Posted on Jan 31, 2013

Tiny Monsters Tinyco Breeding Walkthrough Solarflare

Born  at 24 January 2013

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Solar flare normal

Tiny Monsters Solarflare normal growth

Mythic Version (Thanks to Catherine for the pictures)

Tiny Monsters Mythic solar flare egg

Tiny Monsters Mythic Solarflare Growth

Solarflare Status













Earn Rate (Min)

11 25/26 34/35 40/42 44/46 48/50 52/54 58/60 66/69 81/85

Food (x4)

450 905 1355 1805 2255 2705 3155 3605 4055 MAX

Total Food needed

0 1800 5420 10840 18060 27080 37900 50520 64940 81160

EXP: 12000

Sell Price: 1950

Habitat: Light and Fire

How to obtain: Buy for 110/550 diamonds

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours (13 diamonds)

1st hibernation (lvl. 4):  5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Breeding formula:
[0] Fire + Light
[0] Sun + Fire/ Light
[0] Sun + Bug
[0] Embershade + Light
[0] Sunspike +Flower
[0] Aurora + Embershade
[0] Please leave comment if you have successfully breed it with other formulas.

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97 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Tinyco Breeding Walkthrough Solarflare”

  1. Sani says:

    Sun and firework gave me 9 hours (13 diamonds)
    I tried every other combination and it was always sun

  2. Lesha says:

    Trying for lightning..used adult light and dawnhorn. Got a frostbeam then this. I didn’t have either one WIN

  3. Dolphnlvr82 says:

    Light and renewal first try.

  4. Flora says:

    Sun and lantern, first try

    • Rebecca says:

      This combo worked after trying many different combo’s including this one. But I switched and had lantern on left sun on right. FINALLY!

  5. gumbee96 says:

    Wasn’t even trying for this monster, but got it with Fire lvl 10 and Shadow Mare lvl 8 :-)

  6. tinylion1961 says:

    I think I finally got a solar flare! On my
    iPhone I used left ember shade and right
    mythic light it says takes 9 hours and
    13 diamonds to complete!

    • Tim says:

      This worked first try for me. 9 hours; 13 diamonds. Every attempt with sun/Lantern or fire/light gave me a Sun.

  7. SabiKnauer says:

    mythic fire + light :)

  8. Tiny Jake says:

    level 6 light and level 10 mythic fire

  9. georgie says:

    Flower 10 with teen light

  10. John says:

    Blushbug + tree
    Love them bugs.

  11. Misty_Lake says:

    I was not trying for this but got 2 one regular one mythic using embershade (left) and sun (right) Also got several elder fires that way and lighthorns.

  12. DivA-AnnA says:

    Um I have a 9hr breeding time with a 13 diamond finish from Mythic Plant and Autumn. Weird.

  13. basaro says:

    level 8 mythic income =60
    large price=550

  14. heatherbee00 says:

    Bug and light, was trying for sunspike.

  15. melbel says:

    Finally! Got this one trying for Merry. I used Mythic Aurora and Solstice hoping if I didn’t get Merry I might at least get Solarflare which has been eluding me for a year now. Nice! :)

  16. Kimi says:

    Strike & Light

    I’ve kinda thought of something that works well for me.

    I needed solarflare (fire & light) and luster (electric & light) so I breed strike (fire & electric) & light and I got solarflare on the first try. I think I will stick with this and see if I get luster.

    I also did Aurora (light & ice) & Air trying for Zephyr (ice & air) or Lightwing (light & air) and I got Lightwing on first try I think.

    I hope you guys see what I’m doing and it works for you too!

  17. Gidget says:

    Light and hollow first try

  18. Pageant says:

    Trying for Sunspike, but got 9 hrs and 13 diamonds instead. Light left / mythic flower right, both level 8.

  19. zsstorm says:

    Mythic Fire (10) left and Sun (8) right. First try.

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