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Wonder Tactics Nest of Trials White Boss Tips

Wonder Tactics White nest of Trials

The skills and trait will be unlocked one by one as you defeat the boss on the battle. At the beginning of the battle the boss only has 1st ability and trait (Icy Wind ability and Superiority) , once it’s defeated it will have 2nd ability and trait, etc


Wonder Tactic White Skills

  1. Icy Wind: Decreases attack power and defense of all enemies for 5 turns. You really need to dispel the effect ASAP, because you will have a harder time to kill her if you don’t dispel it. Captain Radin is very good on this battle.
  2. Fast Tide: Inflict 520% to the enemies on the very back of the column. See the formation guide below to evade the attack.
  3. Magic Seal: Silence all enemies for 3 turns and remove all beneficial effect.
  4. Fantasy Summoning: Basically a dragon
  5. Absolute Zero: Inflict 430% attack to all enemies, and deals extra 20% damage to non water heroes.


Wonder Tactic White Traits

  1. Superiority:  All bosses have this trait (immune to harmful effects such as freeze, burn, etc), so don’t bother to cast it on the battle (I suggest you to enter the battle in manual mode because the AI will still use the harmful skill on the boss).
  2. Penetrate: Increase penetration rate by 25%
  3. Mercy: Inflict 100% bonus damage on silenced Target.
  4. Target Spotted: Bonus damage 8% as you’re further away from the target.
  5. Ice Armor: Freeze the target with 25% chance when being attacked.

Suggested Formation

Use the “T” clockwise formation. With This formation her fast tide will target only one hero, and if that hero die, the next fast tide will only target one hero on the middle column too. White can attack anyone so it doesn’t matter even if you put put your damage dealer on the front row.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Have one hero on your party that can remove harmful effects (this is the key for almost all boss on the nest of trails). I use {St5} Captain Radin.
  • Use a hero that immune to silence. Ukulele, Card Dealer, etc
  • To pass the 1st phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 3 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 2nd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 4 stars heroes.
  • To pass the 3rd phase, You need at least a party that consist 5 of Lvl 30(+5) 5 stars heroes.

Recommended Heroes

  • {4St} Ukulele: Immune to silence and can heal your party.
  • {5St} Captain Radin: Can dispel White’s weakening skills. It’s also water element so it won’t take extra damage from the Absolute Zero.
  • {5St} Card Dealer: Immune to silence and have high damage.
  • If you have more hero recommendation for the boss, please leave a comment below with a reason why he/she important on this battle.

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  1. Indivix says:

    Frost wolf is a really useful monster in the Nest as well. His ignore defense on first skill will cause a good chunk of damage when combined with crit rate gems/gear. Currently, I have him just as a 5*, but definetely a keeper for White, imo

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