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Wonder Tactics Gem Farming Guide and Attribute Explanation

Function of the Gems

Wonder Tactics Legendary Gems

You can socket gem into your equipment. The gem’s shape must match the equipment socket in order to equip them. Once you equip the gem, you can power up your gem directly (so you don’t need to wait or remove the gems before powering them up).

Gems have 5 shapes, each of them has 3 different colors which make 15 variation. You can see them on the picture below.

Wonder Tactics Gems Type

Here is the explanation about each attribute

Attribute Effect
ATK Increase damage and healing
Def Reduce damage inflicted
HP Increase your health
Speed Skill Cool time and priority
Accuracy Increase successful attack (bad status if the chance is not mentioned on the skill description; such as Miho’s burn)
Evasion Increase your evasion against normal attack/ bad status
Penetration % if ignoring enemy’s defense when attacking
Crit Rate Increase chance to inflict critical damage
Attribute Res Decreases damage cause by stronger attributes (ex: decrease damage from fire hero when you are an earth hero)
Attribute Up Increase damage when attacking weaker attribute enemy (ex: gives bonus fire damage when attacking earth enemy)
Revive Recovers HP each wave/round
Recover Recovers more HP when healed. Ex: if you have recover +10%, then healing spells that have 1000 power will heal you for 1100 HP
Crit Dmg Increase damage cause by critical attack
Crit evasion Increases evasion % from critical hit.
Crit Def Decreases damage from critical hit

I will make a hero review which will cover which type of gem that you should equip on the particular hero, visit the main page to see the list later :).

Wonder Tactics Rainbow Gem

There is also a special type of gems called rainbow. You can’t equip them, but you can use it to power up any gems.

Powering Up Gems

Wonder Tactics Power Up Gems

Like hero, you need to power up the gems to make them stronger, it takes 4 gems of the same level and same shape to produce higher level gems (color doesn’t matter). Below is the cost and the amount of lvl 1 gems which are needed

Upgrade from Upgrade Cost
Lvl 1 Gem needed
Lvl 1 to 2 1,000 4
Lvl 2 to 3 3,000 16
Lvl 3 to 4 8,000 64
lvl 4 to 5 20,000 256
lvl 5 to 6 50,000 1024

Below is the property of the upgraded gem (It’s not complete yet, if you have the data please leave comment so I can update the table)

Shape Attribute lvl 1 Lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl 4 lvl 5 lvl 6
Wonder Tactics Round Socket
ATK 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 7%
Def ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
HP ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Wonder Tactics Rhombus
Crit Rate 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6%
Crit evasion 2% 3% 4% 5%
Speed 3% 4% 6% 7% 8% 10%
Wonder Tactics Triangle Socket
Crit Dmg 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 8%
Crit Def 3% 4% 6% 7% 8% 10%
Recover 3% 4% 6% 7% 8% 10%
Wonder Tactics Square Socket
Penetration 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6%
Attribute Res 3% 4% 6% 7% ?? ??
Attribute Up 3% 4% 6% 7% ?? ??
Wonder Tactics Heart Socket
Accuracy 2% 3% 5% ?? ?? ??
Revive 3% 4% 6% 7% ?? ??
Evasion 1% 3% 5% 6% 7% 9%

Wonder Tactics Legendary GemAt level 6 the gems also gain additional random effect (become legendary gem). So, make sure you make the gem into legendary ASAP.

Where to farm the gems?

  • Normal dungeon (unreliable)
  • Abandoned Mines
  • Exploration (gives a lot of rainbow gems)
  • Gem Scroll (obtained from event, daily login, etc).
  • Black Market (they’re really expensive, I suggest you not to buy them from black market).

The best way to obtain gem is from the abandoned mines. The maximum gem’s level obtained from abandoned mines are depends on the depth. Example: At B3 the maximum level of the gem which you can obtain is 3, etc. However you can still can get lvl 1 gem even if you farm on the B6.

How to clear Abandoned Mines?

Wonder Tactics Abandoned Mines

  • You want to optimize your elements for abandoned mines because each floor has certain elements. Make sure you take advantage.
  • Have a nice healer such as Melia, Miho, etc
  • Have a hero who can block continuous damage (Burn, stun, etc) and inability (silence, stun, etc). The bad statuses are depends on the floor elements.
    Depth Elements Block
    B1 Fire Continous Damage
    B2 Earth Continous Damage
    B3 Water Continous Damage
    B4 Dark Inability
    B5 Light Inability
    B6 Fire Continous Damage

    This is when a hero such as Miss Cheery and Giants are really useful. I will create a video guide later, so you have an idea how to pass the level.

I think those are all things you need to know about the gems, if you have more questions. Feel free to ask them on the comment section below.

Wonder Tactics Guide Main Page

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    In case that hero’s trait needs specific level of the gem, for example, it needs lvl.4 round gem to activate the trait. I wonder if I socket the gem whose level is higher than that trait’s requirement, will that trait stills activate?

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