Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Toukiden Boss Faq Pyropteryx


Weakness: Water

Number of destroyed Parts: 8 (2 big wing, 2 small wing, 2 Legs, 1 Horn, and 1 Tail)

Toukiden Pyropteryx Body Part

Part Destroying tips
[0] The hardest part is the leg (if you’re using bow) or Horn (melee weapon). However, they’re quite easy to reach compared to Jollux horn.
[0] The tail is easiest and safest part to destroy so aim this part for the 1st time (always use eruption on the hardest part first though).
[0] Its small wing will become long hand later (below 50% HP), make it easier to destroy if you haven’t done it.

My set up:
[0] Armor with high fire resistance.
[0] Mitama with extinguishment ability (to prevent burn) such as Amakusa Shiro (obtained after killing Pyropteryx for the 1st time).
[0] Bow with Water Element (spirit mitama)

Possible items result (need to be purified on the battle)

Body can be purified when the monster is dead

Horn can’t be purified

Part Possible Items
Tail Voice of lament
Blazebird tail
Small Wing Scarlet Wing
Big Wing Blazebird wing
Oni’s club
Legs Voice of lament
Blazebird claw
Body Blazebird Ruff
Heat haze

After battle rewards

Category Items
Minor part Voice of despair
Voice if lament
Pyropteryx hornbit
Hot breastplate
All part Crimson Crest

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