Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Unicorn Tiny Castle

1st appearance: 19 December 2013

Thanks to Shiree for these pictures

Tiny Castle Unicorn Egg

Tiny Castle Unicorn Growth

Unicorn Status

Beach Tiny CastleTiny Castle Polar Element












Earn Rate

8 9 10 11 12 15 19 26 35 36

Feed (x4)

95 205 295 390 710 925 1145 1325 1550 MAX

Total Food

0 380 1200 2380 3940 6780 10480 15060 20360 26560


27 27 27 27 27 36 37 45 75 90


50 50 50 50 50 63 85 110 125 135

Buy Price: 1550 jewels

Sell price: 4106 Coins

XP: 293

Breeding Time: 27 hours 18 minutes

Tuck in time (lvl 4 to teen): 10 hours 29 minutes 56 seconds

Tuck in time (lvl 7 to adult): 12 hours 35 minutes 56 seconds

Baby: “Hehehe”
Teen: “Oh hello highness”
Adult: “Lovely day for a run”

Breeding Formula:
[0] Mermaid + Ice Golem
[0] Selkie + Roane
[0] Roane + Snow Nixie
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment.

Tiny Castle Breeding Guide Main Page

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117 Responses to “Unicorn Tiny Castle”

  1. gerald says:

    This is the hardest for me to breed so far. I think its been almost a year since ive tried breeding for a Unicorn and finally got it with Undine and Ice Golem.

    • TinyCastleKidGamer says:

      Maybe I will give u a thanks but the time is I day and 3 hour and 17 min but I feel like it’s going to be a roane somehow or a alcyone If I get those two we’ll darn it cause I got them already so yeah

      • julie says:

        And if is true all I have gotten is roane and alcyone since I started trying on April 26th. Now I am on the hunt for a different breeding recipe…..oh is it true tiny co has pretty much dumped all their games except family guy? Stupid on their part, I will not spend a dime on theses games! I still prefer my raging rabbits games on my wii any way! At least you know the money you spent assures you have the choice to finish the games……

  2. brobones says:

    Finally got one with basalisk and mermaid. Been trying for months.

  3. Maha says:

    Just got it with swan maiden and ice gloam can’t believe I did it wish u all the luck

  4. Kim says:

    undine and ice golem. first try was moon hare, second try unicorn. both were needed, hard to get items for me.

  5. Stacey says:

    After many tries with other combinations, finally got it with Selkie & Ice Golem.

  6. Michelle says:

    Happy happy joy joy :)
    Green Dragon & Roane

  7. Jane says:

    I just got a Uniccorn from Frost Nymph and Nereid, I thought I would include some of the combos I tried in case anyone is looking for inspiration.

    Unicorn 1 day 3 hours 18 minutes
    [4] Sidhe + Patriotic mermaid
    [3] Forest Nymph + Patriotic Mermaid
    [3] Forest Nymph + Nereid
    [4] Selkie + Siren
    [4] Snow Nixie +Siren
    [2] Roane +Siren
    [2/4]Snow Nixie + Rakasha /Water Leaper
    [4] Snow Nixie + Roane
    [9] Mermaid + Ice Golem
    [10] Roane + Selkie
    [5] Snow Nixie + Selkie

  8. Jaded says:

    Level 8 = 45
    Level 9 = 75
    Level 10 = 90

  9. mommakatt says:

    I got my Unicorn from crossing Roane and Selkie. I was trying for Snow Nixie with no luck but happy to get a Unicorn. Good luck everyone!

  10. Justin says:

    Finally finally finally !!!! Gave it to me with water leaper and zmey …

  11. Olaf says:

    Hi noob.Is there a best and fastest way to get this creature?

  12. whammytammy says:

    Finally after countless trires with different combos got him. Used hippocamp and yuki onna. Good luck on getting him hope this helps

  13. chase says:

    Finally after trying for almost 6 months “since December” on and off
    ” A Unicorn”
    The winning combo: Senior Rakshasa & Senior Sidhe 😀
    Was trying for Nightmare 😀

  14. Critter35 says:

    So even after buying the stupid rainbow, I still haven’t had any luck hatching the unicorn. Any other suggestions? I have tried all the combos listed with no succes.

  15. Aims says:

    Ice golum and selkie finally first try!

  16. ash says:

    This is my second but I used a yeti and bunyip

  17. ClassicPooh says:

    I *finally* got my Unicorn after a bazillion tries (hello Roane!) with Ice Golem and Snow Nixie. Playing on Android. Hope this helps someone, but it really just takes forever to get one – gotta keep trying!

