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Tiny Monsters Uber Habitat Guide


This upgrades are meant for high level players (above 50), tiny co doesn’t do any level restriction though….. So please stop complaining about the coins cost because they’re really makes sense for high level players. So, if your level is below 50 please be patient. Don’t think you need to upgrade the habitat now! If your level is above 50, then check your game frequently, and you will gather enough money in no time.

Tiny Monsters Uber Habitat Upgrade

Starting from 13 March, You can upgrade your some of habitats to the uber version.


[0] There is a glitch that cause upgraded Light Habitat become an Ice/Plant Habitat. Nothing you can do, we can only hope tinyco will fix this ASAP (DON’T MOVE OUT YOUR LIGHT ELEMENT MONSTERS OUT FROM THE HABITAT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T MOVE THEM BACK; UNLESS TINYCO HAVE FIXED THE GLITCH). Tiny co have fixed this glitch.

[0] Some players are also reporting that the quest is not finished after upgrading the habitat. I can only suggest you to follow fix error section on the main page.

At the time this guide written, you can only upgrade Air,Ice, Light, and Plant Habitat. I believe Other habitat will available for upgrade on the future.

Large version to Uber version

This upgrade will use Coins and you can keep one more monster (+1 capacity) from

Element Cost Time Capacity Max Coins EXP gained
Air 7500000 55 hours  4  3000  198.000
Plant 1300000 28 hours 4 2400 100.800
Light 3555000 42 hours 4 8500  ???
Ice 2700000 45 hours  4 4000  162.000

Uber Version to Ultra Version

This upgrade will use Diamonds (the amount is pretty small and make sense, so please stop if you want to complain 🙂 ). This upgrade will add +1 monster (capacity) from “larger” version (You can keep 2 more monsters than the old large version).

Element Cost Time Capacity Max Coins EXP gained
Air 20/99 55 hours  5  3500 198.000
Plant 8/39 84 hours  5  3000  302.400
Light 16/79 60 hours  5 9000 219.240
Ice 12/59 72 hours  5 4500  252.200

The price depends on version of the game you’re playing (small or large). The version is random, and you can’t do anything about it.

Habitat Database

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide Main Page


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68 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Uber Habitat Guide”

  1. CreaDiem1 says:

    151 200 EXP when upgrade to Uber Light

  2. ARMI says:

    Whey does ultra version cost have 2 different amounts

  3. Neo_Mametchi says:

    Just curious. I have the large version but the cost for upgrading my plant habitat was the small versions 8 diamonds?

  4. Quandry says:

    No storage for habitats? Or am I doing this wrong?

  5. lmhajh says:

    Very grateful for the ability to upgrade without actually needing more room on my mountains. At level 77 I have gathered close to 100 million coins so I’m also grateful to have something to spend them on.I have been playing for 1.5 years and check my game at least daily. To those who are stressing about not having enough coins or diamonds, all I can say is 2 things: be patient. TC usually repeats itself with its monsters every season so if you didn’t get it this time, chances are you will be at a much higher level next time and able to more readily hatch the limited monsters. And the diamond generators are TOTALLY worth it so I buy as many as I can. The diamonds I have gained have helped me speed up quests by speeding up breeding/hatching times when needed and I now have over 10K diamonds to use on whatever quest I need. Also, I never “buy” eggs with diamonds because I can usually speed things up with less than half the diamonds I would have used had I chosen to buy the egg. OK I guess that is 3 things. Any way have fun and good luck. And as always, Noob you totally rock for this awesome website!

  6. Kat says:

    I have a question about the uber upgrade. I am currently on level 28, almost 29. One of my quests is to do with the uber upgrade, even though the only large habitats I have right now are fire ones. I have not completed the secret garden quest either bc every time I start getting high enough amounts of coins, I end up hatching a new egg i need (part of a quest or need to breed so I can move up to next monsters) & so I end up using the coins for the needed habitat. I do have 4 egg spots bc i seemed to keep getting some rarer, higher level eggs & didn’t want to have to keep selling them bc I couldn’t get a habitat. Among my rarer hatched monsters are the legendary (hatched 2, but sold 1 b4 I ended up buying extra nursery space…I actually even got it to evolve into the dusk legacy, I think it was dusk could’ve been dawn, but chose the water form not realizing the need for the dusk/dawn), enigma, all forms of frozenflame including dusk & dawn, plus I had 3 shadow eggs hatched (2 reg & 1 mythic but I sold one of the reg. so I have 2 waiting on enough $ for shadow habitat. I also have an Elder Ice egg getting ready to hatch…which brings me back to my question….do I need to do the über upgrade now (if I even can at my level) or should I keep saving for the shadow habitat, then go from there? And possibly do the secret garden after that (although I chose plant but kinda messed it up when another quest said to place a decoration from a page in the book & not thinking I placed the fire herald). I have enough monsters it doesn’t take all that long for the $ to add up, I just want to make sure I don’t spend it on an upgrade or habitat that I can’t even use til I’m several more levels up.

