Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Toukiden Large Oni Weakness Windshredder


Weakness: Earth

Number of destroyed parts: 8 parts (4 legs, 1 tail, 1 horn, and 2 more horns later)

Toukiden Windshredder Body Part

Toukiden Windshredder 2 new horns

Part Destroying Tips

[0] Destroy its tail first, it has pretty annoying attack and huge range
[0] You can also destroy its back legs first to disable its mobility (it will fall after doing run attack).
[0] 2 New horns will appear after you have lowered its HP to below 50%. It’s quite tricky to destroy this horns, because if your party too aggressive against it (always on stagger condition), it may never spawn its horns (or spawn it on very low HP) which cause you don’t get the “all part” bonus reward.

My set up:
[0] Spirit Mitama, eruption on its tail at the beginning of the battle.
[0] Dual knives; [] + X can attack it easily while evading its attack at the same time.

Possible items result (need to be purified on the battle)

Body can be purified when the monster is dead

1st horn and 2 new horns can’t be purified.

Part Possible Items
Tail Black sand
Gale tail
leg Quick leg shell
voice of lament
voice of despair
body windshredder shell

After battle rewards

Category Items
Minor part bonus Windshredder hornbit
Voice of despair
All part Dust storm
Golden mane
Eye of Truth mask

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