  18. Kim says:

    I purchased a pouch how do I get the rainbow decoration it’s not in the decorations

  19. Maxine says:

    Got it finally with Rakhasa and Leshy, first try with this combo, after countless tries with all the possible combos composed by Ice, Mermaid and the other Ice/Water hybrids.

  20. Mrs.Black says:

    I just got the UNICORN with LOCHNESS & MARID , I now have all the creatures except for 3 limited ones :)

  21. Lawren says:

    When I put the unicorn to fight any monster, the attack is 55. It’s supposed to be 90 attack. I think I should send a support ticket if it happens. Note that the Selkie and snow nixie share the attack deduction on any monster that I fight. If it is 55 on any master one, the monster will do a blow (the demon for an example).

  22. ReeRee says:

    Ice golem and mermaid after several tries reversed I was determined with the double the chances half the time it’s in my nursery now I’m so excited!

  23. Lawren says:

    I got the unicorn on third try with loch ness and marid after a bunyip and roane. I just saw the unicorn egg in the nursery last night during the last day for two offers. I like the teen dialogue better, because it means she greets me (Hello, your highness). This is the 32nd rare creature I got and the third legendary creature I got.

  24. AshleyJean says:

    I’m in complete shock! Just got my first Unicorn, I never thought I’d get it! Triton and Leshy plus I just rebred the two and got another 27.25 wait time! Surely it can’t be another one, I’ll tell u when it pops out! Luckily I’ll only have to wait half the time due to the special! WHAHOO!

  25. baskara says:

    Finally got unicorn with raksasha and jotun

  26. 3ke says:

    I finally got a Unicorn with Mermaid & Ice Golem!
    I’m so happy!
    Maddening persistence does pay off.

  27. Mellissa says:

    Is this still able to be bred?

  28. bridgetyvonn3 says:

    I got it with patriotic mermaid and selkie.

  29. Jaime says:

    I have been trying and trying to get the pretty little unicorn still dont have her. Can someone give me theirs. Lol I will keep trying.

  30. kittywitchy says:

    Adult Roane and teen Snow Nixie

  31. klaw says:

    Didnt get her even with the 3 x summoning weekend. All I got were selkies and coral nixies the whole w/e both on phone and ipad. :(

    I dont normally play on my phone, but I did this w/e cause I love unicorns.
    On the ipad, according to the creaturepedia Ive bred, 7 coral nixies, 16 selkies and 43 damn roanes. :'(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ask tinyco to switch your account XD, so you can play on your ipad with unicorn :).

      • Klaw says:

        The ipad is the L40 I’ve been playing for over a year and the account which has all the limited creatures such as tomten, Cupid, loveless bunyip etc etc. I’ve also bought a jewel mine on it so I wouldn’t want to ever lose that account.

        I only installed it on my phone so I could hook it up to my pc to get the game data files each week. That account I don’t play on every day and hardly has any creatures. In fact, it only has a couple of the rares on it and certainly none of the high level creatures aside from one marid. None of the limited monsters either.

        It’s only cause I love unicorns.. And so its my fav TC creature… I was trying to get one on both accounts this weekend.

  32. Quadraplegicsamurai says:

    Got the unicorn with mermaid 11 and ice golem level 10 I can not believe I got it I never get easy things like centaur worker but I get a unicorn wired .

  33. Bekah says:

    I finally have the unicorn!!! Roane + snow nixie

    • KC says:

      Tried this and all other suggested combos. Have bred 12 snow nixies, 19 roanes, 8 selkies, 2 coral nixies and every other combo EXCEPT that dad blum dirty worded dern unicorn. Wasted money x2 as I have diff games on phone and tablet and maxed all my creatures’ temples, and and at level 37 and 35. Tired of trying so giving up. All I’m gonna do is collect jewels from now until my mines run out.

  34. jewls says:

    I just got the Unicorn with Mermaid and Snow Nixie YEAH :)

  35. Yvonne says:

    I’ve tried every possible combination and a lot of diamonds but still no success with breeding the unicorn men it’s really difficult

  36. Hi, Noobbgodlike.
    It appears the Unicorn is not a Limited Creature after all. It was the Booster Pack that was limited, not the Creature itself. The Unicorn is STILL summonable and available in the market (after weeks), labeled as “New”, not “Limited”. Also, TinyCo never stated that the Unicorn itself was Limited either — just the optional Booster Pack she came in.

    — Little Fireball, from the Tiny Castle Wiki

  37. Joe says:

    Does anybody have confirmation on whether or not this is still breedable? I’ve been trying every two days since release, being that Roanne fail time is 40 some hours, with is outrageous, but anyway. Am I wasting my time?

