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Wonder Tactics Secret Dungeon Guide

What’s secret dungeon?

Wonder Tactics Secret Dungeon

It’s a bonus dungeon that you can find while exploring the normal dungeon. From my calculation, the rate of getting this secret dungeon is about 5%.

Only 5%?? That’s pretty low

Don’t worry, You can enter your friend’s secret dungeon too. This will make you have a lot of accessible secret dungeon if you have a lot of active friends. Don’t forget that the secret dungeon only last for 3 hours, so you must enter them quickly before they disappear.

Wonder Tactics Secret dungeon number

Note: Pay attention to the secret dungeon door on the village. The number indicated how many secret dungeons which are available.

Is there any difference between “our” secret dungeon with friend’s?

Wonder Tactics Secret Dungeon List

Yes, there is one difference, it’s the hero pieces that you get from the secret dungeon reward. Self obtained secret dungeon will gives you 6-8 hero pieces, but you only get 2-4 hero pieces from the friend’s secret dungeon. Other than that, everything are same (energy cost and Gold rewards). Also you will now what kind of hero pieces from your friend’s secret dungeon.

Wonder Tactics all pieces one runNote: There is about 1% chance to get all pieces in one run. I don’t know if it’s possible on your friend’s secret dungeon.

You can also get 4* legendary hero from advanced mimic dungeon (our own dungeon)… I believe the chance is pretty low though…

What’s this hero piece you talked about??

Hero pieces are used to obtain a hero. You will get a hero after gathering enough puzzle pieces (summon them on summon house). Required pieces to summon heroes are different (based on their tiers).

Hero’s tier (SD difficulty) Required Pieces
2 star (Beginner) 20
3 Star (Intermediate) 40
4 Star (Advanced) 70

Once you have gathered the pieces, go to summon house and summon them without any cost.

Simple Guideline to the difficulty

  • For Beginner S.D: You can use 3 stars heroes easily to clear them easily.
  • For Intermeddiate S.D: You need to have a party that consists lvl 30 “+5” of 4 star heroes.
  • For Advanced S.D: You need to have a party that consists lvl 30 “+5” of 6 star heroes.
  • You need a good healer to survive as the S.D consists 5 waves (instead of 3 like normal dungeon).

Wow, this games has more than 200 heroes, I will get many useless pieces then….?

Luckily not, You can only get 2 heroes from each tier and element. You can see possible hero on the table below.

Wonder Tactics Secret Dungeon Hero List

Difficulty Dark
2 Stars (beginner) Lacerta Salamander Woopa Lizard Basilisk
Elder Dusty Elder Lowin Pudding Knight Potpourri Dello
3 Stars (intermediate) Veria Chris Silz Melia Pei
Siren Kandra Little Peng Adol Swordsman Naru
4 Stars (advanced) Strong Bebe Strong Pepe Strong Hehe Strong Zeze Strong Nene
Sneakers Yuna Big Yeti Macaroon Judith

Note: For Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the elements are random.

Some of the best hero from the tables above are:

2 stars: Dello (has revive), it’s only 2 stars though :).
3 stars: Melia, really good healing spell. I plan to make her to 5 stars
4 stars: Judith, Sneakers, and Yuna.

That’s the short list about the secret dungeon hero. I will review them thoroughly later, please check the main page later :).

What about the Treasure monster icon that appear on the secret dungeon?

Wonder Tactics Mimic Dungeon

It’s a mimic. They won’t give you a hero pieces. However, they give you twice amount of gold compared to the “ordinary” secret dungeon. View more about gold farming tips on THIS PAGE.

Wonder Tactics Guide Main Page

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  1. Erazor says:

    Hallo, this is an addition to your “pieces” guide. It is (also a little chance <1%?) possible to get alle the pieces in one run. I play this game since launch and get one time all 70 pieces of Strong Bebe. It might be an bug, but i didn't think so.
    Sorry for my bad english.

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