Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Wonder Tactics Tower of Treasures Guide Floor 56 to Floor 60

Wonder Tactics floor 56 F

I only give a brief guide on this page. Please watch the video for more detailed guide.

Floor 56

Vampire is your main target here. Avoid using “+” formation on this floor, use the “X” formation on this floor. Strong Pepe also hits really hard. However this floor is easier compared to the floor 55.

Floor 57

Kill Madeline ASAP because she can heal everyone. However, she is protected by dwin, kill him by using your strongest hitter. You can also use a hero that can attack all area or “+” to kill Madeline. Use “X” formation on this floor.

Floor 58

The enemies are counter-attack team, to avoid getting counter-attacked so many times use the skill have high burst damage. So, you can kill them in one go. Use the “+” formation on this battle.

Floor 59

There are 2 Tarot Masters which can put your heroes into sleep, luckily her skill only target plus area. Make sure you use the X formation if you don’t have a hero that can block the sleep. She also has a high damage, so you need to kill her quickly but killing Dwin is quite hard because he has a lot health. So, the solution is to use a hero that has an area attack.

If you have a hero who can block inability then use the “+” formation.

Floor 60 F

Use plus formation on this battle because Champion skull can attack the back and front column. This floor is a test of your attack power, you really need to kill the first column quickly if you don’t have area attack that can kill champion skull quickly. Luckily champion skull only has a little health, so you can easily kill it using a hero who attack the back row (such as your water elemental). You don’t need a hero that can block inability, so you don’t need to use inability blocker like on the previous floor.

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