  38. Lawren says:

    The booster pack is limited since the unicorn is released, not the creature itself. I see the label with the word “new” on it after the packs expire.

  39. Tracy Hinson says:

    I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

  40. Stschw says:

    Just got the egg: worker centaur & ice

    I think this one is not limited

  41. melinda says:

    :( I have tried everyone of those formulas multiple times and still can’t get the cute unicorn

  42. Misty Gruszkowski says:

    I got it first try with Mermaid+Ice Golem. Yay.

  43. Jaded says:

    Just noticed that she’s still in my creature encyclopedia. Does that mean that it’s not over yet?

  44. klaw says:

    Noob… just noticed at the top of the page it says


  45. klaw says:

    Yay. I finally have her.

    Just spent 3 jewels to finish (yet another) roanne and then I got a 27hr 18. Thinking it may be either a selkie or another snow nixie, I rushed it and yay.. there she was.

    Not going to try for another as the possibility of the 41hr roanne is just too high and with it being Thurs tomorrow, unsure if they will release another new creature and my nursery is full.

    Used roane and mermaid.

  46. Caterina says:

    Ice golem+ triton :-)

  47. Asna says:

    Whats the season for this monster ?

  48. Amanda V says:

    27 hr. and 18 min. wait time w mermaid and ice golem. Only time will tell.

  49. MimiMonster says:

    I thought snow nixie and selkie would get one but ended up with 42 hour…..blah. I thought since element order matched unicorn it would be a sure thing…..I guess order really doesn’t matter. Pure chance. Too bad since I didn’t need a roane and now I have to wait forever!

  50. lol (ios 7) says:

    Excluding Shiree’s success, has anyone else been successful breeding the Unicorn…since it’s release I keep getting Roane, after Roane, after Roane…sheesh I can’t even get a Selkie or a Snow Nixie to break up the monotony…I am really starting to believe that the so-called summoning option was just a “red herring’ so the majority of players would not feel abandoned during the holidays…I mean reviewing TC’s previous work ethic I seriously doubt that they are going to release any new content prior to Christmas…if we are lucky they may release the Holly Dryad or the Totem for the 3rd time…but they could not be classified as “New” content…therefore if they did not make the Unicorn available for all options most players would not be getting a new creature until January which TC wisely decided was not a viable option…just my rants for the day 😉 …As Always Happy Kingdoms!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There are others who have gotten it too :D. But not much, I believe the chance is really small :D.

      • klaw says:

        Just checked the game data. Roane is common. Selkie and unicorn are rare.

        From a quick scan it looks like most of the food & battle data is the same as the selkie.

        Damn I wasted so much time. I didnt realise you could summon this one until tonight.. and now I have 4 straight roanes in a row. Gone through a pile of jewels, guess that was the idea :(

        • noobbgodlike says:

          haha, no worries I believe it’s pretty hard to summon anyway TAT. Failed try results on 41 hours waiting time….

        • Klaw says:

          Yep. From what I can see in the data files roane is classed as “common creature”. The other 3 are rare creature.

          The creature options are common, uncommon, rare or extra rare. This means the odds are far more likely roane, but the other 3 is just chance which you get.

          I haven’t been able to find the data yet which tells me what the weighting odds are for each option. I found the weighting options for the elder sylphs, but not this yet. There’s a heck of a lot of code though to try look through and TC files are hard to read through taking a while, so its probable the info is there, but I’ve not seen it yet.

          All I can do for now is say what each creatures weighting class for its rarity is. If I do find the weighting odds I will let you know.

  51. Nunya says:

    Coral Nixie plus Pine Dryad. :-)

  52. Wolfman says:

    Got this with Leshy and Neriad, trying for Snow Nixie. Very lucky as didn’t know this one was out!

  53. Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High says:

    Roane + Snow Nixie is block by Tiny Co impossible to make this breeding.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, probably blocked recently TAT, since it’s formula from Shiree yesterday…Thx for the info jeff

    • Little Fireball says:

      This is untrue. TinyCo did NOT block this combo (at least, not on iOS devices) — I just successfully mixed Roane + Snow Nixie and got a 27hr 18 min timer! (I hope it’s the Unicorn!)

    • Ryandiva says:

      Very strange… I just tried snow nixie & roane. It let me do it, then gave me a40 hour breeding time (roane). I came to this page right after I started the breeding cycle. I wish it would’ve denied that combo because now I have to wait almost 2 days to try again!!!

  54. Lawren says:

    I saw the 27 hour timer with hydra (left) and Selkie (right). I must wait until tomorrow. This is randomic and it doesn’t matter if you use the order left to right.

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