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Posted on Jan 22, 2014

Turquoise Artie Hello Hero

Turquoise Artie

Hello hero Turquoise Artie

In game description:
Artie can transform itself into a Maudry by eating Mystic Larva. Longing to become a Maudry, this Artie wanders in search for the elusive Mystic Larva.

Lvl 30 Status

Dmg Def Health Dex
207 84 417 12

Each upgrade boost 10% hero’s base status (+50% at “+5”)


Pic Skill name Effect (lvl 30)
 Hello Hero Poisonous Seed Poisonous Seed Deals 80% attack damage to an enemy for 2 turns
 Hello Hero Na na nah! Na na nah! Deals 60% attack damage and blinds for 2 turns

Role: Dealers

Leader Effect : Increases Parties Dmg by 5%

Star Level : 2

Continent: Red Mushroom Forest

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