Posted on Jul 7, 2010

Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Yoma king castle part 2

6F (death gate)

BOSS: Honey captain assault (HP: 60.000)

dropped item: ultra carrot, coral soul

Enemy on this area: minotaur, seasoned orc, gremlin, peek at you mouse

7F (Deception)

BOSS: Super Vorpal (HP:80.000)

dropped item: scrap of legend, coral soul

Enemy on this area: lesser devil, steel golem,serpent,roc, yeti

8F (central gate)

BOSS : Spirit Flower (HP 100.000)

dropped item: elysyum cape

Enemy on this area: enemy: pandour, mandragora, serpent, big eye, vampire bat, roc, yeti, magitek soldier.

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