Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Toukiden Boss Guide Manhunter Weakness


Weakness: Fire

Number of destroyed parts: 9 (6 legs, 2 claw, horn)

Toukiden Manhunter body part

Part destroying tips:

[0] Start by destroying its legs first then target its claw. The claw and horn are a little bit hard to destroy since they’re  located on the higher position. Target its horn everytime it’s staggered.
[0] Don’t keep attacking his legs on prolong time (roll every 4-5 hits to avoid his spinning attack)

Toukiden web attack manhunterDon’t attack his face on normal condition, because many of web attack come from his mouth).

My set up
[0] Spirit Mitama to cast eruption on its claw or horn.
[0] My weapon for this boss: Dual Knives/ Sickle & chain. The body part can be reached quite easily using those weapons. 

Possible items result (need to be purified on the battle)

Body can be purified when the monster is dead

Manhunter’s horn doesn’t show on the field after being destroyed.

Part Possible items
Body Abyss drop
Manhunter mane
Claw x2 manhunter Sickle
Manhunter Claw
Leg x6 Black sand
Black Exoskeleton

After Battle Rewards

Category Items
Minor part bonus Soul crystal
Black sand
Manhunter hornbit
All parts Manhunter mane
Soul crystal
Abyss drop

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