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Wonder Tactics Nest Of Trials Boss Guide Dark Knight

Wonder Tactics Dark Knight

The skills and trait will be unlocked one by one as you defeat the boss on the battle. At the beginning of the battle the boss only has 1st ability and trait (Death Sentence ability and Superiority) , once it’s defeated it will have 2nd ability and trait, etc.

Phase 1 Health:
Phase 2 Health: 21431
Phase 3 Health: 30014


Dark Knight Skills Wonder Tactics

  1. Death sentence: One of your heroes will get a death sentence (4 turns), You can dispel this effect using a hero that have “remove harmful” skill.
    Wonder Tactic Death Sentence Dark KnightIf you don’t have it or simply don’t want to sacrifice the spot for a support hero, then simply kill the Dark Knight before the skill takes effect.
  2. Dark Chain: This attack can kill your weak heroes in one hit and if it doesn’t kill them, it will make them confused for 4 turns. You can counter this effect simply by remove the harmful effect (Example: {St5}Captain Radin). The problem is if your support hero get confused…… You can also use a hero that immune to confusion on this battle (Example: {St5} Dark God Neoman)
  3. Despair: It will increases ALL you skill cooldown by 2 turns.. really annoying especially if he use this after Dark Chain (You can’t cure the confusion).
  4. Devastation: random attack to 3 of your heroes and then absorb 20% of the damage. Nothing special about this one, it only makes harder to kill the boss.
  5. Summon Ghost: It will kill the hero that has death sentence countdown, you must have a hero that have “remove harmful effect” on this phase.


Wonder Tactics Dark Knight Traits

  1. Superiority:  All bosses have this trait (immune to harmful effects such as freeze, burn, etc), so don’t bother to cast it on the battle (I suggest you to enter the battle in manual mode because the AI will still use the harmful skill on the boss).
  2. Accumulated Focus: Increase critical hit by 15% for each turn accumulatively. The accumulated value reset after critical hit. Really troublesome, your help only critical evasion or simply kill him ASAP.
  3. Final Blow: Inflicts 100% of Attack Power as damage to all enemies if defeated. Make sure you have a lot of health when you kill him on 3rd phase onward.
  4. Hostility: Attacks with a critical hit for next attack if the enemy’s defeated. Simply don’t die for this effect.
  5. Terror: Confuses the target for 2 turns when you attack with critical hit.

Dark knight’s traits are connected to critical hit and confusion. So, critical evasion and evasion is really useful.

Best Formation

You can use any formation on this battle, because all the dark knight’s skills have random or all targets. His normal attack increase your skill cool down, so place a hero who doesn’t use skill too much in the front row (defense type).

Tips and Guideline

  • Have one hero on your party that can remove harmful effects (this is the key for almost all boss on the nest of trails). I use {St5} Captain Radin.
  • You need to have a hero with a high damage output so you can kill it before it able to cast its dark chain twice in one phase. If you see him casting 2 dark chain in one phase then you probably lose the battle on that phase.
  • To pass the 1st phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 3 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 2nd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 4 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 3rd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 5 stars heroes.

Recommended Heroes

  • {St 3} Tart: She’s useful for the early game against dark knight, he can revive the character that killed by the dark knight.
  • {St 5} Captain Radin: Useful for his “remove harmful effect” can cure confusion and death sentence. Also useful once awakened because of team evasion traits.
  • {St 5} Dark God Neoman: Useful for resistance to confusion (one of his trait which is very easy to obtain).
  • {St 6} Miss Cherry: She can grant immunity to all harmful effects. She’s one of the best support on this game. A must for every Nest of Trials boss.
  • {Legendary} Awaken Kanna: She’s the most powerful single target damage dealer on the game (830%).
  • If you have more hero recommendation for the boss, please leave a comment below with a reason why he/she important on this battle.

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