Posted on Apr 26, 2013

Tiny Monsters Unity and Friendship Quest

Tiny Monsters unity and friendship quest

Page Picture Description
1 Page 1 unity quest

 2 new monsters which nto available at this moment.

On the rigth part you can see bug monster eat bluff brocolli/ royal lettuce

2 Page 2 unity quest Giving tree, probably a new decoration on the new expansion 😀
3 Page 3 unity quest Burst and Spitfire monsters

New Quest: Unity and Friendship

[0] Monster Mail: Place Monster Academy Mailbox on your mountain. Buy it from decorations menu for 3000 Coins.
Rewards:  100 Xp and 3000 Coins

[0] Academy Assignment: Have lvl 10 frost monster (make it’s out from hall of champions)
Rewards: 250 XP and 400 Food

[0] Social behavior: Have one of the monsters on Field Journal Page 3 (Burst or Spitfire) or Mountain or Voltleaf.
Rewards: 350 XP and 100 Food

[0] Unit and Friendship 1/3: Harvest food on the 1st journal page. ( I sell my large farm and re-buy the small farm to grow bluff broccoli [only 5 minutes]). You also use a lettuce (IIRC it takes a large farm and 12 hours to finish), if you have spare money then just sell large farm and build small farm to buy bluff broccoli.
Rewards: 375 EXP and 3000 Coins

[0] Unity and Friendship 2/3:  Place 1 decoration shown on the journal (I place Fire Herald)
Rewards: 400 XP and 400 food

[0] Unity and Friendship 3/3: Hatch a monster from the image (Burst and Spitfire)
Rewards: 450 XP and 1/5 diamonds

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181 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Unity and Friendship Quest”

  1. Jamie Timms says:

    Please add me . I neeeed friends lol

  2. Darkalina says:

    Hey guys please add me with this referral: 142041

  3. Skeah says:

    I’d like to also pitch in on what a few people have said about the “Unity and Friendship 3/3: Hatch a monster from the image” quest… it’s actually referring to the image on page 1 at the top where there is a bug monster. The Burst/Spitfire page is only for the OTHER quest “Social Behaviour” which specifies “journal page 3”, which is why it says “the page”. When the quest originally came out (and if you didn’t just get everything dumped on you) there only would have been the one journal page available, hence no page specified.

    Just for fun I tried breeding and hatching new social monsters, as well as burst and spitfire, and the quest did not clear. About a month later I hatched a bug to try to clear this quest and it immediately cleared.

    Another thing that’s weird is that I have “big diamonds” pricing on everything but only got “small diamonds” rewards from this one 🙁

  4. Lehave says:

    Hi, I did the monsters Burst and Spitfire but didn’t pass the mission. What do I need to do to pass?

  5. rnsy275 says:

    Noob.. I just wondering,do we really need to hatch burst/spitfire in part 3/3?? Because today I got the quest cleared when I hatched bug monster.. and yeah,bug monster is in the picture.. What I wanna say is maybe the monster we need to hatch is bug,not burst/spitfire.. and I see others player got the quest cleared when they got bug.. just wanna say 🙂

  6. Nikki says:

    I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m doing incorrectly. I’ve hatched both a burst and spitfire monster, but the quest did not clear. I don’t think I missed a step or anything on the quest, so I’m kind of lost. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

  7. b-android says:

    Task 3/3 just randomly went away (after just hatching a “bug” monster)even though I had hatched bothBurst & Spitfire monsters a while ago. Just thought I’d share.

  8. Ms.loko says:

    HI Nobb. Im think i miss out on ur response to my letter. i cant find it. so if u dnt mind culd u tell me how can i get my white monster to grow. i tried inviting friends to grow it. but my friends n i really dnt kno wat to do. so culd u tell me how to do it step by step.

  9. july says:

    Im on the last quest n I allready have a burst monster do I have to hatch another one and my book to look at the pictures isnt showing up

  10. sammika09 says:

    Can someone join my monsters so that I can get my unity monster?
    My unique code is 375165. No one wants to join 🙁 help

  11. nickride says:

    Has anybody else had trouble with part 3 of the unity and friendship quest? I’ve bred a burst and nothing; restarted my phone and nothing; reinstalled the game and nothing…. I could use some advice (0_o)

  12. person says:

    ive done all the quests but dont have these monsters… their names arent even in the “monsterpedia”?

  13. Daisy says:

    I couldnt find my other post to you, I am having trouble breeding the Unity. I invited my friend and cant get it to recognize this. You told me to get her UDID and mine and email it to TinyCo. My question is when I open my game I see a unique, very long, number in my Tiny Monster game. Do I need to include this also? Thanks so much 🙂

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