Posted on Mar 3, 2016

Wonder Tactics Exploration Guide

Exploration is unlocked at level 7

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You can get many things from the exploration such as Hero, crystals, gold, Equipment, etc. However, don’t expect to get a lot of good things… because the drop really bad from my experience. Even if you have maxed the level on that exploration level.

Exploration levels

All levels below have a chance to drop crystals and gold. I don’t create the list because the amount is very small. Remember that this is the best possible reward. You’re probably never gonna get the maximum reward (even if you’re using the maximum 6 stars”+5″ hero), but it’s always worth to try.

Unlocked at (Explo time) level Name Requirement Reward
7 (2h) Mysterious Forest 1*Fire Lvl 3 Gem
10 (4h) Scorched Volcano 2* Water 5 Stars Weapon
15 (2h) Polluted Lake 2* Earth Lvl 3 Gem
20 (4h) Dark Land 3*Fire and 3*Water 5 Stars Weapon
25 (2h) Forest of Disasters 3*Water and 3*Earth Lvl 3 Gem
30 (4h) Ancient Desert 3*Fire and 3*Earth 5 Stars Weapon
35 (8h) Rainbow Valley 3*Dark and 3*Light 6* Hero
40 (2h) Maze of Chaos 4*Fire, Water, and Earth Lvl 3 Gem
45 (4h) Fallen Shrine Three 4*dark 6 Stars Weapon
50 (8h) Abandoned Mine Three 4*Light 6* Hero

Your Hero’s level doesn’t affect the result, only tiers and power up upgrades.

Tips on exploration

  • Wonder Tactics 3 light hero explorationLight and Dark hero is quite hard to get. So you might don’t want to use them as a fodder in power up process as they can still be useful to be used on this exploration process.
  • Use your main party to explore when you’re sleep (or not playing the game for a long time). Don’t be afraid of your arena rank points. If your arena points decreased, you will find easier enemies anyway later, so you can rack up the points again in no time, also get the bonus glory points easier. Visit THIS PAGE for more tips on gathering glory points and relic guide

Those are all things you need to know about the exploration, if you have any questions. Feel free to ask them on the comment section below.

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