Posted on Mar 7, 2016

Wonder Tactics Hero Guide Fire Elemental

He is 4 stars fire hero

Skills Review

Wonder Tactics Fire Elemental Skills

Skill 1: Element Attack

Wonder Tactics Element Attack Burn

Attack the back column and cause burn status. This skill is very useful to snipe the enemy supports, if you see a hero who can revive or heal then use this skill first before using the your first skill, if they still alive then they’re probably gonna die from your Fire Rain :).

Skill 2: Fire Rain

Wonder Tactics Fire Rain

This is one of the best farming skill in the game, high damage multiplier (310%) and targets all area. This skill really helps on early TOT so you can fast finish them fast. It also helps you to power level weak hero. Increase your crit chance and damage, so you will able to instant kill the entire enemy on PVP (or injure them badly, so your other heroes can finish them).

Awaken: Element Explosion

It upgrade the damage multipler from 280% => 440 %, however the most important thing is the ignore defense atrribute, it almost guarantee you to kill the enemy support (even without critical). The downside is you can’t inflict burn status anymore.

Only awaken fire elemental if you don’t have a better hero on PVP, this skill is not that useful outside of the PVP, because you really need to kill enemy supports ASAP (The TOT enemies on floor 50 and above has abnormal health which mean burn effect more useful on TOT and deal more damage after 2 turns).

Traits Review

Wonder Tactics Fire Elementals Traits

Trait 1: Fire Skin (grants Immunity against burn)

Not that useful unless you encounter a lof of burner on PVP. However, it’s very easy to activate and will help you on the early game (when you don’t have miss Cheery).

Trait 2: Ignite (Inflict 100% bonus damage on burning targets)

Really useful if you have another hero who can inflict burn (such as Miho, which is a must have on high level PVP). If you don’t have other burner then feel free to search for another equipment who has other type of sockets (heart sockets is not that useful for fire elemental).

Equipment and Gems Guide

Wonder Tactics Critical Rate Equipment

Search for equipment that has Crit damage and Crit Chance. It’s really important to have high crit damage, so you can instant kill entire enemy party when the fight begin.

Rhombus socket: Rhombus Ruby (Critical Rate)
Triangle socket: Triangle Ruby (Critical Damage)
Round socket: Round Ruby (Atk Power)
Square socket: Sqaure Ruby (Penetration)
Heart socket: Accuracy/evasion ( I prefer evasion, to give him more survivability)

Best Partner

Hero who can inflict burn status, such as Miho. This will allow Fire elemental deals 100% more damage if the traits has been activated.

If Enemy has this hero (Hero’s weakness)

His speed and health is low, which mean he can be killed easily. Not mentioning that he rely on instant kill (high crit rate and damage from his fireball spell), if enemy’s team has Miho, then he can’t instant kill anyone.

Conclusion (My rating: 8.5 /10)

Wonder Tactics Fire Elemental Icon

Fire Elemental is one of the best farmer in the game. His has the highest damage multiplier (310%) in the game for all area spell. So it can reduce the power up bonus downside which we get from making 4 stars to 6 stars hero (visit THIS PAGE to know about the downside that I am talking about). Make him become 6 stars and keep him because he will always be useful for farming even if you don’t need him anymore on PVP.

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