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Wonder Tactics Equipment Guide

Things you need to pay attention on equipment

  • Weapon Sockets wonder tacticGem socket: Pay attention to the hero’s trait, if you think that the hero’s trait is not useful, then do not hesitate to ignore them and equip the gem that will help you more (I will cover this on individual guide on individual hero guide; check the main page). Always try to look for an equipment that have 3 – 4 sockets. The Magic socket is really valuable, make sure you save it for later use :).
  • Wonder Tactics Rarity equipmentRarity, I suggest you to sell normal and advanced equipment. They usually only have 1 – 2 sockets and they do not have a bonus properties at the beginning.

Where to get Equipment

Wonder Tactics Weapon Guide

  • Normal dungeon: the drops are really bad though…. After playing about month I only get 1 legendary drop from hard difficulty (maybe the drop rate is higher on hell, but I believe the increase is not significant, because there are also many complaints on the chat channel 🙂 ).
  • Black Market: You can get legendary equipment on the market. But the price is really really expensive. Make sure you check the market frequently to look out for the sockets that you need for your hero.Wonder Tactics Equipment Price
    Tier (stars) Black Market Price
    1 about 1k
    2 about 1k-10k
    3 about 10k-100k
    4 about 100k-200k
    5 about 200k-600k
    6 about 700k-900k

    The prices on the table above may different (depends on the rarity; Normal/Advanced/Rare/Legendary). You need to save your gold so you can buy them when they’re available.

  • Ancient Dungeons: Honestly, the drop is also suck.. Unless you’re able to farm on the deeper floor (B5-B6; I haven’t able to farm on those levels). The drops from B1 – B4 is not that different from the normal dungeon.
  • Nest of Trials: it sometimes drop a nice accessory if you manage to defeat the bosses (beat them on phase 3 and above).

Upgrading Equipment

Powering up equipment is same like powering up hero, but you don’t get the “boost chance” when you fail. This makes obtaining +10 equipment (on any tiers) very hard.

  • Powering up from +1 to +4 is still easy. This phase probably have 25 – 50 success rate
  • Powering up from +4 to +6 is moderate. This phase probably have 10-25% success rate
  • Powering up from +6 + 8 is hard. This phase probably have 5%- 10% success rate
  • Powering up from +8 to +10 is very hard. This phase probably have 1% – 5% success rate

Based on that I recommend you to make all your equipped equipment to +6 first, before trying to make them into +10. Every 2 power up, you get a bonus attribute on the equipment (socket, etc).

Upgrade 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars 6 stars
+1 400 500 900 ?? ??
+2 600 900 1350 ?? ??
+3 800 1200 1800 ?? ??
+4  ?? 1500 2250 ?? ??
+5 1500 2100 3150 ?? ??
+6 1800 2700 4050 ?? ??
+7 2200 3300 4950 ?? ??
+8 ?? 3900 5850 ?? ??
+9 ?? ?? 6750 ?? ??
+10 ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

The maximum amount of properties you can have are 2.
The number of sockets are 4.
Don’t upgrade 1 star equipment, they’re really bad. Unless you manage to find one with 4 magic sockets :).

How to clear Ancient Fortress?

Wonder Tactics Ancient Fortress

  • You can only bring one hero for each element. This is where your friend’s heroes are really useful. From my experience dark and light hero are rare, so if you have strong light/dark heroes, make them become your team’s leader, so your friend will use them and you will learn a lot social points.
  • Have a nice healer such as Melia, Miho, etc
  • Have a hero who can block continuous damage (Burn, stun, etc) and inability (silence, stun, etc). The bad statuses are depends on the floor elements.
    Depth Elements Block
    B1 Light (Stun)Inability
    B2 Dark (Confuse)Inability
    B3 Fire Continous Damage
    B4 Water Continous Damage
    B5 Earth Continous Damage
    B6 Light (Stun)Inability

    This is when a hero such as Miss Cheery and Giant(s) are really useful. I will create a video guide later, so you have an idea how to pass the level.

I think those are all the things you need to know about the equipment, if you have more questions. Feel free to ask them on the comment section below.

I think those are things you need to know about equipment, if you know more questions, please ask them in the comment.

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