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Xenoblade Chronicles Guide: Bionis’ Leg Map, Collectopaedia, and Bestiary

Bionis Leg Map

Lower Level (CTRL+CLICK to open larger picture in new tab)
Upper Level 

Bionis’ Leg Collectopaedia

Reward (100%): White Cluster (Sharla's Weapon)
Category Items reward
Veg Hot taro Juicy Broccoli Spicy cabbage hard lotus Pelt Top
Fruit Sour Gooseberry Red Durian Walnut Grape Humming Plum Paralysis II
Bug White Ladybird Hill Firefly Moth Crawler Queen Locust Fire Tarantula Grand Gauntlets
Nature Mat Ice Bluesky Bark Pione Stone Bind Resist II
Parts Rusty Bolt Winding Gear Strength Up II
Strange Gold Dust Illusion Devious Gravity White Songbird Death Bangle Pelt Bottoms

Bestiary (normal level monster)

Name Drops range level location
weather flier small insect leg lvl 12-17 Gaur Plain
Small Flier Crystal
Flier Straw
Bunnit (Arm, Maker, Plane, Slugger) fleecy fur lvl 12-17 Gaur Plain
Bunnit Sapling
small bunnit Crystal
Bunnit Scrap Iron
Easy Hox Sharp Hox Fur lvl 13-16 Gaur Plain
fleecy fur
small Hox Crystal
Leg Ardun smelly hide lvl 12-15 Gaur Plain
Leg armu smelly hide lvl 12-15 Gaur Plain
Thick Armu milk
night wisp growing wisp fluid lvl 12-15 Gaur Plain
small wisp crystal
Piranhax Piranhax Roe lvl 12-15 Gaur Plain (water area)
Small Piranhax Crystal
Small Dorsal Fin
Leg Volff Spotted Volff Hide lvl13-16 Gaur Plain, Volff lair
Small Volff Crystal
Tirkin Worn out Weapon lvl14-17 Tirkin cave
Tirkin Crest
Small Tirkin Crystal
Basin Antol Living Antol Eye lvl 14-17 Kisk Cave
Leg Arachno small insect leg lvl 15-17 Kisk cave
sticky web fibre
small arachno crystal
Oasis Flamii cracked bill lvl 15-17 Raguel lake
Fertile Flamii Egg
Big Brog Slimy tongue lvl 15-17 Marsh near Spiral valley
Brog leg meat
aqua nebula ?? lvl 15-17 Raguel lake

Bestiary (High Level Enemies)

Will be updated as soon as I able to kill them 😀

Names Drops level range Location
Envy Sardi ?? lvl 77 Tranquil Pott
Gogol (sluth, greed, etc) ?? lvl 75-77 Raguel bridge north
tempest vang ??? lvl 75-77 windy cave
royal caterpile ?? lvl 75-77 windy cave
admiral arachno ?? lvl 75-77 windy cave
white fox ?? lvl 75-77 raguel lake
Last Rhogul ?? lvl 76
magnis Ardun ??? lvl 75-77 gaur Plain

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