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Wonder Tactics Nest of Trials Guide Champion Bulldozer

Wonder Tactics Champion Bulldozer

The skills and trait will be unlocked one by one as you defeat the boss on the battle. At the beginning of the battle the boss only has 1st ability and trait (Group Summoning ability and Superiority) , once it’s defeated it will have 2nd ability and trait, etc.


Wonder Tactics Champion Bulldozer Skills

  1. Group Summoning: Summon bomb boars that explode after 3 turns. You can kill these summon boars by hitting them 5 times (they’re like bonus monsters, only take 1 damage each hit). However, you can by pass the high defense simply by using a heroes with high penetration rate.
  2. Out of My way: Stun one row for 2 turns (400% damage). This is a reason why you should never put 3 heroes in one row.
  3. Threaten: Greatly decreases all your party defense. Dispel this effect ASAP, unless you want his attack one hit KO your damage dealer.
  4. Assassinate: Inflict 310% damage to all your heroes (depends on the difference of attack attribute)
  5. Enrage: Increases attack power and speed by 50%.


Wonder Tactics Champion Bulldozer Trait

  1. Superiority:  All bosses have this trait (immune to harmful effects such as freeze, burn, etc), so don’t bother to cast it on the battle (I suggest you to enter the battle in manual mode because the AI will still use the harmful skill on the boss).
  2. Fire Armor: Burn the enemy for 3 turns with 25% chance when you’re attacked.
  3. Bleed: 25% chance to inflict bleed when you attack.
  4. Revenge: Increase counter attack rate by 35%
  5. Enrage: Increases attack power  by up t0 60% in proportion to the lost HP.

Suggested Formation

Place your defend type hero on the middle because the boar’s normal attack will only attack middle section as long as you have hero on the middle line. Don’t clump 3 heroes in one row because the boar (phase 2) can stun one row when it uses “Outta my way” skill.

You can configure your party like X word or any formation that only have 2 hero/row. Like shown on the screenshot below.

Tips and Guideline

  • Have one hero on your party that can remove harmful effects (this is the key for almost all boss on the nest of trails). I use {St5} Captain Radin.
  • To pass the 1st phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 3 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 2nd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 4 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 3rd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 5 stars heroes.

Recommended Heroes

  • {4St} Ice Giant: High defense and also can heal itself on the battle. really useful for the middle spot. It also has a water element which is strong against the boss.
  • {5St} Cheon: Basically any hero with penetration ability (or Penetration gem) and ability to hit the first row, this will allow you to kill the bomb boars in one hit.
  • {5St} Captain Radin: He can cure the “Threaten” skills and dispel the boar’s Enrage buff.
  • Any Hero that immune to burn (Fire elemental, Lava Giant, etc; Make sure you activate the trait first though.
  • If you have more hero recommendation for the boss, please leave a comment below with a reason why he/she important on this battle.

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