Posted on Jul 6, 2010

Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 4+5

Chapter 4

In chapter 4 there is only event, no event dungeon in this time.

if you do recit’s quest on chapter 3, there will be an event to recruit him.

Event on this chapter:

  • The idol’s debut(story related)
  • meow
  • sweets hunter

When you progress further into mizuki’s story, save your game because you will battle with her.

Boss battle: mizuki (HP 30000)

you will battle again with her after you see next event(letter of revenge and ninja idol concert) in galaxy menu. She is still same like in her first so it is still easy.

When you are told you have free time, just go sleep at inn or go into dungeon. Check your event log until new event appear (Mid boss assault).

BOSS battle: suzaku (HP 50000)

The battle is hard if your party is underleveled (about level 20), he can attack 800-1200 single target and his magic attack cau se about 600 damage to all your party members. HIgh level recommended for this battle (about 30).

End of phase 4


Phase 5

There is no must watch event on this chapter, you can immediately go to dungeon (High school) to end this chapter.

If you want to recruit mizuki in to your party watch the following event:

  • convenient setup
  • mizuki “mizugi”

After watching last event, you will fight her. after that she will join your party.

Go to Highschool dungeon.

You need to go to north this time. Save when you see save point and there will be long event.

BOSS battle: Fionne and Violet (HP 40.000)

Kill Fionne first because she can cast magic attack that damages you about 1500. I suggest to level up your character up to 35 before neter this battle.

BOSS battle: Rizelia and Lucius (Hp about 40.000)

If you can beat Fionne and violet party you won’t face any trouble. Their attack cause fewer damage than Fionne party don’t need to worry.

Event, go back to the room where you fought them to search the treasures. Go out from this place after grab the treasure before the timer reach 0.

End of chapter 5


Main Menu


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