Posted on Jan 31, 2013

Tiny Monsters Tinyco Breeding Walkthrough Solarflare

Born  at 24 January 2013

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Solar flare normal

Tiny Monsters Solarflare normal growth

Mythic Version (Thanks to Catherine for the pictures)

Tiny Monsters Mythic solar flare egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Solarflare Growth

Solarflare Status













Earn Rate (Min)

11 25/26 34/35 40/42 44/46 48/50 52/54 58/60 66/69 81/85

Food (x4)

450 905 1355 1805 2255 2705 3155 3605 4055 MAX

Total Food needed

0 1800 5420 10840 18060 27080 37900 50520 64940 81160

EXP: 12000

Sell Price: 1950

Habitat: Light and Fire

How to obtain: Buy for 110/550 diamonds

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours (13 diamonds)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Fire + Light
[0] Sun + Fire/ Light
[0] Sun + Bug
[0] Embershade + Light
[0] Sunspike +Flower
[0] Aurora + Embershade
[0] Please leave comment if you have successfully breed it with other formulas.

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102 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Tinyco Breeding Walkthrough Solarflare”

  1. Libby says:

    I just got this with flower+tundra which is really weird and I haven’t even unlocked light yet…

  2. Gail says:

    Got this with mythic teen firestorm and adult light

  3. Lady Sliper says:

    Light with firework first try !

  4. bob says:

    Got this with a mythic light and elder star fire first try Android

    • barb says:

      Got after fifth try with this combo, wasn’t too bad since other four tries were only three hours each. Thanks

  5. Joseph Hylton says:

    Got this with bug+sun while attempting to get an elder ice

  6. Lesha says:

    Trying for lightning..used adult light and dawnhorn. Got a frostbeam then this. I didn’t have either one WIN

  7. Dolphnlvr82 says:

    Light and renewal first try.

  8. Flora says:

    Sun and lantern, first try

    • Rebecca says:

      This combo worked after trying many different combo’s including this one. But I switched and had lantern on left sun on right. FINALLY!

  9. gumbee96 says:

    Wasn’t even trying for this monster, but got it with Fire lvl 10 and Shadow Mare lvl 8 :-)

  10. tinylion1961 says:

    I think I finally got a solar flare! On my
    iPhone I used left ember shade and right
    mythic light it says takes 9 hours and
    13 diamonds to complete!

    • Tim says:

      This worked first try for me. 9 hours; 13 diamonds. Every attempt with sun/Lantern or fire/light gave me a Sun.

  11. SabiKnauer says:

    mythic fire + light :)

  12. Tiny Jake says:

    level 6 light and level 10 mythic fire

  13. georgie says:

    Flower 10 with teen light

  14. John says:

    Blushbug + tree
    Love them bugs.

  15. Misty_Lake says:

    I was not trying for this but got 2 one regular one mythic using embershade (left) and sun (right) Also got several elder fires that way and lighthorns.

  16. DivA-AnnA says:

    Um I have a 9hr breeding time with a 13 diamond finish from Mythic Plant and Autumn. Weird.

  17. basaro says:

    level 8 mythic income =60
    large price=550

  18. heatherbee00 says:

    Bug and light, was trying for sunspike.

  19. melbel says:

    Finally! Got this one trying for Merry. I used Mythic Aurora and Solstice hoping if I didn’t get Merry I might at least get Solarflare which has been eluding me for a year now. Nice! :)

  20. Kimi says:

    Strike & Light

    I’ve kinda thought of something that works well for me.

    I needed solarflare (fire & light) and luster (electric & light) so I breed strike (fire & electric) & light and I got solarflare on the first try. I think I will stick with this and see if I get luster.

    I also did Aurora (light & ice) & Air trying for Zephyr (ice & air) or Lightwing (light & air) and I got Lightwing on first try I think.

    I hope you guys see what I’m doing and it works for you too!

  21. Gidget says:

    Light and hollow first try

  22. Pageant says:

    Trying for Sunspike, but got 9 hrs and 13 diamonds instead. Light left / mythic flower right, both level 8.

  23. zsstorm says:

    Mythic Fire (10) left and Sun (8) right. First try.

  24. Andy Miguel Jochum says:

    I got a mythic one with firework + light. 1st try 😉

  25. arikahana says:

    got 3rd mythic light(lv.5) + Embershade (lv.5)

  26. Ren says:

    Strike+mythic light first try

  27. Deminio says:

    Firework level 10 left and soar level 10 wright. I use iPhone

  28. shagha says:

    got it by mythic sun+fire

  29. Rex says:

    Got it at first try,solstice and light both lvl 5

  30. Luan says:

    Bellows + Sun

  31. Lisa says:

    Just bred sun + mythic fire and got mythic solar flare – 13 hrs breed time! I am soon excited!

