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Wonder Tactics Boss Guide Punir

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The skills and trait will be unlocked one by one as you defeat the boss on the battle. At the beginning of the battle the boss only has 1st ability and trait (Giant Trap ability and Superiority) , once it’s defeated it will have 2nd ability and trait, etc.

Phase 1 HP: ??
Phase 2 HP: 23,576
Phase 3 HP: ??


Wonder Tactics Punir Skills

  1. Unfair: Makes all targets (excluding himself), to turn their HP to 1.
  2. Heavenly Light: Punir recover all allies by 400% Attack power.
  3. Holy Revival: Punir will revive those crystals to full HP. Try to kill those crystals first and maintain your Health.
  4. Dragon’s Rage: Inflict 310% damage to all enemies and stun them with 80%. Inflict 50% more damage on stunned target
  5. Revelation: Punir Increases evasion rate of all allies for 50% for 5 turns and decreases the accuracy of all enemies by 75%.


Wonder Tactics Punir Traits

  1. Superiority:  All bosses have this trait (immune to harmful effects such as freeze, burn, etc), so don’t bother to cast it on the battle (I suggest you to enter the battle in manual mode because the AI will still use the harmful skill on the boss).
  2. Granite Shield: Creates a shield to block all attacks 1 time when you’re attacked more than 5 times.
  3. Sunlight: Inflict 100% damage on stunned target when you attack
  4. Barrier: create a shield  on yourself to block all damage if you have more than 3 skill use left.
  5. Foresight: Counterattack if the enemies misses the attack.

Recommended Formation

Wonder Tactics Formation max 2 hero per row

Only place maximum 2 hero per row because Punir’s attack damages entire row.

Having 2 hero on top and 2 on bottom, makes you can kill the crystal easily after Unfair skill. Also avoid placing 3 heroes on the same row, because Punir’s attack damage entire row.

Note: However, I use the plus formation because I want to make sure Melia’s s healing skill affect all.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Punir always cast “Unfair” on the beginning of every phase, makes sure you have a healer to heal you immediately (preferably a regen type). You can also kill the crystal to regain 25% of your Health back. This mean killing all the 4 crystals will restore your health back to full, BUT if you kill them all at once (using full area spell), your caster will die immediately because of the reflect damage. To prevent this make sure you kill them one or two or three at a time.
  • On the phase 2 you need to kill all those crystals ASAP (and safely too), because if Punir heal them using this spell, you will have a trouble to kill those crystals (MAX damage you can inflict to the crystals is 25% of its HP, this mean you need at least 4 hit to kill this thing).
  • On phase 5 you definitely need a hero who can remove the de-buff from Punir (accuracy 75%). Example: Captain Radin, he can remove Punir’s buff too which make him really useful on battle like this.

It’s probably the easiest nest of trial bosses if you can heal immediately after unfair ability. I can deal up to 100,000 damage to Punir, when I can only deal about 50000 damage for other bosses.

Recommended Heroes

  • {3St Melia}: She has the regenerate and healing spell. Since there are no continuous damage she’s the ideal healer. Regen spell will heal your AOE hero, so you can kill 4 crystals at the same time safely. She’s also very easy to get (from secret dungeon).
  • {3 St Tart}: She has a dark element so she deals a little bit more damage to Punir, however her revive is the most valuable thing on this battle. She can revive a hero who accidentally killed after unfair skill. Place her on the back row.
  • {4St any elementals}: They can attack back row and kill those crystals safely. They’re also have another AOE which can be used once you have kill 2 crystals. You can combo them with Melia (Regen Spell), so they can attack those crystals safely (after regenerate).
  • {5St Cheon}: Only if you have activated his chase trait, he can kill the crystals easily (and restore your team HP). Cheon has other “brother” but the other “brothers” are quite useless in term of damage (damage skill value), especially Lang….
  • If you have more hero recommendation for the boss, please leave a comment below with a reason why he/she important on this battle.

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  1. Lavendar says:

    Fermata is really useful in killing off the crystals without repercussion. Her skill cooldown trait also enables her to use the skill again with every “level restart”

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