Posted on Apr 20, 2010

Tonzurakko PSP minis review


Other mini for your PSP. Maybe you think it is fun from the cover (I do) but when you start playing it, you will feel what I feel.

This game emphasizes pressing O button to help sea otter run from killer whale. You also have stamina bar which depletes when you press O button. You can refill stamina by grab shellfish as you swim. You can shoot the killer whale using shellfish too. Simple, isn’t it?

You can play this game 2 player like other new exclusive minis for PSP. One player directs sea otter movement and the other press O button when needed. Tonzurakko offers a nice 2D graphic for your PSP sea are indeed blue, a killer whale is exactly black, and sea otter is just right. What wrong about this game is the length time. There are only 3 course to finish and each course only last about 1 minute. Every course designed with more and more obstacle but it doesn’t make that much different, this game is very easy. I really surprised when see after 3 course I brought to menu again because the game already finish and no extra content unlocked. Forget about BGM because you only found and that is not that great.

My advice is STAY Away from this Mini. It cost you about 3 dollar for only 3-4 minutes + loading time, just stick with your Age of Zombies or buy it if you haven’t. No extra difficulty, dull gameplay, and  pretty short time ( maybe they realize too that you wouldn’t want to play the game any longer).

Below is my experience i got when playing the game

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