Posted on Nov 16, 2013

Tiny Monsters Thanksgiving Quest Guide

Thanks to Ehlana and KingHalo1337

Thanksgiving Quest (“Harvest” hint quest)

Tiny Castle Harvest Featured

[1] Want Decos & and Sneak Peek at a New Monster? Hatch a Thunder Monster!
Rewards: 250 XP and 600 Coins

[2] Unlock a special Fall Deco! Hatch a Mythic Monster.
Rewards: 250 XP and 300 Food

[3] Get a sneak peek at the NEW Monster & a new decoration! Hatch a Frostember!
Reward: 250 XP and 600 Coins

[4] Unlock exclusive fall decorations! Harvest Plumpkins or Royal Radishes once!
Reward: 250 XP and 600 Coins

[5] Want Decos & and Sneak Peek at a New Monster? Hatch a Strike Monster!
Reward: 250 XP and 150 Food

[6] Want Decos & and Sneak Peek at a New Monster? Hatch a Gratitude Monster!
Reward: 250 XP and 4 Diamonds
Unlocks baby picture of the new Thanksgiving monster HARVEST

Mythic Thanksgiving Quest

[1] Mythic Harvest and Mythic Gratitude
[2] Hatch a mythic of ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Mountain, Tundra, Snowbluff, Icefloe, or Zephyr
[3]  Hatch TWO mythic monsters of the following: Bug, Cinder, Voltleaf, Inferno, and Bayou

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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51 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Thanksgiving Quest Guide”

  1. Mzrah7 says:

    Hmmmm… Only managed to complete step 1of Thanksgiving Mythic quest before it seems to have disappeared. Finally hatched a mythic Icefloe, but nothing completed & no reward, so I guess this quest is just gone?! Poof!
    Looking forward to gift monsters becoming available. They’re the ONLY ones I need (currently show 146/147 monsters at level 79) Have been playing since February 2013.
    Thank you so much, Noob for all your guidance, great explanations, info & advice! You are AWESOME!

  2. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Hi Noob. For the last part of muthic thanksgiving quest, iv to breed 2 mythic diferent mosters or it could be for ex 2 mythic bugs?

  3. Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

    I got Mythic Gratitude 5 try using 5 times 2 Gratitude together for the mythic quest. This time my Red Orb was full, all fail was Green and Blue Full, hope it help you. For using 2 Harvest together to have a mythic Harvest I got it 6 try if remeber well it was with Blue Orb Full, all fail was with Green and Red Orb Full. Hope all that help you. Nice day

  4. Hi Noob. I don’t see a page on the Mythic Thanksgiving Challenge and number 2 says to hatch a mythic Becky’s monster. Can you remind me what those monsters are? Thank you

  5. Erradan says:

    When does thanksgiving breeding end? Probably by December huh? :-/

  6. Vicky says:

    I was able to get Harvest Monster 1st try by breeding Gratitude level 10 left side and Steadfast level 10 right side. I hope that helps. Good luck everyone.

  7. Adam says:

    I’m doing the one where you have to hatch a mythic gratitude or harvest. I got both but the quest doesn’t show its been completed. Anyone else having trouble?

  8. Hasan says:

    I got it by using mythic Tree (teen) + Gratitude (teen) 1st Try 15 hrs. I didn’t complete all the Quest. Hope it will help you all.

  9. Tommy says:

    Got all eggs ready and old quest ended.
    New quest: Harvest Festival
    Hatch LIMITED Harvest Monster (100 XP, 150 Food)
    1/6 Collect from 6 habitats (? XP, ? Coins)
    2/6 Hatch earth and plant hybred (100 XP, 100 Food) – auto completed
    3/6 Harvest Nimbus Grapes or Golden Guavas twice (100 XP, 200 Food)

    • Tommy says:

      4/6 place 2 Harvest Decorations from Featured Shop (100 XP, 50 Coins) Harvest corn is 1200 and smallest footprint
      5/6 Hatch a mythic monster (100 XP, 150 Food)
      6/6 Have a Gratitude monster (100 XP, 150 Food)
      7/7 Place a Gratitude picnic (100 XP, 25 Crystals) 22000
      Harvest Festival Social – Visit 10 friends (100 XP, 50 Coins)

  10. Eerie says:

    Well that stinks. I completed Quests 1 & 2 and had 3 thru 6 lined up ready to go. Seems like I only seen the quests yesterday. Did we only have 24 hours to complete them?

