Posted on Jul 5, 2010

Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 3

In this chapter you can recruit Miyu as your party member. You only need to pay her more than she ask you (I paid her double). Go to some dungeon or sleep at inn. There should be new event in event list (if not, buy again the managraphic and pay her double). The event you will got:

  • Cooking with Mana
  • Budgeting blues
  • I’ ll go with you (she will join this time)

There is also event called “treasure info”, you need to see this to recruit other character in future.

If you want Recit to join you, you must see event about him then go to L3 yoma king castle then fight with him (behind boss dungeon).

For main quest you need to see:

  • Crush her
  • treasure info

A ship will appeared, then go over there

The map can only be used for Morning timeline. The treasure will be same only the location will change.

Go to point 1 in map after you have gathered search point treasure. There will be an event, back to Town. See “Ghastly inn ghost” event.

Return to the dungeon and go to point (1).

Event battle: Ghost box (very easy just spam magic spell or anything  you  want)

Go south (you will see last tutorial for this game) and

BOSS battle: captain death (HP: 35000)

My party Level: 30 (kanata and tsubaki), 23 (Etna and Prinny)

Just do as you fighting enemies, it is easy. His damage only about 400-600. Let prinny do the healing.

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