Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Tiny Monsters Twinbell Monster

Limited Monsters (New Year)

Normal Version

Tiny Monsters Twinbell Egg Normal Tiny Monsters Twinbell Growth Normal

Mythic Version

Thanks to Ehlana and Basaro for these pictures

Tiny Monsters Twinbell Egg Mythic Tiny Monsters Twinbell Growth Mythic

Tiny Monsters Twinbell Monster Status


Walking hand in handm the Twinbell Monsters appear at the end of the year, happily ushering out the year, happily ushering out the previous year and greeting the new. As the clock strikes midnight, each bell rings but once: the first to say farewell to years past, the second to greet the uncertain future.












Earn Rate (Min)

7 13 20/21 26/27 33/34 38/39 43/45 46/48 48/50 49/51

Food (x4)

45 95 140 185 230 275 320 365 410 MAX

Total Food needed

0 180 560 1120 1860 2780 3880 5160 6620 8260

Breeding/Hatching Time: 9 hours

Buy Price: 199/995 diamonds

Sell Price: 5625 Coins

Habitat: Earth and Electric

XP: 3465

1st Tuck in Time:  4 hours

2nd Tuck in Time: 18 hours

Breeding Formula:
[0] Elder Earth + Electric
[0] Earthquake + Electric
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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51 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Twinbell Monster”

  1. Ithrow45 says:

    Does anyone know if you can get Light Legacy by paying 25 jewels and hitting “retry” I know it’s just chance, but it’s 2 months and not a sniff of Light Legacy. I know it’s a newer Legacy monster so maybe I’m wasting time and jewels. Thanks in advance

  2. Amy says:

    Are these guys still available? I have yet to get one! 🙁

  3. Stacey says:

    Frost & Dark Silk worked for me after weeks of trying.

  4. LavenderOasis says:

    After trying everything I could think of plus countless tries in social breeding, I finally got mythic twinbells using social breeding electric on my side and earth on the friends side.

  5. AirDried says:

    Finally got my game back just in time for some new monsters!! I was really looking forward to getting TwinBells & got it with Earthquake & Dark Silk! Woohoo!!!

  6. Rilee says:

    I got the twinbell using level 6 frost + level 5 earthquake, but I was hoping for a legendary!

    Hey noob, any other ideas that are really effective for getting a legendary monster?

  7. C says:

    after so many tries in the normal breeding and social breeding, got a 9 hour breeding in the social breeding using electric friendship and earth unity social monsters.

  8. Jeff (Android High Price) says:

    Got it second try using mythic Strike with mythic snowbluff both level 10. First try was Spark and third try was Shadow. Good luck 🙂

  9. Tiny says:

    memorial duskfang

  10. Nyny says:

    Mythic Earth lv 10 + normal Grimbold lv 10 = normal Twinbell after 6 times

  11. grgisme says:

    Elder Electric and Earth on first try after countless Earths and Earthquakes using Elder Earth and Grimbolt/Dusk.

  12. Nadia says:

    Mythic Elder Earth + Snowdrift both are adult got me Twinbell 1st & 2nd try ,good luck

  13. Shadow61 says:

    First one Dusk and Mythic Earth. Second one Dusk and Elder Earth.
    I was going nuts getting these. Then I was told to stay with Dusk and Earth because if I get Earth it is short hatch. I got them first and third try.

    • hoegen says:

      With dusk and mythic earth. first twinbell, second mythic twinbell, so this combination work very good for me.

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