Posted on Feb 9, 2016

Wonder Tactics Guide, Tips, and Tricks

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Tips and Guides

NEWBIE TIPS (MUST READ for new players)

Boss Guide/Nest of Trials Guide

Tower of treasures Guide

Floor 1 – 50
Floor 51- 55
Floor 56 – 60

Heroes Guide/Review

On this section I will cover about what you should equip the hero, are they worthy to be awakened/fixed evo, etc? I will give my personal score for that hero on this page, so you can easily see whether they’re worthy or not. Any hero (3-5 stars) that receive score 8 and above is worth keeping.

Remember that this is my purely my opinion.

F= Fire, W= Water, E = Earth, L= Light, D= Dark

3 Stars

  1. Melia (E; 8)
  2. Tart (D; 8.5)

4 Stars

  1. Fire Ele (F; 8.5)
  2. Miho (F; 9.5)
  3. Tiurel (E; 8.5)

5 Stars

  1. Cheon (F; 9.5)
  2. Cpt. Radin (W; 8)
  3. Dr.Falcon (E; 9.5)
  4. Fury (L; 9)

6 Stars

  1. Black Queen (D; 9,5)
  2. Miss Cheery (W;10)
  3. Wingfred (W; 7.5)
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14 Responses to “Wonder Tactics Guide, Tips, and Tricks”

  1. Dumb4levity says:

    Hey man your wonder tactics guide is beautiful and descriptive. Best I’ve found on the web. Just wondering how the rest of it is going.. can’t wait to read past the 60th floor of tot and all the individual character in depth info. Love reading the game through your eyes. Keep up the great work much respect.

  2. Alist3r says:

    Yesterday after an “auto” farming, i found a 3* +5 devil in my inventory. I dont know where i got him. U know?

  3. Firzen777 says:

    Thank you for writing up these guides! They have been extremely helpful!

  4. Alist3r says:

    Can you make a guide about Tiuriel? Thanks

  5. Son says:

    Good guide! Thank you.
    Any suggestion team of monsters for farming Ancient Fortress and Abandoned Mines?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I will write the guide for that section later. On that floor you really need a hero who can block status such as confuse and stun. For the reflect damage, use 2 healers on your party.

  6. Dellus says:

    Do a rate monsters please! xD

  7. thunda says:

    Thanks man very helpful 🙂

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