Posted on Jun 21, 2013

Tiny Monsters Summer Solstice

“Best Hair” Monster on 2013

Available on : 21 June 2013 – 9 July 2013

Thanks to Ehlana and others who have sent me the pictures and info (too many to display XD)

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Normal Solstice Egg
Tiny Monsters Solstice Normal Growth

Mythic Version

Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Egg
Tiny Monsters Mythic Solstice Growth

Solstice Status













Earn Rate 

20/21 34/35 47/49 60/62 74/77 87/91 101/106 115/120 128/134 144/151

Food (x4)

35 75 110 145 180 215 250 285 320 MAX

Total Food needed

0 140 440 880 1460 2180 3040 4040 5180 6460

Habitat: Fire

How to obtain: 275/1375 diamonds

Selling Price: 1875 Gold

Exp: 1720 XP

Breeding/Hatching Time: 5 hours

1st hibernation (lvl. 4): 3 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 9 hours

Breeding Formula (Fire + Fire hybrids):
[0] Strike + Cinder
[0] Frostember + Frozenblaze
[0] Bellow (adult hallow monster) + Cinder
[0] Fire + Flower
[0] Sun + Fire
[0] Solarflare + Sun

Tips from Tiny
[0] Fire + Bellow (From other’s report you can also use teen hallow; multi element hallow monster also can be used but you may get other result than hallow and fire because they have 2 elements)

Bellow is Halloween limited monsters and pure fire element monster, so the result of your breeding can only 3 fire, solstice and hallow, but since hallow is not available at this moment then you can only get fire (5s) /solstice (5h). Try this ASAP before tinyco ninja fixes the mechanism. If you don’t have bellow then try other formula above.

I got 2 solstice using tips from tiny :D. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at the beginning, I got solstice on the 5th try.

There’s this message on the solstice monster description that the best time to hatch this monster is june21st. So hurry up guys!!

Tiny Monsters Main Guide

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409 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Summer Solstice”

  1. Suzanneq21 says:

    Hi Noon, do you know the available dates for this monster? I see that some posted the got it in December but the days you wrote are only summer of last year. Is it still available now?

  2. Niki says:

    I think I just got this with fire and primavera. I’ll let you know for sure when it’s done!

  3. Bob says:

    Is this coming back soon?

  4. dawn says:

    I got soltice using embershade and origin

  5. ellyonlefae says:

    Trying for a wing witch with bellows and inferno got solstice first time

  6. FischMonster says:

    Got Solstice with Firework+Fire. Nice combo because when it doesn’t work you mostly just get Fire monsters (which only take a matter of seconds to breed and hatch). I also got one Lantern monster -also a cool monster, but they take 13 hours to breed.

  7. CP says:

    (2 tries) lantern + origin = solstice

  8. Stephanie says:

    I think I just got it with Mythic Fire(10) and Origin(10)…I was trying for Lantern but I just got 5 hours!! So my fingers are crossed!!!! :)

  9. Totero says:

    Fire and bellows first try!!!!! Same combo to get two of those EPIC dragon things I am so exited solstice monsters are soooo cute and they have a nice hairdo

  10. Squishy242 says:

    frozenflame + mythic fire both lvl 10 = mythic soltice 1st try on android

  11. Christine says:

    Elder fire and Independance= Solstice

  12. Nick says:

    Level 8 Elder fire and level 10 origins monster got me the solstice monster on the first try!!

  13. Wolfblood says:


  14. Misty_Lake says:

    Elderfire and Origin 1st try

  15. Sunny1212 says:

    Mythic Fire (lvl 10) + Mythic Strike (lvl 10) = Solstice
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cm25k says:

    Hallow and sun, both level 10. First try.

  17. Lori says:

    Mythic Flower + Fire.

  18. Batterman Swann says:

    I bred the Fire and Strike monster to get Solstice, Origin and Hallow.

  19. Batterman CAw says:

    I bred the Strike and Fire monster to get Solstice on first try and Origin in Second try.

  20. Leticia says:

    i was trying this monster but i get a frozenflame with fire+frostember!

  21. Elyksir says:

    Elder fire mythic and fire mythic both lvl 10 on ipad gave me solstice at 3 rd try

  22. Frozenflame lv. 10 + Mythic Bellows lv. 10 4th try.

  23. StrangeLotus says:

    I got him twice in a row with Merry lvl 10 + Fire lvl 10

  24. szanci says:

    Hi i got whit Frozenflame+ Fire first try.

  25. kencm2009 says:

    i got 2 solstice monster ,but i also need to breed many many time Mythic fire + Bellows ~!

  26. Sandy says:

    Just got 5h breeding Elder Fire and Firework, after five mythic fire. Hope it’s solstice…

  27. MissLadyJo says:

    Elder Fire 8 + Boreal 10

  28. Jesse Ro says:

    Frozenflame + Fire first try!

  29. Rachel says:

    Mythic Hallow + Elder Fire = 5 hours (Solstice) on third try :) Best of luck everyone!

  30. Eerie says:

    Lvl. 10 Fire & Lvl. 10 Bellows.

  31. Theresa says:

    Mythic fire + Bellows…worked 2nd try

  32. Andreia says:

    I’m hoping that my 4 hour (cause of the time dicrease) monster in the breeding den is this one. I used Fire and Flower as soon as I saw that it was available again as one of the year 5 most loved monsters.

  33. Joe says:

    Just got it with lvl 10 fire and lvl10 magma. First try with iPhone 4S

  34. Kendra says:

    Just got solstice with hallow lvl 5 and mythic fire lvl 10. I got 6 fire/mythic fires first.

  35. Jetson26 says:

    Do any of you think that there is going to be a winter solstice

  36. James says:

    I think i may have just gotten this monster today, I was going for a renewal monster and bred flower and bug as was suggested on the page and i got a hatching time of 5 hours, after looking at all the possibilities here i believe this is the only possible one, any thoughts? also i will update when it hatches and let you know what it is

    • noobbgodlike says:

      check breeding result chart and read about magic number section. This monsters is not available at this moment.

      • James says:

        Yup your right it was the light monster lol, didn’t even think to check that cause I used nothing but fire and plant monsters, I did get two of the solstice monsters when they were available and thought it may have been a glitch or something but as pet usual there was a reasonable explanation lol sorry for any false hope anyone

  37. Dm818 says:

    Has anyone noticed that if you look at the monster on his page in his habitat that it says “Solstice” instead of “Solstice Monster”? Just a little glitch I found

  38. MimiMonster says:

    Shocking, combo worked first try! My first limited. I only have 5 monsters since I just started. Too bad I cant try for independence since I dont have air element yet.

  39. Roxas says:

    I tried fire and bellow over and over, sun and mythic fire at least twelve times, strike and fire, and firework and mythic fire thirty times. I’ve waisted so many diamonds speeding up breeding and hatching times. I don’t think I’m going to get it. :,(

  40. Vanessa says:

    Yaaaaaay I got it I got it!! Fire and firework did the trick :)

  41. Carrie5260 says:

    Last chance for the Solstice monster so I’ve been trying various combinations and paying to speed up hatching times when needed. I tried mythic bug and mythic flower … Got a plant monster, at least it hatched quickly. Next I tried mythic fire and cinder … Got a mythic cinder. Finally – tried strike monster plus mythic fire … Success at last –> got my Solstice !

  42. FeMac says:

    I got one just now with a mystic bug + mystic flower, both level 10

  43. Pablo says:

    Got the solstice monster with fire lv 10 and magma lv 5 on first try. Going for firework now :39

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