    Btw….thanks for all the great tips & info on your site!


    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s all up to you, I believe the secret garden is permanent so don’t need to do it if you don’t need it now.

    • Raktavan says:

      The gardens seems like seasonal habitats to me, so if you really one want, you should buy that first. (Upgrades can be done later.)

      Do I understand you correctly, you have chosen a form but not bought the habitat? If you store/sell your fire herald, the plant garden might be available in your shop again as long as you have not collected the reward for placing that herald. (Some comments on Tiny Monsters Facebook page say so.)

      You can also wait and buy the garden habitat for diamonds later (probably available in a week or two) *. Though with a capacity of only 4 none of the three garden habitats are that good. So in the end it’s more a matter of style/liking. You can just as well skip this one and concentrate on normal quests and the shadow habitat.

      For the Uber-Upgrades just wait till you don’t need the coins for anything else anymore. When you reach levels 50-60 room for more monsters will become a much more pressuring issue than coins.

      * Diamond costs for the last seasonal habitat (surprise) were 60/300 for small/large version. The costs for the garden habitats will probably be around that amount, too.

      • Kat says:

        Thanks for your responses. I followed your advice about storing the fire herald & got the secret gardens, though it didn’t clear the quest for the plant secret garden I originally chose. Oh well. Since I posted, I’m several levels higher (37 I think), & got the shadow habitat, as well as upgrading about half my habitats to the large version. I’ve bought two expansions, & still will need more space soon. I want to make sure I understand y’all right….do the uber upgrades hold more monsters without making the habitat take up more space? I got that last part from the comment Lmhajh made March 21st. Or, do they actually increase in space, taking up more room on the mountains? In that case, I’ll save for the Hall of Champions, I guess, though don’t they stop producing coins in there?

        Also, the 3 secret gardens I got have a capacity of only 1 monster each. And take up a ton of space each. Am I supposed to upgrade them to get the capacity of 4 you mentioned, or did I do something wrong?

        Btw….I know Noob mentioned on this page don’t worry bout uber upgrades until you’re at level 50+, but one of the reasons I run out of room fast is bc part of my strategy for leveling up is to keep a hatched monster (mostly mythic ones & usually the basic low food, high earners) even if I already have it so that’ll be 1 more monster earning coins for me. I don’t usually level them all the way up, mostly to teen or lower bc I do sell them later if I need the spot for a new monster I didn’t yet have. So far this strategy has seemed to work pretty good for me, I think. But I was wondering if there is a better way. I just can’t seem to get enough coins for all the more expensive things. I do save, then buy 1 at a time, saving in between, but it seems to never be fast enough to buy everything needed for every quest before 1 or 2 expire without me having finished because there are several larger cost items. I’m not complaining…I know the game is about patience & chance, but is it typical to have to just pick & finish the quests you can and leave others pending or is there a better way or strategy to use that I’ve missed?

        I know some are all about the quests, some are more concerned with completing Monsterpedia, & some just want certain certain monsters or have their own reason for playing. I guess I’m one that wants it all. I love playing the game & I know it’s supposed to be fun above all else, but is it likely one can accomplish all these (without spending tons of money, plus having limited playing time due to work, kids , & all the other adult responsibilities)? I ask because I find myself wasting too much time trying to complete a game objective (even though I enjoy it), before I realize I’ve either neglected some duty, or it’s 3am & I played instead of sleeping before work next day, etc….

        So either maybe there is a better way to play, or I need to set some time limitations on myself while going back & forth between the game & this website.

        Thanks for your help previously & sorry I was so lengthy….it’s habitual.


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