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Wonder Tactics Leveling Hero Guide and Tips

You need to level up your heroes for many reasons. They are:

  • To strengthen them (obvious reason)
  • To evolve heroes, you need lvl 30 heroes to do an evolution process
  • Wonder Tactics 4 stars Fire elementalTo get the crystal reward when you reach lvl 30. The rewards depends on tier (star) of the heroes. See the table below for more info.
Tier Crystals
1 Star 3
2 Stars 6
3 Stars 9
4 Stars 12
5 Stars 15
6 Stars 18

EXP Needed

The experience needed to reach lvl 30 are the same for every hero on the same tier.

Explanation: This mean all 4 star heroes need a same amount of exp to reach lvl 30. Higher tier (5 and 5 stars) need more exp and the lower tier (3 stars and below) needs less EXP. You can see the table below to know their exp requirement.

Note: I calculate this by myself by keep grinding on the normal crystal cave stage level 1 (1600 EXP). The number may not be perfect but still quite accurate.

Hero Tier EXP needed Crystal Cave – 1 Run
1 Star 52800 33 times
2 Stars 64000 40 times
3 Stars 70400 44 times
4 Stars 80000 50 times
5 Stars 91200 57 times
6 Stars 103,700 65 times

Power Leveling Tips

Wonder Tactics Half XP for dead hero

Remember that if a hero die in the battle it will only receive half of the experience!! Choose your power leveling spot carefully.

You can help your weak hero to grow up fast by bring them to the “high” level place and let the strong heroes do the job.

My favorite place for power leveling is Crystal Cave (mission 5) level 1 (underground cave), it gives 1600 EXP and the enemies are very easy and they won’t attack the back row. Use the formation like shown on the screenshot below

Wonder Tactics Formation for power leveling

The enemy won’t attack the weak heroes because there are heroes who block the path to them. You can keep training on this level, or if you have stronger power leveling heroes then move to the Skull Rock Pinnacle Level 1, this place gives you 2390 XP, the enemies are also easy, however they can attack your back row, so I advise you to train the “weak” heroes on the Crystal Cave level 1 first, after you reach lvl 10 – 15, start switch into Skull Rock Pinnacle level 1.

My suggestion is to always train on the first level on every mission because the exp changes between level on the same mission is very small (35 exp difference in the normal difficulty).

You can also power leveling on the hard difficulty if you have strong farmer heroes (Fire elementals, and any heroes who can attack the entire area). Remember that normal difficulty only cost 3 energy and the hard difficulty cost 4 energy. However, the hard difficulty have better drop rate for equipment, gems, and can also drop 3 star heroes.

Good spot for farming on hard difficulty

  • Wingfrill Beach – 1,2,3. The enemies can’t target your backrow, so it’s safe to bring 2 heroes (even 3 if your heroes are good).
  • If you have other place for training please leave them in the comment.


  • Sometime com2us will give us 2x EXP, make sure you maximize this period by using all your energy reward on your inbox.
  • Don’t buy 2x EXP package because they’re really not worth the price. Save those crystals for hero package.

If you have any questions or suggestions, simply leave them on the comment. Thank you very much.

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3 Responses to “Wonder Tactics Leveling Hero Guide and Tips”

  1. Fox says:

    of course, if you are not in a hurry to fuse, its more profitable to go for higher difficulties. Good point.

  2. Fox says:

    I prefer to farm on 7-4 (pinnacle prison) with Ice Elemental.
    The biggest upside is, that the 2nd wave always sets their mages in the backline, and 2 tanks front. Wave 1 Snowstorm, wave 2 Element Attack (and a few auto hits), wave 3 AoE again.

    Downside here is of course, that sometimes one of your lvl chars dies in wave 2. Upside, you level 4 chars simultaneously.

    you can just as easy add another AoE Hero to prevent that from happening.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I prefer to only power lvl 2 heroes on higher difficulty (instead of 4 in lower difficulty), they give me a better reward (gold, items, 2 stars heroes drop, etc). Thanks for the tips though, I believe others will find it useful.

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