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Toukiden Guide Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Toukiden Chapter 1 Featured

Some loot can only be seen by using true sight, I suggest you always to use it every time you enter new area to check your surrounding for hidden shrine and loot.

@ c1-4: you will get Mitama O no Yasumaro
@ c1-7: you will get Mitama Abe no Semei

No Name Possible Rewards Loot Available
c 1-1 Defense of Utakata Tenacious Claw
Red eye
Giant lotus leaf
Bewitching cloth
c1-2 Floating Skulls Tenacious Claw red clay
Red eye
Petrified Plant
Bewitching cloth
c1-3 Slow But steady Tenacious Claw Polluted Clay
Snakeskin Pointed Vajra
Giant Lotus Leaf Petrified Plant
Petrified Plant Giant Lotus Leaf
Bewitching cloth Red Clay
Voracious Fang
c1-4 Red zone Rescue – Grace Tenacious Claw Polluted Clay
Red eye Deformed Bone
Soul Shredder Petrified Bone
Giant lotus leaf
Bewitching cloth
Voracious Fang
Luminous Shard
c1-5 Reconnaissance – Grace Voracious Fang Deformed Bone
Snakeskin Pointed Vajra
Giant lotus leaf Clam Shell
Bewitching cloth Talisman
Petrified Bone
c1-6 Purple Invaders Toxic Fang Pure Lotus
Hypno Fang Deformed Bone
Giant lotus leaf Bewitching Cloth
Petrified Plant Copper Ore
red clay
Broken Broadsword
Eye of Truth Mask (true sight)
c1-7 Slay the Manhunter White Thread Bewitching Cloth
Giant lotus leaf Copper Ore
Bewitching cloth
Manhunter Mane

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