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Wii Guide Arc Rise Fantasia: Carbunculus to Senate Prison

Talk to the Nomad Man to obtain Carbunculus MAP. Go rest at the inn to trigger an event. You are free to explore this town now. Check the big bottle (potion like bottle) to get MP charge 1. Head east to enter recreational area, you can go to Casino and Arena (battle with the enemies to gain prize). Go to dead end on the rightside and talk with the man to obtain flame shard.

Go to Artist zone to buy new equipment. After you have bought new equipments go north to enter the next area (industrial area). Go to the right and talk to the man near shipping factory to obtain Stone shard.

Weapon shop price info
Kora 7000 L’arc weapon
Darza maze 7000 Ryfia weapon
rayhunter 7000 Rastan weapon
mailbreaker 7000 Niko weapon
Composite plate 6000 def+24, res+14, spd -3
chain mail 4000 def+19, res+13
stud leather 4000 Def+18, Res+14
hopeland 6000 Def+20, Res+17
battle boots 4500 Def+4, Res+11
hardened shoes 3000 res +3, spd+12
Skasaha ring 10000 Atck+7, Def-7
Coder Ring 10000 Magic+7, Res-7
Fire Amulet 7500 fire res+2, water res-2, block confu
Water Amulet 7500 water res+2, fire res-2, block poison
Wind Amulet 7500 wind res+2, earth res-2, block silence
Earth Amulet 7500 earth res+2, wind res-2, block petrify

Parliament Hall

Go left  and check the spear to obtain strength potion. Go to senate laboratory and check white garbage on the leftside of the room to obtain shield of aegis. Go upstairs and enter the middle door to trigger an event. You will end up at

You only find one enemy here (Republic Soldier (HP: 389; weakness: none; strong: none; drop: Mid liquid and Speciality S).

Talk with Kopin and Niko to trigger an event. Go to leftmost jail and  open the door then grab MP charge 1. Now go south from your jail and head to left when you see an exit door, keep follow the path and open right jail in the end of the path to grab Revive bottle. Now go back to middle and go to the right, follow the path then open middle right jail to obtain Randgrid. Back and enter the south door, keep going south until your reach point (1) to see an event.

Now go upstairs using the east stairs (2). In the upper floor you will see an event about the army, so you need to find the other way to exit from this prison. Go back to previous area and go downstairs using west stairs (near point (1)). Follow the path and go left (north) when you see branching path and then go left again. Check the jail (the one with sparkling spot to obtain MAP). Go to the other side and follow the way until you see a dead end. Check right jail to obtain Rain Gem. Now go back to the area where you met with Rastan (1). Go to the jail on the northeast (3), check the wall and the secret path will be revealed.

You will arrive at Carbunculus city 1st area. Talk to the child beside the door to obtain High Liquid, you can also get Vitality leaf from the plant on the rightside .Rest at the Seven Stars Inn to recover your health, and then get out from this town in order to go to the next one.


Now head northwest to reach Benetnasch (Level up your character to level 23-25).

Enemy Hp weak strong Drop item
Bear 1260 fire bear claws
Scissors 507 water Mid liquid
Hybrid beak 1145 earth wind Fowl meat
ee-tee 462 earth wind revive bottle
oak eye 325 fire water plant eyestalk

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  1. Sparkey528 says:

    you should do a sands of destruction walkthrough because I’ve never played the game

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    When is the rest going to be added???

  3. canchi says:

    actually the secret path is in the northeast cell in the “SPECIAL CELL” area, not the regular cell area as your guide suggested.

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    Ok, thanks for the help! 😀

  5. keri says:

    How do u get the doors to open? They wont open at all where u say the broken wall is, and ive checked every cell i could….. is there another way to open them?

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