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Toukiden Faq Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Toukiden Chapter 3 guide

Some loot can only be seen by using true sight, I suggest you always to use it every time you enter a new area to check your surrounding for hidden shrine and loot.

Mitama on this Chapter

@3-1 I get Mitama Kajiwara Kagetoki from Manhunter
@ 3-2 I get Mitama Semimaru from Windshredder
@ 3-5 I get Mitama Yoshino Dayu and Amakuza Shiro
@3-11 I get Mitama Arai Hakuseki from Blitzer
@ 3-13 I get Sakamoto Ryoma from Terragrinder
@ after 3-12 you will get Mitama Ogata Koan after talking with Nagi (Can’t miss)
@ 3-15 I get Mitama Taira no Masakado from Harrowhalf

Mission Tips

C3-8: Evil Tengu located at area 8 (1 tengu), 7 (3 tengu), 9 (1 tengu)
C3-9: Windshredder located at area 6
C3-10: Jollux located at area 7
C3-11:Pyropteryx at area 2

No Name Possible Rewards Loot Available
c3-1 Spiders of Dannoura Tenacious claw Miasmatic mushroom
Large ear Ancient Coin (true sight)
White thread Divine evergreen
Manhunter mane Helmet crest
Twisted root Twisted root
Chipped broadsword Deformed bone
Toxic fang
Hypno fang
Stone shell
Foul red shell
c3-2 A Sudden Gust of Wind Tenacious claw Pointed Vajra
Wet skin Copper ore
Snakeskin Giant Lotus leaf
Large fang Bewitching cloth
Windshredder shell Talisman
Giant lotus leaf
Tunneling fang
Petrified plant
Toxic fang
Golden mane
c3-3 The Chimera of the Night Avaricious claw Grass ring
Long tail Ancient Coin (true sight)
Wet skin Petrified bone
Tiger pelt Copper ore
Fallen blossom Amulet
Amulet Decorative Hairpin
Decorative Hairpin Mysterious claw
c3-4 Rescue the scouts Tenacious claw Burning stone
Large ear]
Wet skin
Golden carapace
Burning stone
c3-5 Crimson Wings of Fire Blazebird ruff Tainted Coin
Amulet Haunted Lantern
Tenacious claw Grass ring
Voracious fang
Fallen blossoms
Decorative Hairpin
c3-6 Miracle Grass Large ear Killing stone
Stone shell Deformed skin
Foul Red shell Chipped broadsword
Scorched horn Solemn wooden statue
Adamantine hair Eye of truth mask (true sight)
Chipped broadsword Polluted clay
c3-7 Battle Without Barriers Long tail Amulet
Blazebird ruff Fallen Blossoms
Fallen blossoms
c3-8 Slay the Evil Tengu Red eye Broken firearm
Tunneling fang Iron ore
Unclean hide Killing stone
Snakeskin Eternal ice
Large fang Mysterious claw
Black feather
Gold feather
Eternal ice
Light snow
Broken firearm
c3-9 Winds on the Battlefield Wet skin Burning stone
Golden carapacae Broken armor
Windshredder shell Red clay
broken spear Ruby
Killing stone
c3-10 Devourer of Grace Tenacious claw Giant Lotus leaf
Toxic fang Pure lotus
Strong joint
hypno fang
Adamantine hair
Giant lotus leaf
Bewitching cloth
c3-11 Pyropteryx Hunt Unclean ear Grass ring
Tiger pelt Decorative hairpin
Soul shredder Copper ore
Blazebird ruff Mysterious claw
Fallen blossoms Binding rope
c3-12 Swimming in the Snow Sliding skin
Broken firearm
c3-13 The Spider’s Web White thread Killing stone
Twisted Root Twisted root
c3-14 Earthfang Elimination Tunneling fang Killing stone
Tiger pelt
Fallen blossoms
c3-15 Oni of the Elements Harrowhalf hair Broken broadsword
Bewitching cloth Bewitching cloth
Blazing ice sword Ancient coin (true sight)
Giant lotus leaf
Petrified plant

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