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Wonder Tactics Hero Guide Miss Cheery

She is 6 stars water hero

Skills Review

Wonder Tactics Cheery Skill

Skill 1: Cheer Up!

Wonder Tactics Cheery Healing

Review: The first skill can heal you from anywhere, so you can use safe formation for your party members. The amount of healing is also very big (400% attack power), which will almost heal almost any heroes to full HP when you max Miss Cheery to +5.

Skill 2: Ocean’s Protection

Wonder Tactics Ocean Protection

Review: This is a must have skills for nest of trials, PVP, Tower of Trial, etc. It blocks bad statuses like stun, sleep,etc. It is a must have on the higher level of play, because there are many powerful supports later (such as Fermata, Dr. Falcon), without this skill no matter how powerful your party, they can still be killed very easily. Make sure you cast this first every time on the battle when you see a powerful supports who can inflict bad statuses.

Awaken Skill: You can do it!

The healing power increased from 400% => 430%. It also prevents enemy from dispelling the buff. IMO, this is not that important, because not many players will have a dispel hero. The healing power is only increased by small amount… Better to awaken another hero on your hero, unless you really don’t have other heroes to be awakened.

Traits Review

Wonder Tactics Traits Cheery

Her traits are not that important to have.

Trait 1: Rescue

it adds your healing power by 50% when the target is below 30%. This is not that important IMO, because your healing already heal you to the full even without this buff. It’s nice to have but it’s better to place the gems on other heroes who have more useful traits.

Trait 2: Unfair Trade

This is a must have trait for Miss Cheery, it will help you when you get silenced (the effect of ocean’s protection is off). Most of inability spell have 2 turns duration, so you are only affected for 1 turn and ready to support your party again. Activate this trait ASAP.

Trait 3: Final Heal

It’s not that great because it’s very hard to activate (lvl 6 gems) and the effect is not that great. It activates when Miss Cheery die, which is pointless, why? I believe you placed Miss Cheery if you have it, so it means if she dies then all your other heroes are already dead too. Not mentioning that the healing power is really small (25% of attack power),Maxed Cheery (+5 lvl 30’s attack power is about at 1400, let’s say you equip her with + 1000 Weapon. The total is 2400, 25% * 2400 = 600. 600 Healing power is really not worth IMO…..especially when most of all yours heroes are already dead too). You really don’t need to activate this trait, simply search for an accessory that has nice speed boost and no need to pay attention on the slots (it still need to have 3-4 slots so you can equip useful gems).

Equipment and Gems Guide

Wonder Tactics Speedy Cheery

Search for equipment that boost her speed and attack power.

For Rhombus Socket: Equip Rhombus Emerald. Speed is the most important attribute for her so save those Rhombus Emerald for her. Higher speed means faster spell cooldown and better priority when casting spells against your opponent. Critical rate is not important, because normal healing rate is already sufficient.

For Round Socket: you can equip it with blue Sapphire (defense) or red ruby (attack power). Increasing her attack power means also increase her healing power, so it’s all up to you what to fill on the round sockets. Do you want to make her more tanky or better at healing.

For other sockets (triangle, etc): Prioritize increase her defense (Crit def, evasion, Attribute Res).

Best Partner

Any hero who need healing 🙂 (which mean almost all heroes).

If Enemy has this hero (Hero’s weakness)

Wonder Tactics Miss Cheery

Don’t bring heroes that inflict status (Dr. Falcon, etc). Her initial speed is very high, so I believe you won’t win the speed battle against her (unless your opponent build her badly…). Her base speed is 335 (Dr. Falcon and Fermata’s speed only about 270..), it’s one of the highest raw speed on the game. The AI will always cast ocean protection on the first turn.

I believe all players will put her on the back side, so using hero that can target that spot to kill her ASAP, to prevent her healing ability.

Conclusion (My rating: 10 /10)

Miss Cheery is a must have hero on this game. Without her you will struggle on higher level TOT and PVP. She should be considered a legendary in my opinion. She is perfect :).

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