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Zenonia 4 Guide: Chapter 1 and 2 Main Quest and Side Quest

1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Side Quest list (Chapter 1 +2)
4. Map

===Chapter 1 Seeking Truth===

After an event, you’ll control your character Regret. Move to the southeastern part of the town and destroy the box that blocks the path. Open the treasure chest to obtain Cape of Bravery . Now go to the house on the west of the town (look for “?” at your mini map). Talk to Mrs.Tender and accept his request [Bronze Mining Errant]. Now head north to

Eraes Forest North

 Your goal is to farm the bronze from “obvious” looking stone (see the screenshot). The stone’s bronze supply will be depleted after some minings, you can refresh the stone simply by re-enter the area. Go back to the town after you have obtained 5 bronzes.

PS: There is an examine scroll on the southern part of the 2nd area on Eraes Forest.

[The Land of Fallen]

You’ll see an event in the town and will arrive at the land of Fallen automatically. Defeat 3 rage spirits and then continue until you see a tombstone. Check it to obtain [Escaping the maze] quest. Head east by using the floating stone and then head north. You’ll arrive at the southwest of this area, head east and check the tombstone, continue east to the next area.

At the branching path head north first until you arrive at altar. You’ll obtain a new quest [Removing the Seal]. Gather 5  Rune Dust by killing enemies in this dungeon. Go back to previous location to revive Anya. See an event and  you’ll fight first boss battle,

[Warden Azimet]

There is nothing hard in this battle (assuming you’re on lvl 4-5), make sure you put your health potion on quick slot because you’re probably need it when fighting Azimet.

===Chapter 2 Man on Mission===

You’ll automatically obtain [Anya has lost her glow]

Go north and you’ll find soldier, talk to him and you’ll get a quest [The Soldier’s Letter]. Continue west to Town of Adonis. You need to search an elementalist Gina on this town. Report to Malon first on the southeastern part of this town. Now talk to Gina on the west of the town (look at “?” on your mini map).

[Restoring Light]

She’ll tell you to find 8 liferoots. So go south to Eraes Forest Entrance. You can find liferoot at the Eraes Forest Entrance and Southwest.  There are 2 liferoots on each area, you can make liferoot appear again by re-visit the area.

Note: Liferoot is a glowing flower on the ground. Stand beside it and press the action button to obtain it.

Go back to the town and give it to elementalist Gina to revive Anya. There will be an event and you’ll get [Jessica’s Request].

Head to Eraes Forest Southwest, talk to Ian [The Chase] and continue west to Eraes Forest Path, you’ll meet with Baki. Defeat him to help the baby and then return to the town.

PS: Baki is not hard but you can be killed while fighting him if you’re not be careful. Troll warriors will keep coming so your goal is not to kill them all but to reduce their number.

Give the baby to Jessica and then there will be an event; [A Needle in Haystack]. Go to the eastern part of the town and then talk to Luke to finish the quest and obtain “special” paper.

Head to Eraes Forest Deep Place, you’ll see a grey stones blocks your path. You need to solve a puzzle to continue your journey. Push the grey stones to the “sealed mark”. It will make a stone disappear, push the stone that blocks your path to open a way.

[0] you can destroy wooden box with your weapon, so do it if wooden box blocks your path.
[0] you can only push the grey stones forward, You can’t PULL THEM BACKWARD (CMIIW , though)

Head north and continue to BOSS area that shown in my map (you’ll be notified to save your game). Check the altar and

BOSS: Frodo

Baki is harder than this guy IMO (I am using slayer).

For Slayer:

Just dash toward him and then hack it until it dies (Use charge attack if you’re using Slayer too because it will deal massive damage). IF you don’t want to face him frontaly then watch the shadow that appear on the ground as his attack will come out of it. Don’t get caught by his purple fire because it won’t be out for a short time but if you’re get caught then get out from there ASAP. It’ll hurts but better than being attacked by his shadow attack continuously.

For Blader:

Run around him and then wait until he use his tentacle attacks. Attack him after he has used it 2 times. You can’t take him frontally but your skills (shadow step and wind cutter) make the time stop so use it wisely :D. Bring a lot of mana potion to refresh your MP.

