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Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Tiny Monsters Wonder Quest Guide

Thanks to Ehlana for this quest info

Tiny Monsters Wonder Quest

Hoppy Happy!

Evolve the NEW form of the Joy Monster the Hoppy Monster!
Rewards: 50 XP and 2/10 diamonds

A Wonder-ful Mystery!

“HATCH” need you to have a new monster
“HAVE” doesn’t need you to re-hatch but make sure the monsters are out from the hall of champions. If the quest is still not cleared then follow fix error section.

[1] Hatch a Joy Egg.
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Coins

[2] Have a Wonder Monster!
Rewards: 50 XP and 150 Food

[3] Buy 2 Spring Decorations (I use 2 frostbeam eggs, for 0 Coins; Ehlana also said you can use Eggs on basket for 5000 Coins, but I couldn’t find them on my shop; Pink Flowers also works)
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Coins

[4] Harvest Crop 5 times!
Rewards: 50 XP and 150 Food

[5] Hatch Mythic Joy Egg
Rewards: 50 XP and 100 Coins

[6] Try to evolve your Wonder Monster!
Rewards: 50 XP and 2/10 diamonds (raise it to level 7; max level at 10 April 2014)

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23 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Wonder Quest Guide”

  1. Jehn says:

    I am on step 6, evolve your wonder monster to final form. I had already completed this while I was waiting for my mythic joy egg to hatch. Should this automatically complete for me or am I going to have to evolve another wonder monster????? Thank u

  2. Jehn says:

    Hi noob,
    I don’t know if anybody else is having this problem, but I could only evolve my
    Wonder monster to level 9. Will we be able to evolve it to level 10????

  3. T says:

    Any suggestions on getting a mythic egg? I have been breeding 2 adult mythic joys from last year without success. On other monsters breeding 2 mythic of same monster will result in a mythic.


  4. Elia says:

    HI ppl
    pls help me
    the wonder Monster . Info, This peculiar monster apperars to need something special to allow it to evlolv,,,, can u tell me pls what it is?

  5. nozomi says:

    which deco is counted as spring decoration?

  6. Gail says:

    Will a mythic jubilee and mythic glee give me a mythic egg for this quest?

  7. Ehlana (tinyid=flutee) says:

    Spring decorations – buy those cute eggs in a basket – only 5000 each!!!

  8. Pancho562 says:

    Got 2 eggs in thr row yellow joy with social breeding. Electric lv 10 and Fire lv 10

  9. AshleyJean says:

    If you have the joy eggs from last year you can rebred them and that will clear the first part of the quest! 😉

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