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Wonder Tactics Boss Guide Hellgru Nest of Trials Guide

Wonder Tactics Hellgru

The skills and trait will be unlocked one by one as you defeat the boss on the battle. At the beginning of the battle the boss only has 1st ability and trait (Giant Trap ability and Superiority) , once it’s defeated it will have 2nd ability and trait, etc

Phase 1 HP: 16,703
Phase 2 HP: 23888
Phase 3 HP: 33,453


Wonder Tactics Hellgru Skills

  1. Giant Trap: Decreases the attack speed by 35% and poisons them for 5 turns.
  2. Forest Tyrant: Attack all enemies by inflict 50% of the remaining HP as damage
  3. Plant Saplings: Summon Mini Gru, Mini Gru has 40% reflect damage ability and will heal Hellguru after 5 turns.
  4. Cocoon: Hell Gru  recovers HP for 5 turns and revives if defeated during the turn.
  5. Silent Attack: Attack all enemies by 350% and remove all beneficial effect. Deals 20% more damage per beneficial effect.


Wonder Tactics Hellgru Traits

  1. Superiority:  All bosses have this trait (immune to harmful effects such as freeze, burn, etc), so don’t bother to cast it on the battle (I suggest you to enter the battle in manual mode because the AI will still use the harmful skill on the boss).
  2. Contaminate: Inflict 100% bonus damage on poisoned target when you attack.
  3. Granite Shield: Create 1 shield when attacked every 5 times.
  4. Sleep: 25% chance to inflict sleep when attack
  5. Thorny Armor: Reflects 100% damage when attacked (25 % chance)

Suggested Formation

You can use “+” formation or “T(rotated to the left)” formation.

Wonder Tactic Plus formation

I use “+” formation to maximize my support hero range (on this case Melia).

Wonder tactic rotated T left formation

However if you have 2 tankers then use T(rotated left) formation, so there are other tankers once Hellgru have defeated the first tanker.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Wonder Tactic dont use AOE to kill Minigru

    Don’t kill all Minigru at once, my fire elemental die immediately after casting this fire rain.

    On phase 3 Hellgru will summon Mini Gru, they can reflect damage make sure you don’t kill them at once using one hero, because that hero probably gonna dead if he/she manage to kill them all in one shot. Switch to manual mode.

  • Hellguru normal attack only attack the front row, so make sure keep that tanker alive. Hellguru attack is fast, but its damage is kinda low, so it’s better to use a hero with high defense instead of evasion.
  • I haven’t reached phase 4, but you may need a hero that can remove buff on the phase 4 to remove the cocoon ability (if it can be removed). If it can’t be removed then you simply need to kill Hellgru ASAP when the effect is worn off (before he cast it again if possible).

Recommended Heroes

  • {3St} Melia, really good healer. Her regen spell will counter the effect of the poison and “half health” spell.
  • {3 St} Tart, she can deal quite damage to the boss and can also revive your tanker if it die accidentally.
  • {4St} Tree, Ice, Golden, Dark giant: They can tank really well on the frontline (because of self healing ability) they also can protect your party from the bad status (poison).
  • {5St} Captain Radin: Can dispel Hellgru Poison and attack speed slow. He may also useful on phase 4 to remove cocoon buff (if it can be removed).
  • {6St} Miss Cheery: Massive Healing and can prevent your party from bad statuses. Make sure she cast it before the the hellguru cast its poison ability
  • {Legendary} Awakaned Jeanne; her awaken makes all your team attack can cancel beneficial effect, which is good to dispel that annoying reflect damage buff that hellguru has
  • If you have more hero recommendation for the boss, please leave a comment below with a reason why he/she important on this battle.

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