After beating him you’ll progress to the next chapter.

===Side Quest List===

NPC Locations:

[0] Angela: northern part of the town
[0] Sharon: northern part of the town
[0] Cron: Center of the town near golden angle statue
[0] Blacksmith: beside weapon seller (south eastern of the town)
[0] Mrs Smith: near the inn

Name Location Chapter Objective and Steps Client Reward
Angela’s Request Town of Adonis 2 Get Health Potion (L) Angela 220 EXP,
170 Gold,
Health Potion (M) x5
You can buy it from the item shop for 900 gold
A Child Request Town of Adonis 2 Find Kukuri (Eraes Forest Opening) Sharon 320 exp, 250 gold, ring of bravery
Hero’s War Town of Adonis 2 Speak to Gladiator Jackson (West of City) Cron 260 exp, 210 gold, Chain of Bravery
A Need for Bronze Town of Adonis 2 Gather Bronze (10); Eraes Forest East Blacksmith 280 exp, 250 gold. Teleport scroll
new quest (weapon combine)
Maintaining Peace Town of Adonis 2 Defeat 8 troll warriors Malon 170 exp, 80 gold, Amulet of Bravery
new quest (maintaining peace; repeatable)
Weapon Combine Town of Adonis 2 Create mana stone Blacksmith 200 exp, 140 gold, Deluxe magic dust
Rune dust (corrupted wisp)
Shard of Darkness (Hunter)
Cursed man Town of Adonis 2; after restoring light quest buy status potion from dark merchant Mrs. Smith 370 gold, 300 exp
appear at 2 AM in front of the inn

You can find dark merchant at nightime. I don’t know how to speed up change the game time (change your IOS device clock won’t do anything :D; yeah, I have tried it :D). You can tell the difference between daytime and nightitme by looking at your screen brightness. It’s obviously darker at the nightime (like shown in the screenshot).

There is one repeatble quest on this chapter, you can do this quest over and over but it’s not worth IMHO

Name Location Chapter Objective Client Reward
Maintaining peace Town of Adonis 2 Defeat 15 troll warriors Malon 90 exp,
80 gold,
5 x Mana potion (S)

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  1. ChocoSaii says:

    Im new here in RPG simulation also in Zenonia 4. Im Lvl.40 Blader and i wonder how to get some rare weapons or equipments of blader. what mobs should i kill to get those rare items? that suits in my lvl. and also wondered how to open some box and barrel in castle(past) in chapter 5.

  2. Chie says:

    How do you move the blocks??? i really cant move it. Im stuck in This puzzle.

  3. Rubren says:

    Great guide, although it would be nice to put in advice for newbies on how to go about building your character – recommended distribution of stat points and ability points. The game isn’t very clear about what gets increased by which stat and why that would be important.

    For example, I have a Blader. I put most of my points into dex, because it boosts a lot of important traits by quite a bit. Some points go into Constitution for the additional health and defense, and a bit into Int for the hit rate and SP. I rarely put points into Strength, since essentially all it does is increase my crit damage, and I rely on my equipment to make up for it as best I can. But because Zenonia doesn’t explain what the numbers actually mean, I imagine newb players have a hard time allocating points correctly. The first time I played, I figured out that my hit rate wasn’t high enough when I actually missed monsters my level more than I’d like, and had to spend the next couple levels trying to fix that. :/

    I’m still trying to figure out which skills are worth building on. Is it better to go active or passive? Active skills seem like SP drainers, although probably good for bossing. Passive skills make my character better at hunting monsters in general. Are the buffs worth it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t expect that section is needed because this is my first time for me to create a guide for a game like zenonia. I will do that on zenonia 5 (which should be released soon)

  4. Gandalf says:

    Can you be any more specific on beating the boss Baki? I thougt there should have only been three enemies other than Balking but the are 15 or so.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      first you take too long to kill him so the enemy will appear but ti shouldn’t up to 15 enemies…. Baki is pretty easy, make sure you have latest equipment and potion (buy it at the town)

  5. aguy says:

    Okay I don’t know how to get past the block/bricks. Be more specific about it please

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