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Posted on Jan 4, 2012

Zenonia 4 FAQ Chapter 5 Main Quest and Side Quest List

1. Chapter 5 Main Guide
2. Chapter 5 World Map
3. Chapter 5 Side Quest

===Chapter 5===

Talk to Chael and you’ll learn that Aria Castle is under assault. Go to Deva Castle Square and talk to Anya, you’ll go into Deva Castle Square (Past).

Go talk to Perry who standing in front of the inn. She’ll tell you to meet Archmage Zelos, so go north to Deva Castle Barracks and talk to Archmage Zelos. He’ll give you the sage stone. Backtrack  to Deva Castle Square (Past) and head east to Adoram Forest Entrance.

PS: Before proceed, please buy a lot of Health Potion (L). The upcoming dungeon is pretty big and the monsters are pretty strong too. Not mention hard chapter boss at the end of the dungeon. I suggest you to bring about 30-40 Health potions (L) and 20-30 Mana Potions (M).

Check the stone at the end of Adoram Forest to enter the cave.

Hidden Dungeon Basement

From starting point just go north until you reach area number 3 on my map. There is a mining point over there, I suggest you to mining some Diamonds now because you’ll need some to create a weapon later. Be careful when walking in this area because the floor has a trap (see a screenshot below) that will decrease your HP rapidly if you step on it.

Go west to area 4, you’ll see a rolling spike. You can’t pass them by brute force, you need to wait in little gap and then move while you ‘re having a chance. There is a treasure (Ring of  Destiny) near the end of this area that protected by a rolling spike. Go to area number 6 to find Momo (if you have taken [A Mother’s Request] side quest).

Continue to Area 7 and just follow the path until you reach BOSS area.

BOSS: Stoneface

This one is very tough. Follow these steps to defeat him:

  1. Destroy 2 pillars in the middle of this room. They’re not hard but be carefull for Boss’ attack while you’re destroying them.
  2. After destroying the pillar. Stand near the boss’ face until you see red ball focused on his mouth.
  3. Don’t go near him at this moment!!!! Let him unleash multi directional shot (5 energy balls) first and then dash toward his face quickly to unleash your attack. This step is the most crucial thing in the strategy because if you take all of this shots (5 shots), you’ll simply get killed because one orb deals about 600 point of damage. You’ll take 5 of them if you stand in front of his face (5x 600= 3000 damage; it can kill your character even though he is at full health).
  4. Use long-range attack to attack him safely 😀 (slayer can use Sword Slash to damage him from middle range; don’t know about other jobs though).

After defeating him you’ll obtain holy gem. Go back to area number 7 to end this quest (Don’t use teleport scroll because you still need to go to area number 7 to finish the quest). Go back to the town after you have finished the quest above. Now go back to Deva Castle at Present Time and go to War room to trigger an event with Elisa.

===Chapter 5 World Map===

===Chapter 5 Side Quest===

Name Location Chapter Objective and Steps Client Reward
Blast from the past (1) Deva Castle Square (Past) 5 Catch Luke (on the northwest corner of the town) Elesia 1410 exp;
3910 gold;
Blast from Past (2)
Blast from the past (2) Deva Castle Square (Past) 5 Go to Town of Adonis and talk to Adas
(use instant portal located in the town)
Luke 1500 exp;
4150 gold;
Blast from the past (3)
Blast from the past (3) Town of Adonis 5 Obtain10 Cyclops Leather Adas 3280 exp
2650 gold
Blast from the past (4) Town of Adonis after finish previous quest (probably at chapter 6; ) Bring Adas Shoes to Luke at Deva Castle Square (Past) Adas 1680 exp;
4640 gold;
Mana Potion (M)
A mother’s Request Deva Castle Square (Past) 5 Find Momo Inside Hidden Dungeon Morian exp and gold (forgot the amount );
Protect Momo Quest
Strange Happenings Deva Castle Square (Past) 5 kill 15 angry slimes Johnson 3190 exp;
1650 gold
Protect Momo Hidden dungeon basement 5 Kill 5 Guards Momo 3010 exp;
1580 gold

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  1. jamie says:

    Hoe can i finish Theo escape qeust.. i used a 2wat portal.. and now km stuck

  2. lazyday says:

    I beat stoneface at Lvl 35 slayer u need high whirlwind. U leave the pillars alone and hide behind them after stoneface releases an attack use whirlwind and run back repeat until he is dead. Hope this helps someone.

  3. Rain says:

    I was at Deva Castle (Past) to finish the quest but (by mistake) I used a teleport scroll, now I’m stuck and don’t know how to go back to “the past”. What can I do????? ==”

  4. John says:

    Any tips of how to kill the boss? Im a lvl 40 blader but i keep dying so fast

  5. mitch says:

    Im a lvl 34 druid and im havin issues tryin to down the stone golems while fighting with the boss even after i take down the 2 pillars

  6. Fabius says:

    I solved it! For those who are in the same situation as me: Talk to the portal manager Deva castle and choose the destination.
    Because deva castle (present) and deva castle (past) are Considered different destinations!
    Have fun xD

  7. Fabius says:

    Guys i need help….before the boss i used a teleport scroll but now i’m in the present deva castle not the in the past…How can i reach the castle in the past e fight the boss?

  8. Suriysuriy says:

    what level should i be to defeat stone face im a level 34 slayer

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Your level is already sufficient enough to beat it. The most important thing is NOT to charge ahead and fight him recklessly. Wait until he shot 5 fire balls, attack him using your skill and then run away and then wait until he shoot 5 fireballs again. repeat until it dies. I just beat him using blader when typing this lol :D, if you’re using blader you only need to use your clone and then wait if you’re afraid to die. 😀 thanks for using my guide will update my guide soon.

  9. Roto says:

    I had the same stupid experience but all I had to do was to go in to the dungeon again until I triggered the event. I’m not sure but I think it was somewhere outside the Pre-boss room

  10. tyler says:

    same here. it seems as if our teleport scroll overwrites the quest teleport in the castle of the past. lol not sure what to do.

  11. eddy says:

    i used a teleport scroll right after i killed the boss… now im stuck i cant go back to adoram forest entrance, is their anyway for me to complete the quest “Escape”

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