Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 2 |
Posted on Jul 3, 2010

Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 2

Look at your event, there should be “Moegraphics girl” watch it and learn about managraphics.

You can do some leveling in drift dungeon, but I recommend not to do it too much because the level you just build not carried over to your next upcoming party member (they join at level 6 and 8).

Watch another event called “Bizzare discovery”. Enter new event dungeon; Ancient Parthenon, so go over there.

My level when enter this dungeon: 18

There will be tutorial explain about fury chain and other thing, so listen carefully.

Go to right room first and use Search skill, you should get Fang of oath 3. If you go north (1) there will be an event and

Event Battle: 2 x Prinny

This is easy dood. They are only cause about 50 damages just spam them with /\ button (magic attack).

After that continue to the west and search while you are on the way. It will reveal hunting point. Here you have to fight with the enemy several times (5 times, don’t know whether this numbers is the same in every hunting point) before the treasure appears and can be taken.

Go to south room to encounter battle again with 2 x prinny, after battle grab Cecular xenoliths then go to west passageway, use search skill (IM phoenix) and take item (10 monster souls).

Go north and save, continue to west then

BOSS battle: Etna And Prinny

Prinny’s attack hasn’t changed from before, so kill this dude first dood. For Etna, if your level is low she can be a little hard. Her attack do about 140-200 damage. She can attack twice a row like other drift dungeon boss so it is about 400 damages per turn if she attacks one character. Use tsubaki’s Cure: spell to heal your party (if you haven’t changed the ability).

After the battle ended, as usual the dungeon will start to drift, so quickly get out from this dungeon.

End of phase 2.

Favorite quote on this phase:

“Enjoy your twin funbag while you can”

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