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Wonder Tactics Best Hero Guide: Cheon

Cheon is 5 stars fire hero.

Skills Review

Wonder Tactics Cheon Skill

Skill 1: Ten Stabs

Effect: Deals 160% damage per hit, can hit the enemy up to 3 times based on how near you when you attack it. 1 Column difference = 3 attacks, 2 column difference = 2 hits, more than 2 column = 1 hit. The skill also have 80% chance to cause burn on enemy.

Review: This skill is very good, however you need to place Cheon on the front line to get maximum damage, it almost guarantee kill enemy hero if you build your Cheon right and place him on the front line (see the guide on the equipment section below)

Skill 2: Wield

Effect: Deals 280% damage to one column. It has a chance to use wield 2 times (50%), if the enemies on the attacked column still alive.

Review: Another good skill, high damage multiplier which probably kill the enemy, and if the enemy survive, it has 50% chance to attack them again for the second time.

Awaken: Quick Sword

Effect: This will replace “Wield”, upgrade the damage multiplier from 280% => 630%. It reduces the chance from 50% to 35%, BUT it’s not limited to 2 times, so if you’re lucky it can even activates into the 3rd, 4th, etc (many enemies are already dead on 1st or 2nd).

Cheon Before and after awaken damage

This show you importance of awakening for Cheon. The damage is no critical, which mean 20 – 30 k is very easy for Cheon.

Review: This skill has one of the highest damage multiplier on this game (630 %), which make Cheon really godlike. Make sure you awaken Cheon, if you don’t have better damage dealer on your party.

Traits Review

Traits Cheon

Traits 1: Chase (gain bonus attack when you kill the enemy)

Wonder Tactics Cheon Chase

Review:  This skill will compliment your Wield/Quick Sword, because when you kill 3 enemies (max number on one column), it means 3 free hits on the next enemy which probably kill it too. A must have trait for Cheon!!

Traits 2: Penetrate (Increase penetration rate by 25%)

This skill will bypass enemy’s defense, it will allow you kill Summons boars (Champion bulldozer summon), in one hit instead of 4 hit, because high penetration rate will damage more than 1 to them. Very important to kill tanky hero!!

Traits 3: The bonus damage will increase by 8% as you’re closer to the target when you attack

Not sure how this calculated, but I think this one is not a must have trait for Cheon. Better to equip an accessory that boost your crit. damage or speed. I activated it though :), because my crit damage accessory has the right combination socket.

Equipment and Gems Guide

Wonder Tactics Crit damage cheon

For Cheon make sure you activate all his traits because they’re all very useful. For accessory search the one that has critical damage or speed buff.

For Rhombus Socket, equip Rhombus Ruby (Critical Rate). Emerald Rhombus (speed) is not worth because cheon has low speed, the boost is really small… if you want to increase the speed then search from accessory (Raw increase, not percentage boost)
For Square Socket, equip Square Ruby (boost his penetration rate further)
For Heart Socket, you can either equip evasion or accuracy. I prefer evasion to make him has a chance to survive the attack.
For Round Socket, equip Round Ruby (boost his attack)
For Triangle Socket, equip Triangle Ruby (Critical damage)

Best Partner

Anyone who can heal, prevent this hero from dying. Example:

[0] Awaken Miho complete trait: She will prevent Cheon getting killed on the first turn, unless the enemy has multi-hitter
[0] Miss Cheery: Make Cheon immune to inability which make him quite useless because he has low speed which mean long recovery time from status effect.
[0] Any 5 stars God: they have spell that reduce the cool down, make Cheon ready for another action :).

If Enemy has this hero (Hero’s weakness)

Cheon’s weakness is another dealer hero who has higher speed than him, against Cheon, you really need higher speed to kill him first before it manage to kill your hero. Cheon has low speed, but high defense status for a damage dealer type hero.

Conclusion (My rating: 9.5 /10)

Cheon is one of the best damage dealer on this game. He has skill to target single and multiple enemies. His traits are really support its skills. He can become farmer (because of chase traits), hero killer (thanks to high damage multiplier and high penetration rate), etc. And if you’re lucky he’s even better than legendary hero (3 times quick sword means 1890% damage 🙂 ).

What do you think about this hero? Like it or hate it? If you have more suggestions or questions for this hero please write them in the comment. It may help others, and we can discuss about this hero.

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