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Posted on Aug 31, 2011

Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough: Colony 9 to Arachno Queen Nest

The landmarks are not working at this moment. Go north and jumping off the cliff to the lake. You should get “making waves” achievement (it gives you 50 exp :D). Go to the beach and explore this area a little bit until you arrive at anti air battery 1.

Tips: You can finish a lot of side quest that you have taken before. There are ridge antol, cute brogs, and piranha.

There is also one unique monster(Verdant Bluchal) in this area which is very easy to defeat for your current level. Go back to the town.  As soon as you arrive at town, there will be a mechon attacking. There will be a tutorial about defeating a mechon.

TIPS: It’s hard to defeat mechon without monado’s power. You need to use Shulk’s physical arts (inflict break) and let Reyn “Topple” the mechon. I suggest you to use Shulk instead of Reyn, as you’re the one who initiate the attack. You only do  1 damage to Mechon in normal state, so I suggest you to run away from the battle if you encounter more than 1 Mechon in a battle.

Dunban is not in his house, so the party decide to go to Weapon dev. Lab. Go there and watch the event about the commander. Try to go inside the Weapon dev. Lab. The path is blocked so you can’t go inside. Now go to residential district (south of Central plaza landmark). Event and Dunban will join your party, backtrack to entrance and head south to residential district.

Battle: Metal Face

You can’t do any damage against this thing…. Just wait until the battle ends by itself. Event, you can inflict damage by inflict “topple” on this Mechon. You need to use Chain attack to do this, just keep attacking until you can do it :D. You still can’t defeat him though, so just wait again until the battle end.

Shulk decide to go to Colony 6. Go back to Tephra cave. The locked door that you visited before is unlocked now.

 Tephra Cave

Enemy drops
Arachno arachno silk
small atachno crystal
arachno ear
insect jaw
Krabble broken pincer
small Krabble crystal
Vang blue vang wing
small claw

There is a woman (defence force soldier) at escape pod bay who will give you a side quests. All of them are very easy to do, keep finish it and return to her until she doesn’t have “!” mark above her head.

Tips: there is also a man in (1) which will give you a side quest. He’s not at that place before this moment. So, check it even you have checked it before.

Move to Tephra cavern and you’ll get  a new landmark (spring of grief). There is also a unique monster on that area (Solid konev), it’s probably on lower level than your party so just defeat him to get some items. You can get small ice crystal by extraccting it from mining point (it’ll recover after a period of times, just in case you need it later).

Continue and Reyn will be separated from your party. Continue to 2F and you can find one unique monster (Gluttonous Eugen) over there. I suggest you not to deefat it while you’re alone now. Return to this place later after you have at least 2 persons (this monster can inflict topple, so having a partner can recover you when being toppled). Continue and

Boss: Arachnos Queen

A tutorial about Monado’s new power shield). Sometimes you can see what is opponent going to do at your character (the screen will flashing when this happen, so don’t need to look where the fortune dialog will come out). You can block Talent art by using Monado’s shield ability, so make sure your monado not in cooldown state. Other attacks (ether and physical) can be changed easily by telling your friend (B button) or jsut inflict damage to the monster (break, topple, etc).

Defeat all small arachnos before focusing on the queen. This beast is very easy, my level was 15 when fighting this monster and didn’t get any trouble. Just use your healing skill when needed and unleash all of your skills at this boss.

Continue and you’ll be prompted to save your game by system

Main Menu


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