Posted on Mar 8, 2016

Wonder Tactics Tower of Treasures Guide Floor 1 to 50

Few things you need to know about Tower of treasures.

  • It always reset every 30 days
  • The rewards are always same
  • You can’t bring your friend’s hero

Wonder Tactics Tower of Treasures Icon

The tower of treasures only contains one wave of enemies each floor. The formation and the enemies are always same.

Floor 1 – 50 are pretty simple because they’re pretty easy and the enemies’ health are still on normal state (unlike those who guard floor 50 and above, you will find their health exceed 20,000).

Wonder Tactics Tower of Treasures Water

Water elemental is really good on the tower, Since everyone has water elemental, I make the guide based on him.

You can easily conquer floor 1 to 30 simply by using your water elemental. Make sure you level up your water elemental to lvl 30 and power up him to “+5”. This will easily one shot all enemies on Floor 1-30.

Wonder Tactics Floor always same

From floor 31 – 40, you may have a little bit of trouble. Simply come back later after you have evolved your water elemental into 5 stars with +5 upgrade. Also make sure you equip him with a nice equipment which have high critical chance and damage (water elemental equipment is same as the fire elemental, so go to THIS PAGE to know the equipment).

From floor 41 – 50, you will need a help from your other heroes. At this point your other heroes at least need to be 4 stars “+5”  at lvl 30 to help your water elemental. It’s also very helpful if you have other heroes who can attack all area like your water elemental.

If you have troubles on floor 1-50:

  • Check your formation, it’s really important!! don’t clump your heroes on cross formation if enemy have a cross skill.
  • Status effect such as sleep, stun, silence, etc are really useful on this dungeon, bring them to the tower
  • Bring healers to the tower, it’s a great help.

If you have questions about specific floor on floor 1 – 50. Feel free to ask and I will try to help you. I will make a guide for floor 51 – 100 in more detailed format because those floor’s difficulty become quite challenging, so please do not ask question about them on this page.

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