Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Wonder Tactics Crystal and Diamond Farming Guide

Crystals are required to buy many things on the game (Luxury package, gold, etc). Before we talk about how to farm the crystals, let’s discuss what you should do with the crystals first

Recommended Crystal Usage

  • Wonder Tactic Luxury Hero plus 1Buy “Luxury Hero 10 + 1”. It costs you 1000 crystals, however you get at least 11 of 3 stars heroes, which you can use to get your 4 star heroes or feed your 5 stars heroes (for power up guide, visit THIS PAGE). NEVER BUY Luxury Hero (100 Crystals), because you don’t get that 1 bonus hero, better be patient :).
  • DON’T buy “Elemental” Hero Scroll, they’re expensive (150 Crystals), and doesn’t do anything useful. Elements don’t affect evolution process, so the elements scroll are useless…
  • At the beginning avoid buying gold using crystals, It’s because you still need a lot of evolution material to get 6 star heroes, later in the game (when you have 5 6 star heroes) you can spend your crystals to buy gold to aid you in the power up process because they’re really expensive.

How to Farm Crystals:

  • Wonder Tactic daily quest gemsGet it from daily and weekly quest reward. Daily quest will give you 30 crystals each day (210 crystals each week). Weekly quest will give you 60 crystals/week. So, you get 270 crystals/week.
  • Wonder Tactics Event Reward CrystalsEvent, com2us always make an event after previous event has ended. Make sure you read the event description on the game. Also check the main page of this guide for the on going event guide.
  • Wonder Tactic Crystals from nest of trialsBattle Tournament and Nest of Trial, simply try the best you can. You should be able to rack about 300- 500 crystals from these every week.
  • Wonder Tactics 4 stars Fire elementalLevel up the heroes to 30, only level up 3 star heroes and above. Try to level up all heroes those come from “luxury hero 10 + 1”. If you get all 3 star heroes from the package it means that you get 99 crystals (more if you get 4 stars from the draw).
  • Sometimes you get 1-3 crystals when clearing ancient dungeon (Weapon) and Abandoned Mines (Gem).
  • Make sure you check your Normal Trophy Quest too, they gives a lot of crystals

Those are free ways to obtain crystals on this game. You can get crystals by purchasing it with real money, the only package that worth the money is 30 day daily Crystals. Other crystals package is not worth IMO, however it’s all up to you. If you have more money and doesn’t have a place to spend it then you can spend it on this game :).


Wonder Tactic Diamond Reward GLory Battlefield

You can only get diamonds via 2 ways, the first one is purchase them with real money (bonus when you buy crystals). The other way is via glory battlefield treasure rewards. You’re not guaranteed to get it though, it’s only one of the possible reward from the glory battlefield.

However, diamonds are really not needed on the game. You can buy many useful things using diamonds (such as Golden Crown for awakening material), but it’s also very expensive (1000 diamonds for Golden Crown).

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