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Toukiden Walkthrough Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Toukiden Chapter 2 Featured

Some loot can only be seen by using true sight, I suggest you always to use it every time you enter a new area to check your surrounding for hidden shrine and loot.

@ 2-1 you will get Mitama Lady Tokiwa
@2-3 you will get Mitaman Taira no Kiyomori and Taira no Yoritsune
@ 2-8 you will get Mitama Takeda Shingen
@2-13 you will get Mitama Tsukahara Bokuden

To unlock mission 2-13, you need to talk to Shusui (left of the main building gate) and then Fugaku on his usual spot.

To unlock mission 2-15:
[0] Talk to Yamato
[0] Talk to all of your friends
[0] Talk to Kikka
[0] Talk to Shikimi and Tatara
[0] Go back to Guardian Tree
[0] Event, talk to Shushui

No Name Possible Rewards Loot Available
c2-1 Up&Downs Red Eye Twisted Root
Horned Skull Polluted Clay
Large Ear Killing Stone
Energy Cell Chipped Broadsword
Twisted root
Miasmatic mushroom
Chipped Broadsword
c2-2 Defensive Mission -Grace Voracious Fang Petrified Plant
Red Eye Broken Broadsword
Giant Lotus Leaf Deformed Bone
Petrified plant
Speed Bonus (Ancient Coin)
Tenacious Claw
Bewitching Cloth
c2-3 Hunting with The Wind Large Ear Deformed Skin
Energy Cell Miasmatic Mushroom
Windshredder Shell Ascetic Beads
Golden Mane Divine Evergreen
Chipped Broadsword
Soul shreeder
Tenacious Claw
Miasmatic Mushroom
c2-4 Dragons of the Earth Tenacious claw Petrified Plant
Voracious fang Deformed Bone
Red Eye Broken Broadsword
Hypno Fang
Violet Needle
Wet skin
Unclean hide
Giant Lotus leaf
Bewitching cloth
c2-5 Turtle Soups Tenacious claw Killing Stone
Red eye Twisted Root
Large Ear
Energy cell
Stone Shell
Fould red shell
Miasmatic mushroom
c2-6 Decoy Mission – Part 1 Hypno fang ancient coin (true sight)
Violet needle
White thread
Giant lotus leaf
Petrified plant
c2-7 Decoy Mission – Part 2 Windshredder shell Polluted clay
Golden Mane Twisted root
Twisted root
Miasmatic mushroom
Chipped broadsword
c2-8 Decoy Mission – Part 3 Adamantine hair Deformed Skin
Burning Stone firerat pel (true sight)
Broken spear Bent pipe
c2-9 Red Hook Executioner Tenacious claw Killing Stone
Sickleclaw talon Burning stone
Golden carapace ancient coin (true sight)
Burning stone Eye of truth mask (true sight)
Broken spear
c2-10 Manhunter Hunt Red eye Giant Lotus Leaf
Snakeskin Clam shell
White thread ancient coin (true sight)
Bewitching cloth Pointed Vajra
c2-11 Windshredder Hunt Tenacious claw
Energy cell
Windshredder shell
Golden mane
Twisted mane
Twisted root
c2-12 Red Zone Hypno fang Killing stone
Sickleclaw talon ancient coin (true sight)
White thread Petrified bone
Broken spear Broken armor
c2-13 Jollux Hunt Wet skin Burning stone
Golden carapace ancient coin (true sight)
Adamantine hair Petrified bone
Broken armor
Deformed skin
Red clay
Broken spear
c2-14 Night of 100 Demons Abdomen Red clay
Toxic fang
Large fang
Giant lotus leaf
Petrified plant
c2-15 Last line of defense Voracious fang deformed bone
Wet skin
Soul shredder
White thread
Giant lotus leaf
Petrified plant
Bewitching cloth

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