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Wonder Tactics Guide Fixed or Random Evolution Guide

Wonder Tactics evo cost

To evolve a hero you need to power up your hero to become +5. Their level are also need to be 30.

For power up guide, visit THIS PAGE.

What’s the difference between fixed or random??

Fixed evolution will give you the same hero from previous tier, with higher status. This will allow your favorite hero can be used on harder difficulty.

Wonder Tactic Lang Bad

Fixed Evolution won’t give a bad hero such as Lang.

For Random, it’s completely random. So you may get a bad hero from higher tier (such as 5 stars lang). However you don’t need to worry because if you don’t like that hero you can use it to create higher tier later. For bad 6 star heroes you simply use them for awakening material.

So I simply use fixed evolution on my heroes right, this way I won’t get bad heroes?

No, fixed evolution has few drawbacks (disadvantages), they are

  • Wonder Tactic no full trait

    4 stars heroes and below don’t have their traits status full.

    Many lower tier heroes (1- 4 stars) don’t have “full” skills and traits. Only 5 stars heroes (and above) who have 3 traits.

  • Their bonus from power up is lower than “Normal” evolution. And the difference will become greater if you keep do the fixed evolution on that hero. Please read my power up guide on THIS PAGE. From that page you know that 1 power up gives you +10% bonus status. Example: if a hero has 1000 ATK, it will get + 100 attack every power up. However for the fixed evolution, it doesn’t follow the status of the current tier, they follow their status on their original tier. Read my example below to gain more understanding:

If you have 3 star heroes with normal base attack 1000. You fixed evolution this hero to become 4 stars, and at level 30 it has 1200 attack. Each power up should give you +120 attack, however because the original value of this hero are 1000, it only get +100 attack instead of +120. In the beginning it may seems not that important, but the difference will become really big, especially if you do the fixed evolution on 3 star heroes (and below).

Wonder Tactic disadvantage of fixed evo status

As you can see that Miho only get +52 from power up. It should be +74 (10% of 735). It’s because Miho originally 4 stars heroes.

Note: I am not sure if the power up rule also affect the legendary heroes, as they start at 4 stars and you need to do the fixed evolution to make them into 6 stars.

So, I should never choose fixed evolution, right?

Nope, the fixed evolution is really useful if used on right hero. Other than that I really recommend you to use random evolution. Evolve 2 3 stars heroes with random evolution can also gives you legendary heroes (the chance is extremely small though).

Which hero that I should fixed evolution?

  • A support/healer hero: You use them for their ability/status effect, because they’re not affected that much by the status (healing affected by attack power, but it’s not crucial as damage). Example: Melia, Tree Giant, Dr. Falcon, Miho, etc
  • Farmer Hero: A hero who has full area of effect damage. This hero will help you clear tower of treasures, farming mission easily. Example: The elementals (4 stars), Tiurel (4 stars), The Dragons (5 stars), etc.
  • Wonder Tactics Miho Awaken Skill

    Only do the fixed evolution on a hero who have a really good skills and traits. Such as this traits.

    A hero with Excellent Trait: If the hero has a trait that can affect the entire party, then it’s probably worth for the fixed evolution process. However, you usually need to awaken that hero to make that trait affect your entire party. Example: Miho (4 stars), Captain Radin (5 stars), etc.

I will list all my recommendation for fixed evolution on the main page of wonder tactics guide, so please check it later on the section called “best 3/4/5/6 stars heroes” (the pages are still under construction).

I think that’s all you need to know about fixed and random evolution, feel free to ask me in the comment if you have questions and suggestions for other tips.

Wonder Tactics Guide Main Page

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  1. Ornaglord says:

    Can you tell us which Hero from 3 Star could make a Legendary

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  2. Dellus says:

    When should I come back to “best 3/4/5/6 stars heroes”?! xD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, probably at the end of this week. I will start reviewing individual hero which I think that is good. I am making tower of treasures guide and other miscellanous guide (such as gold farming, etc). After they’re finished, I will start with hero review :). IMO, try to check the site everyday, I will create a new content every day :). Thanks for using my guide, is it useful so far, right? If you have any suggestions please tell me :).

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