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Wonder Tactics Gold Farming Guide

Like crystals farming guide, before we talk about how to farm them effectively we need to know how to spend the gold wisely.

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How you should spend gold (the list order is based on the importance/prioritize)

  1. Gold are mainly used for power up and evolving your hero. Both of these processes are cost a lot of gold. Make sure you power up your main heroes ASAP. Spend your gold here before using them for other purposes. Visit THIS PAGE for the gold cost of powering up your hero.
  2. To power up/buy an equipment from black market. Powering up your equipment is quite easy until you reach +6. You want to upgrade all your equipment to “+6” evenly before trying to upgrade them past “+6”. Visit more info about equipment on THIS PAGE and tips about purchasing them on black market..
  3. To powering up your gems, this is really important. Make sure you upgrade the gems every time possible, they are really useful, however they take a lot of your inventory space. Visit THIS PAGE for more info about gem and tips about purchasing them on black market.

Where to get/ how to farm gold?

  • The easiest source is from normal dungeon, the difficulty affect the gold rewards, so make sure you farm on the right place. Below is the table that show you how much gold you get based on the difficulty (without the gold “drop” which double the amount of your gold on that stage). The numbers are estimation, the further your progress then the chance of obtaining bigger money is higher. Example: you will get that 700 on early hard difficulty and 3000 late hard difficulty.
    Difficulty Gold amount
    Normal 200 – 800
    Hard 700 – 3000
    Hell ??

    So, it’s better to farm on the last level of lower difficulty if you’re not able to farm on mid/late level of higher difficulty (because higher difficulty cost more energy compared the lower one).

  • Secret and Mimic Dungeon, this dungeon gives you nice amount of money. The rewards are
    Wonder Tactics Mimic Dungeon

    Difficulty Monster Mimic
    Beginner 1000 1500
    Intermediate 2000 4000
    Advanced 4000 6000

    Make sure you enter the dungeon with appropriate difficulty. Visit THIS PAGE for more info about secret dungeon.

  • Wonder Tactics Gold EventPay attention to the event!! Like crystals, com2us usually create an event after previous event has ended. Especially 2x gold event which will doubled those amount of gold mentioned above.
  • Sell your unused equipment, there is no need to keep them unless they have 2-3 “flexible” sockets or have a nice buff (like critical rate, etc). Visit THIS PAGE (under construction) )for more info about equipment. HOWEVER, don’t ever sell your gems!! The gold amount is really worthless.
  • Weekly and daily Quest. Completing daily quest will gives you 21,500 Gold, weekly quest will give you 40,000 Gold.
  • If you plan to buy gold using your crystals, then make sure you buy the highest amount because they gives you bonus. Better save (the crystals) than sorry :).

Those are all things you need to do to get a lot of gold in this game. If you have any tips or questions, feel free to ask them on the comment section below.

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