  32. Danimal says:

    I’m so mad! after breeding mythic fire and ten light countless times and getting nothing but Sun I finally got 9hrs, 13 diamonds to finish, AND it was mythic with zero boost in the mythic cave. leave to go run errands, come back to game and its gone! the breeding den was empty! what is going on with that??? just tried again and got Sun again! grrr

  33. Lisa says:

    After breeding Fire and Light I don’t know how many times at 3 hours each (at least it was short) I tried one last time and got 13 hours breeding. Did not think it was Solarflare as that breeding says 9 hours with 13 diamonds but much to my relief it was Solarflare so could be either 9 or 13 hours breeding, just wanted you all to know :)

  34. Level 6 Solstice & Level 8 Light just bred me a 9 hour/13 diamond monster. Woo hoo! Looks like I finally am getting my Solarflare! 😀

  35. reaven says:

    Solstice and Light 1st try

  36. georgena08 says:

    got it with light lv 5 on right and solstice lv 5 on left breed time 9 hrs / finish 13 diamonds android :-)

  37. Ashley says:

    I want this in mythic! I think he’s cute!

  38. steveO says:

    Mythic fire lvl 10 left and mythic light lvl 5 right = Mythic solarflare

  39. Andhanni says:

    Just got it I think flower left and sun right on Droid.

  40. Riririri says:

    Did you ever notice that the information listed for the Solarflare monster is actual for the Goldstone monster? What’s up with that?

  41. Kar says:

    Mystik Light – Mystik Fire / 13 House

  42. Skeah says:

    Hmm, light and mythic flower. Was trying for Sunspike, but it’s the 9 hours/13 diamonds combo in the breeding den.

  43. Cherri says:

    Lvl 10 bug + lvl 10 light.

    Want sunshine but this is so much better. For now next time will get sunspikee. Fingers crossed…8

  44. Gma Of 10 says:

    Sun and Embershade. 2nd try. Going for legendary but got solar flare.

  45. Bobalina says:

    Level 10 flamegust + level 10 sunspike = 9 hour breed time (13 diamonds to hatch) (iPad)

  46. packetnews says:

    Sun 10 + light 10 = solatr flare

  47. Craig says:

    Sun and Bug got me 9 hours and was thinking it mite have been Voltleaf, but still i needed Solarflare. And im happy. I get Voltleaf next time.

  48. Eddy says:

    I wasnt trying for anything just put embershade with sun and got solorflare, the two parents i used was because of their make up. One was fire and light the other was fire and shadow. And that their names were the same Sunspot,and because I wasnt careing what I got dont remember the time. Sorry.

  49. DeeDoo22 says:

    I used flare + light to get solar flare … 9hours and 13 diamonds :-)

  50. Laura says:

    Lushleaf and Inferno gave me a Solarflare – no more of the 9 hour finish for 13 diamonds hatch time glitch. Nor have I got the Goldstone description glitch.

  51. jokemon says:

    Since i kept getting elementals trying for a Blossom, decided to work on a different quest (the one wuere you need to hatch a fire-shadow or light hybrid or hatch a fire-legacy (which i have but obviously doesnt clear the quest grr)

    Got min with the easy combo of Hallow (adult Bellows) + Mythic Light

  52. Tonya Jimenez says:

    This is what hatched out of a 13-hour egg and when I tap it to expand the information, it says it’s Goldstone monster. What’s up with that??

  53. Alisha says:

    I got it with bug + light

  54. Chary says:

    Mythic embershade + sun = solarflare
    Frozenblaze + fire = mythic solarflare both on first try

  55. Alchemy says:

    Got Solarflare wit normal level 10 Light + normal level 10 Bellows (Purple Monkey Hallow Monster is pure Fire).
    However, instead of the 9 hours it says it should take it took 13 hours.

  56. Kathie says:

    embershade lvl 5 (left) + light lvl 7 (right) = solarflare 1st try

  57. Lanto says:

    Sun left + embershade right (2nd try. the first time I got fire)

  58. Cat says:

    I noticed that the info for the mythic solarflare is not up. Do you still need it? Pics… Income…

  59. Doriane says:

    Got it with sun left / embershade right

    • ID: Bruizestrada says:

      I also obtained it using this combo. Lv. 5 sun(left)+ Lv.10 embershade(right). First try 😀 Yay!!!

  60. Obdent2yah says:

    Light and Fire first try:)

  61. Kimbala says:

    I got it with normal flower(max lvl) + sun(lvl 9 normal) on the first try!

  62. Nikki says:

    Got it! Sunspike (lv5) and Mythic Flower (lv10). IOS

  63. charisse says:

    Confirming that experience is 12,000 when hatch (or sell for 1950). It is not 12,800.

  64. Kikaby says:

    First try: lvl 10 Bug on the left and lvl 5 Sunspike on the right

  65. Jrrry W Woods says:

    Just got first one with adult sunspike and adult sun

  66. Whatsthehaps says:

    Or was it mythic flare + sun!? Lol. Can’t remember now. One or the other..still think it was fire and not sun. Try both if the other combos aren’t working..

  67. Whatsthehaps says:

    Mythic flare + fire for me…

  68. Alisha says:

    Burst & light. First try using these 2 together & got 13 hour breed time :)

  69. Lily says:

    got it with mythic flower and light

  70. James says:

    Mythic version first time with Sun x Fire

  71. Sheriff says:

    Teen lightswell and teen Embershade, first try.

  72. iris says:

    lushleaf and fire!

  73. Chris says:

    Success with sun and cinder after trying sun – light and sun – bug and sun – fire with no success.

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