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Posted on Aug 30, 2011

Xenoblade Chronicle Guide: Colony 9 to Tephra Ruins

Watch the opening movie, you’re in the battlefield fighting the Mechon now. Control Duncan and remember to use Monado Buster skill to end this battle quickly (it deals up to 5000 damage). The battle will be over after you have defeated Mechon 82. See an event and


One year later


You’re playing as Shulk now. Defeat Colony Krabble with Reyn’s help (use Back slash to kill it easily, let the Krabble attack Reyn and then use it from behind). Grab treasure chest (Iron Krabble and small shell) and then defeat Caterpile to make the barrier disappear. Your goal is to go back to village in Colony 9. See the red arrow on the top of your screen and follow it.

Enemy Drop
Caterpile Broken antenna
Caterpile syrup
small caterpile crystal
Bunnit Stiff hair
Bunnit paw
small bunnit crystal
skeeter sweet nectar
small skeeter crystal
Broken antenna

Tips: You can find many collectible items in colony 9 fields. You need to place them manually in collectopaedia.

Reyn will leave you once you have arrived on the village. You’ll get “main entrance” landmark. Forward and you’ll get “ether light” landmark, you can buy or sell items in this place. Head to Dunban’s house and you’ll find “wedding ring” on the outside of his house.

There is a girl named desiree in commercial district. Talk to her to get “broken watch” side quest. Go to Gem stall and talk to the Gem man to obtain Gems (Strength up II and HP up III).

Tips: Talk to Colony 9 resident (near “central plaza” landmark), he’ll ask you to find his wedding ring, you just found it before so give it to him.

Head to military district (you’ll obtain Central plaza landmark) and see an event about Vangarre. Talk to the soldier nearby to obtain another side quest (Challenge 3). Head to weapon dev lab and see an event with Dickson.

You’ll get control of Fiora, head outside of the town and go south to Outlook Park. See an event, you can change your party leader from the menu now. Check the spot nearby to see “heart to heart” event. Now head back to the town (you can select landmark from the map to go back quickly; press “1” on your wii mote and select any landmark to go there quickly).

Tips: You can go back to the town manually to defeat some enemies and level up your party. You can jump to the water and swim around the lake to get “anti air battery 3” location. Be careful when going back to the land (cliff lake) because there are many strong enemies over there.

Go back to Weapon Dev. lab to see an event with Reyn.

Tips: Talk to Defence force soldier on the north of military district to obtain 3 side quests.

Now get out from the city and head to Tephra cave. You’ll get “Tephra hill” location and ”Tephra cave entrance” landmark as you go there.

Reminder: There is “heart to heart” spot nearby but there is a high chance that your affinity is not high enough to see it. Just remember this spot later.

Talk to the guard near the entrance to obtain side quest. Enter Tephra cave.

Tephra cave

New enemies you find in in this cave

enemy drop
Singing Brog croaking brog bag
small brog crystal
wet hair
rough skin
mell lizard old insect leg
caterpile poison
moving lizard tail
rough skin

Move forward and you’ll get “Tephra path” landmark. Move forward and you will see giant worm (Cellar bugworm) at point (1); you will get “Caterpile nest” location. Don’t engage it from the front, take the small path on the west. As soon you arrive on point (2), there is another monster called Mining patrichev, defeat it to obtain a nice items and experience.

Tips: Those two are strong monsters, I suggest you to level up until you reach about 12-14 and then fight them again. Go back to the outside if you have complete “monster quest 4 part 1” to get a new side quest.

Continue to “Mag Mell Ruins” landmark and go inside the ruins. Kill Mell lizard over there and there will be Wallside Gwindry (unique monster) appears.

Continue to the end you’ll get “rear entrance”  landmark. Get out from Tephra cave. Move forward and you’ll get a new landmark “Cylinder hangar”. Go to the building nearby and see an event.

Battle: Ancient machines x2

You’ll get advices about controlling your party members.


B+A (focus attack): attack one enemy
B+\/ (gather): call your party members to surround you. You can do this to run away from enemy
B+/\ (engage at will): attack any enemies in the battlefield

However these 2 enemies are very easy, so you don’t need to implement any techniques mentioned above.

Main Menu


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