  11. Rich (TinyID: Phlegethon) says:

    must not be over, just got 15 hr hatch time with mythic tree (7) and steadfast (6).

  12. cheeko111 says:

    Well this quest wasn’t well thought out.
    At a minimum it would take you 65 hours to complete, roughly 3 days.
    Not even sure it was around for 3 days.
    It should have been available for at least a week, that would still make it very challenging.

  13. Breezepetal says:

    Lol finished thanksgiving quest in less than five minutes XD I already had several of the requirements met so it was a breeze! Especially with two mythic adult fire monsters, the mythic part was no problem. Certainly worth my time for twenty five diamonds at the end. (Correction to an earlier post, yes if both. Monsters are mythic, it is one-hundred percent, as I said ^^^ my apologies to the person I gave misinformation to.)

  14. Solwalker says:

    Is this quest over already??? was on the last step, still have 4 hours on my turkey monster to hatch and they pull the quest? i even breed the quest monsters/food before having the quest (thanks to your site noob) but still wasn’t enough time to finish? did we have to spend diamonds to reach the goal in time?

  15. SamPowers says:

    Hey… Is this quest over already? I hatched my frost ember, and nothing happened, then I realized its not in my quests anymore. That was quick! How were we supposed to finish this?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems like that.. many people are complaining on their facebook page.

      • Pamme55 says:

        I did this guest really fast but didn’t use diamonds. Had 2 of all the monster and my gratitude hatched and no 4 diamond! I think tinyco likes keeping us on edge……

      • SamPowers says:

        Thanks for answering… At least I know it’s not just me! Noob, this is the BEST site EVER! Couldn’t have gotten as far as I have in this game without you!

      • Reva says:

        They did say to try for 3 Gratitudes by Monday, so you had to play like crazy I guess! I had 2 Gratitudes and 1 Harvest when it ended. It’s still fun though, and now am trying for the Mythic versions. Cute monsters!

        • Reva says:

          forgot to say I got Gratitude with Tree and Steadfast. Got Harvest with Gratitude and Steadfast

  16. EmmaSurf says:

    Maybe I misunderstood but I thought this was thru Monday. Both thanksgiving the decor and gratitude challenges disappeared yesterday. When I look at completed quedtsc it didn’t give me credit for 4/6 (radishes) and the other didn’t show. I do know that last night it didn’t error out but seemed to hang n loading files. Assumed it was maintenance but wonder it was a glitch for me or if others were affected.

  17. jwingo13 says:

    Did this quest disappear for anyone else? I have a frostember and radish ready to go and poof.

  18. futrtrubl says:

    Quest is now closed, without warning.

  19. elocina says:

    Perhaps you must place some from the new Decoration later, to get a better access to the new Monsters. Like in the Hallow-Quest and the decoration with Pumpkins, so I will do the Quest better complete, before I don´t get the chance later.

  20. ny ando says:

    Does anyone know its type yet?

  21. Gail says:

    I,m sure that I,ll get one. I think I,ll name him Barry, or Gordy, you know, like Barry Gordy. I guess that shows I,m surely too old to be playing this game.

  22. Barb says:

    I don’t see the value in this quest other than getting 4 diamonds.

  23. ravengirl says:

    Ya I think it’s supposed to be a gourd. I think it’s kinda cute. It does resemble the sporespark baby but I bet they will look different as adults since mushrooms and gourds look nothing alike. Hopefully anyway.

  24. basaro says:

    So all this quest does is allow you to look at the new (ugly) monster? You can’t get advanced breeding on it or anything? Does it show up on the monsterpedia?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, a hint. It’s not ugly IMO, it’s just un-inspirational. Maybe the adult form will be cool. Maybe it’s because they’re focusing all their effort to fix the bug in the game. Hope the update available before the end of November.

      • basaro says:

        Yeah, definitely uninspired that’s for sure. Bug fixes would be nice though.
        Thanks for info, I think I’ll skip this quest, it’s a lot of breeding and almost 3 days of real time to complete for just some decorations and 4 diamonds.

        • Tiny says:

          well just so you know guys, the artist of the monsters in the game is only one person. so it has inspiration :)

      • Reva says:

        I think it’s really cute! my favorites are the flying monsters, but all of them are cute . Good job Tiny Artist

  25. BesoConchita says:

    Is it a squash?

  26. fuzziducky says:

    Ew the harvest monster looks like a turd

  27. Jetson26 says:

    Looks like a gord and a sporespark

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