aaron says:

    Sun and mythic fire, after twenty goes got first one
    Then tucked it in an bred with fire to get my second!!!
    Mythic here I come!

  240. Ele says:

    Bellow and Fire Mythic gave me a mythic Solstice
    Bellows and Fire gave me a normal Solstice

  241. Cj says:

    Mythic fire and bellows. Got two fires, then two solstice. Hopefully get mythic now! :)

  242. Larelle says:

    Bellow and Mythic Cinder. 1st go wooooohooooo

  243. Amber says:

    Adult mythic fire and teen cinder

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