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Posted on Sep 6, 2011

Xenoblade Chronicles Guide: Bionis’ Leg

Click Here For Bionis’ Leg Map

Climb the vine that showed in event. Move a little to “Leg Pass”, you’ll see a shop and Homs Traveller. You can get 4 side quests from him.

Tips: Sometimes, you may see the future when picking up item. Save this items as they will be needed for next quest.

Continue and you’ll arrive at Bionis’ leg. Move a little and you’ll arrive at “Gaur Plain” Location. Keep Going east, passing “Jabos Rest Rock Area” landmark until you arrive at red flag symbol on your map. There is a broken buggy over there and the party decide to go to the place which shown on Shulk’s vision (near water).

Tips: Beware of Magnis Ardun because they’re aggressive and will chase you. The monado should give you a vision about their deadly attack which can be cancelled by escape.

Go northeast and you’ll see a kid being attacked by 2 Berserk Ardun. Defeat both of the monsters and you’ll be return to buggy’s locatioan automatically. You need to go to Kid’s camp. So go southeast.

Tips: You can train your party at Tirkin’s headquarters or Volff Lair. The enemies’ level  are decent  for your party’s level at this moment (about 16). Beware about the Tirkin though, they’re tend to attack you in a group.

You’ll meet Sharla at the camp. Talk to Sharla again to trigger an event (heart to heart) to advance the story.

Tips: Talk to everyone inside and outside cave before heading to your goal. You can do some of those quests while you are progressing the main quest.

Go east until you see Juju’s Buggy; “Raguel Bridge- South” landmark. From this point onward, you’ll see Mechon as normal enemies, use “echant” instead of monado buster if you fight more than 2 mechon in1 battle.

Tips: Level up your skill before progress any further. Upgrade Sharla’s healing ability; she is very useful on the upcoming battle.

Continue northeast to deep valley, you’ll encounter a large group of mechon in this valley.  Continue and …

BOSS: Mechon M71

You’ll obtain a new ability in this battle “speed”. It’ll raise your evasion rate so you may dodge enemy’s attack. I suggest you to use buster ability instead of this one, because the evasion rate that the ability gives you is not that great.

Reduce this Mechon’s Hp to 50-70% and it will run away to the top. Follow it and you can defeat him now.Event

Battle: Mysterious face

Just survive and the battle will end by itself.

You’ll be automatically back in Sharla’s camp. There are a lot of new side quests, so talk to everyone in the camp.

Go back to the valley where you fought the boss earlier (use landmark to go there quickly;open your map, hold Z and choose upper level section). You only need to go southeast on the bionis’ leg upper level to go to colony 6.

Tips: watch out when exploring the upper level because there are many high level enemies over there

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