Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Toukiden Jollux Weakness and Strategy


Weakness: Wind

Number of destroyed parts: 6 parts (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 horn, 1 back)

Toukiden Jollux Body part

Part Destroying tips:
[0] The horn is the hardest spot to destroy. Use Eruption at the horn if you’re using spirit mitama
[0] After destroying both of its attack, Jollux will slipped everytime he does a jump attack. Use this chance to attack its horn and spine.

My set up:
[0] Bow with Wind element and Spirit Mitama, very easy to target its horn and spine. After using an eruption on its horn simply spam pursuit and fountain.
[0] Dual knives are a little bit hard to be used on this battle if you want to destroy all of its body parts, I heard you can climb your way to the horn, but I find it very  hard.

Possible items result (need to be purified on the battle)

Body can be purified when the monster is dead

Horn and spine can’t be purified

Part Possible Items
leg voice of anguish
Jollux leg shell
arm jollux arm shell
Oni’s club
Soul crystal
Body Revolving mountain

After battle rewards

Category Items
Minor horned mountains
Soul of crystal
voice of anguish
Jollux hornbit
All part surfeit molar
Revolving mountain
Eye of Truth Mask

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